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The definitive gathering of the mobile media industry and the
official global event of the Mobile Entertainment Forum
Over 60 industry visionaries addressing key themes for the               Confirmed Speakers Include:
mobile media industry including 15+ CXO Speakers from:
Admob • Associated Northcliffe Digital • BBC • Boku • BskyB
Buongiorno • ComScore • Dada Entertainment
Denton Wilde Sapte • Disney Corporation • Flirtomatic • Getjar
Gracenote • HBO International • HTC • Hungama Mobile                Andrew Bud,        Tanya Field,          Dr. Tero Ojanpera,   Thomas Hesse,
Impact Mobile • International Music Managers’ Forum • i-POP         MEF and mBlox      Red Telefónica S.A.   Nokia                Sony Music
KPMG • mBlox • MEF • Microsoft • MTS • Nokia • O2
Omnifone • OMTP • Orange • Paypal • Phonepay Plus
Playphone • Polar Mobile • PRS For Music • Qtel International
Real Madrid • Red Telefónica S.A. • Saffron Digital • Shazam
Sling Media • Sonico • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Spotify • Steel Media • The Associated Press                        Pete Wood,         Pedro Duarte
                                                                    Sony Pictures Home Gonzalez,
                                                                                                             Mark Linder,
                                                                                                                                  Richard Titus,
The Sound Horizon • T-Mobile • Turkcell • United Fun Traders        Entertainment      Real Madrid                                Northcliffe Digital

Vodafone • WPP
                                                                     Silver Sponsor                           Sponsor
500 delegates representing markets globally, with high
CXO level attendance
Official Media Partner    Endorsing Associations   Media Partners

                                                                                       MM A

                          Digital TV Group
   A Vibrant Exhibition Floor Showcasing the Most Innovative Companies in Mobile Media

      Floorplan and Feature Areas

     Content Pods:                                                                                                              Coffee Point
       Sports Zone                     RESERVED                                                                              Pimms Reception
    Meeting Rooms
    Vendor Pitches!                                                                  RESERVED



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MeM and Global Messaging congress are the definitive global industry events      
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                    Networking Coffee point 1 & 2
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                                                                                                                                                                     500 Delegates
                                                                                                                 MeM 2010 - Day 1 - June 22nd
                                                                                                   08.30   Registration and Networking

                                                                                                   09.00   Welcome from MEF Chairman

                                                                                                           Keynote: On the 10th Anniversary of MEF and MeM, a

                                                                                                           Look Back at the Last Decade and the Biggest
                                                                                                           Developments in Mobile Media
                                                                                                           Andrew Bud, Chairman, MEF and Executive Chairman, mBlox

                                                                      EXCLUSIVE PANEL DISCUSSION
                                                                                                   09.20   Exclusive Panel: Back To The Future - Hear From the
                                                                                                           Industry Creators Themselves: What Have We Learned and
                                                                                                           Where Are We Headed?
                                                                                                           • The founders and leaders of the modern mobile entertainment industry
Dear Colleagues,                                                                                             provide their insights into the major developments over the last 10 years
                                                                                                           • How has the industry matched their past predictions and how
I am delighted to invite you to the 10th meeting of MeM and the                                              will it evolve in the future?
7th evening of Meffys. Over three days, our two events provide                                             Moderator: Andrew Bud, Chairman, MEF and Executive Chairman, mBlox
the definitive gathering of the world's mobile media industry and                                          Vesa-Matti Paananen, Mobile Communications Business,
                                                                                                           Consumer & Online, Microsoft
a chance to celebrate at the industry's most coveted awards, the                                           Fernando Gonzales Mesones, Head of B2C, Buongiorno SpA
Meffys, the recognised benchmark for measuring success and
rewarding innovation.                                                                              10.10   Keynote: Sony – Opening Keynote Address
                                                                                                           Moderator: Tim Green, Editor, Mobile Entertainment Magazine
2010 is already a momentous year for the $36bn global mobile                                               Thomas Hesse, President, Digital, Sony Music Entertainment
media industry. In February, MEF's quarterly Business Confidence
Index (BCI) predicted that apps would account for 21% of                                           10.40   Networking Break and Exhibition Visit
revenue streams for the next quarter, with the majority expecting                                  11.20   The Apps Explosion: What Does the Proliferation of Apps
                                                                       PANEL DISCUSSION
this to be incremental revenue. A recent study predicted the                                               and App Stores Mean for the Traditional Content and
global mobile applications economy to be worth $17.5bn in                                                  Media Industry and How Must Their Strategies Adapt?
2012, providing further evidence that the industry has fully                                               • With fragmentation amongst handsets and now app stores continuing to
                                                                                                             plague the industry, what are the key decisions rights owners need to
embraced this relatively new business model. MeM 2010 will                                                   make when planning their content distribution strategy?
feature two apps panels which will outline the implications of                                             • Will the Wholesale Applications Community create a new, open
these developments for the mobile media value chain and the                                                  ecosystem which will reduce friction in the route to market?
strategic decisions that need to be addressed.                                                             • Changing consumer demands: How must your business plan evolve to
                                                                                                             cater for new content consumption habits and expectations?
Direct consumer purchase has been foreseen by the MEF BCI to                                               • Can in-app advertising/ad-funded apps help increase the delivery of
rise from 46% to 73% in 2010, the same year that mobile                                                      mobile media?
                                                                                                           Sarah Evans, Head of Mobile Internet and Portals, O2 UK
connected devices beyond the smartphone will launch and
                                                                                                           Mark Linder, Global Client Leader, WPP
become a mass market reality. After many years of promised                                                 Philip Blair, Product Director, HTC
convergence, 2010 will be the year of multiplatform dual-delivery                                          Tim Raby, Managing Director, OMTP
of content including music, video and games. These watershed                                               Oded Ran, Head of Mobile Services, UK, Microsoft
developments are not without their own challenges. As predicted
                                                                                                   12.00   Apps: Planning for Success in the Apps World
in the MEF Top Ten Trends for 2010, the complexity, confusion
                                                                       PANEL DISCUSSION

                                                                                                           • Avoiding the 28 day churn: Ensuring your App has Long Term Value
and ambiguity in the application of rights to the mobile
                                                                                                           • Discoverability: What marketing strategies can be employed to drive
platform will be addressed in-depth this year. MEF will be driving                                           consumer awareness and enter the app store charts?
this critical debate with a panel at MeM 2010 dedicated to                                                 • Effective pricing: Creating the right mix of premium, freemium and
mobile rights.                                                                                               subscription offerings to drive consumer uptake and total revenues
                                                                                                           • In-App Billing: How do App Stores engage and retain consumers?
MEF anticipates, defines and addresses issues and opportunities
                                                                                                           Moderator: Dominic Pride, Managing Director, The Sound Horizon
for our industry worldwide. MeM is produced by MEF in                                                      James Parton, Head of O2 Litmus, O2 UK
partnership with Informa to identify the business models, best                                             Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar Mobile
practices, inhibitors to growth and critical success factors that                                          Patrick Mork, Vice President, Marketing, Getjar
must be addressed to accelerate the business. MeM 2010 will                                                Andrew Fisher, Chief Executive Officer, Shazam
reflect this exciting year of change and will help shape the future                                12.45   Enabling Services: Capitalising on the Next Generation of
of our industry.
                                                                        PANEL DISCUSSION

                                                                                                           Mobile Media Business Models
                                                                                                           • What are the benefits of enabling services from both the content
MEF also celebrates the industry's achievements and the elite                                                community and the network perspective?
innovators of the digital economy: join them at the Meffys and                                             • What are the priority enabling services that are being developed by
MeM 2010.                                                                                                    MNOs in collaboration with content owners through the MEF
                                                                                                             enablers initiative?
                                                                                                           • How will the new enabling business models facilitate the creation of
                                                                                                             compelling end-user products and services?
                                                                                                           Moderator: Eden Zoller, Principal Analyst, Consumer Practice, Ovum
                                                                                                           Tanya Field, Director, Mobile Data Group, Red Telefónica S.A.
                                                                                                           Ray de Silva, Head of Enabler Commercial Partnerships, Vodafone
                                                                                                           Jon Billings, Head of Technology for Mobile, BBC
                                                                                                           Andrew Bud, Executive Chairman, mBlox

                                                                                                   13.30   Lunch and Exhibition Visit
                                                                                                   14.30   MEF Business Confidence Index (BCI) Presentation:
                                                                                                           Revealing Industry Health and Trends
                                                                                                           • An exclusive first look at the latest results from the only survey to
Andrew Bud, Chairman, MEF                                                                                    measure the sentiment of the global mobile media industry
                                                                                                           • With 18 months of data collected and a greater focus on regional trends,
                                                                                                             delegates will gain exclusive insights on planning for the industry's future
                                                                                                           Mark Harding, Director, KPMG's IP & Contract Governance Services, KPMG
Representing Markets Globally, With High CXO Level Attendance
                    14.50   Spotlight on Growth Markets: How Have Growth                                                             10.50   Networking Break and Exhibition Visit

                            Markets Ensured Success?
                            • MEF's BCI identified the Southern Hemisphere (LATAM, Middle East and                                   11.30   MEF Debate: Mobile Rights in a Multiplatform Era
                              Asia) as leading the industry's growth                                                                         • Addressing the complexity, confusion and ambiguity in the application of

                                                                                                                  MEF DEBATE
                            • What strategies are growth markets employing to accelerate customer                                               rights to the mobile platform
                              uptake and with what success?                                                                                  • What critical success factors surrounding rights are required to ensure
                            • How transferable are these strategies to mature markets?                                                          the appropriate distribution of revenue throughout the value chain?
                            • Do 'Mobile First' markets require a different approach from content providers?                                 Peter Jenner, Music Manager and Producer, Secretary General,
                            Moderator: Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg, EVP Sales, Comfone                                                           International Music Managers’ Forum
                            Ron Czerny, Chief Executive Officer, Playphone                                                                   Will Page, Chief Economist, PRS For Music
                            Neeraj Roy, Chief Executive Officer, Hungama Mobile                                                              Shashi Fernando, CEO, Saffron Digital
                            Pavel Roytberg, Director of Product and Service Development, MTS                                                 Albert Pastore, Senior Legal Counsel, Music, Nokia
                            Evgeny Kosolapov, Chief Executive Officer, United Fun Traders (UFT)                                              Stuart Collingwood, Vice President, EMEA, Sling Media
                            Neslihan Ucar Cadirci, Partner and Services Management, Turkcell                                                 Pedro Duarte Gonzalez, Head of Mobile, Real Madrid
                    15.30   Regulatory Upheaval Worldwide: How Will It Affect Your                                                   12.10   Mobile Advertising: Driving New Revenue Opportunities

                            Business Model? Focus on Brazil, Italy, UK and Asia                                                              • How can mobile advertising drive consumer awareness and how should

                                                                                                                  PANEL DISCUSSION
                            • Addressing regulatory challenges in a converged, multiplatform world                                             the unique attributes of the channel be leveraged?
                            • The PpP New Code: What do the proposals mean in practice for the                                               • What impact will Mobile Media Metrics have in attracting
                              industry and regulators?                                                                                         advertising spend?
                            • What privacy issues are raised as the uptake of services such as social                                        • What benefit does Ad-Funded Mobile Entertainment provide for
                              gaming, location based services and targeted advertising increases?                                              content owners?
                            • How will the significant tightening of premium rate regulation in the                                          • What new advertising models are there and how will these engage
                              Atlantic region spread throughout the world?                                                                     your consumer?
                            Moderator: Ingrid Silver, Partner, Technology, Media and Telecoms,
                                                                                                                                             Moderator: Patrick Parodi, Managing Director Exicon at Catalist Group
                            Denton Wilde Sapte
                            Paul Whiteing, Chief Executive Officer, Phonepay Plus                                                            Thomas Schulz, Managing director, EMEA, AdMob
                            Suhail Bhat, Policy and Initiatives Director, MEF                                                                Tim Hussain, Head of Mobile and Video Advertising, BSkyB
                            Colin Miles, Owner, i-POP                                                                                        Paul Goode, Head of Industry Relations, ComScore
                                                                                                                                             Mark Slade, MD, 4th Screen Advertising
                    16.10   Networking Break and Exhibition Visit
                                                                                                                                     13.00   Networking Lunch
                    16.40   M-Commerce: Leveraging the Unique Attributes of the Mobile
                                                                                                                                     14.30   Meffys Innovation Showcase Finalists

                            Device to Drive Customer Acquisition, Retention & Conversion
                            • How to 'discover the consumer' to begin an m-commerce relationship                                             • Featuring finalist from the Meffys Awards
                            • Where should you engage in an m-commerce interaction?                                                          • Apply now at for a chance to demonstrate your innovation
                            • What are the different redemption mechanisms possible with                                                     Moderator: Rimma Perelmuter, Executive Director, MEF
                              m-commerce transactions and what are the challenges?
                            • How can different parts of the value chain, including brands and retail,                               15.00   Mobile Music: What Happens Next?
                                                                                                                  PANEL DISCUSSION

                              benefit from an m-commerce strategy?                                                                           • Can major rights holders maintain their position in a digitally mobile market?
                            Gary Schwartz, President and CEO, Impact Mobile Inc                                                              • Will access models supersede traditional ownership for mobile
                            Mark Britto, Chief Executive Officer, Boku                                                                          music consumption?
                            Peter Garside, Regional Manager, Western & Central Europe, Ericsson                                              • What impact will mobile connected devices have on the music
                            John Orlando, Managing Director, 2 Ergo                                                                             industry when moving towards a fully integrated approach to
                            Pankaj Sethi, President, Corporate Strategy & Services, Tata Teleservices                                           multiplatform delivery?
                                                                                                                                             Ralph Simon, MEF, Americas Chair, Emeritus
                    17.20   Social Gaming: A New Era for the Games Industry                                                                  Faisal Galaria, Business Development, Spotify
                            and a Major Source of Revenue?

                                                                                                                                             Rob Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, Omnifone
                            • A more compelling and immersive experience: What is so unique                                                  Massimiliano Pellegrini, Managing Director and CEO Dada
                              about social gaming?                                                                                           Entertainment, Dada SpA
                            • Does social gaming allow for more experimentation with advertising?                                            Seth A. Schachner, Vice President Digital Business, Latin Region,
                            • How are premium brands beginning to incorporate social gaming into                                             Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.
                              their consumer experience?                                                                                     Frank Taubert, CEO, 24-7 Entertainment
                            Moderator: Chris James, Managing Director, Steel Media
                            Neil Holroyd, Head of Games, Orange UK                                                                   15.45   Networking Break and Exhibition Visit
                            Claire Boonstra, Co-founder, VP Content & Community, Layar
                                                                                                                                     16.15   Successfully Integrating Social Media into Your
                    18.00   End of Day One                                                                                                   Commercial Strategy
                                                                                                                                             Qualcomm Introduction: The Evolution of Connecting With Consumers
                                   MeM 2010 - Day 2 - June 23rd                                                                              • How can social recommendation affect content distribution and search?
                    08.30   Registration and Networking                                                                                      • Which new channels will connect consumers with brands and
                                                                                                                                               content owners?
                    09.00   Welcome                                                                                                          Joe Barrett, Snr. Director of Strategic Marketing, Qualcomm QIS & Europe
                            Billy Wright, MEF Vice Chairman
                                                                                                                                             Panel Debate
                                                                                                                  PANEL DISCUSSION

                    09.15   Keynote: Nokia – Opening Keynote Address                                                                         • Has the full potential of mobile social networking been reached?

                            Dr. Tero Ojanperä, EVP Services, Nokia                                                                             If not, what next?
                                                                                                                                             • How to use social media to drive customer acquisition and engagement
                                                                                                                                             • How can social search and social media be leveraged to drive discoverability?
                    10.00   Entertainment Everywhere: Creating a Seamless                                                                    • Increasing revenue through user-generated advertising
                            Multiplatform Experience and Successfully

                                                                                                                                             Joe Barrett, Snr. Director of Strategic Marketing, Qualcomm QIS & Europe
                            Communicating Cross-Platform Use                                                                                 Mark Curtis, Chief Executive Officer, Flirtomatic
                            • What is the role of the mobile connected device within a fully                                                 Damien Byrne, Head of New Propositions, T-Mobile
                               integrated approach to cross platform delivery?                                                               Mark Watts-Jones, Head of Product Management, Orange
                            • What are the current inhibitors to delivering a multiplatform content experience?                              Angel Gambino, Vice President, Business Development, Sonico
                            • What new opportunities for the mobile entertainment and media                                                  Barry Houlihan, CEO and Founder, Mobile Interactive Group (MIG)
                               industry will the advent of cross-platform content bring?
                            Stanley Fertig, Senior Vice President, New Media, HBO International                                      17.10   Young Professional's Panel: What Works for the Consumer?
                            Sunil Gunderia, Vice President, Head of Mobile EMEA, Disney Corporation                                          • How are digital natives consuming, interacting and repurposing content
                            Richard Titus, Chief Executive Officer, Associated Northcliffe Digital                                             to fit within their lifestyles?
                            Jeffrey Litvack, General Manager, Mobile and Emerging Products,                                                  • How does this demographic discover new content?
                            The Associated Press                                                                                             • What are the preferred platforms and consumption models for young
                            Emma Lloyd, Business Development Director, Sky                                                                     professionals and why?
                            Ty Roberts, Founder & CEO, Gracenote                                                                             • With companies increasingly looking to leverage the unique attributes of the
                                                                                                                                               mobile platform (location-aware, always on, personal), how does this key market
                            Pete Wood, Vice President, International Business Development,
                                                                                                                                               view these developments and what impact does it have on their daily lives?
                            Digital Media, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
                                                                                                                                             Moderator: Frank Chindamo, CCO, Fun Little Movies
                            Miguel Lopez Quesada, General Manager, Corporate Communication &
                            Institutional Affairs and General Manager Zed TV, Zed Group                                              17.50   Close of Conference

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      2010 Award Categories:
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      Video Content                                              VCs and attended by the industry’s most influential players, entering
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Who you will meet
Global Reach                                   Industry Representation                                                        Decision Makers

 42% UK                    4% Eastern Europe    21% Service Providers                 6%    TV                                   30% CxO, Managing Director,                11% Marketing, Sales &
 24% Western Europe        4% Middle East       5% OEMs                               7%    Advertising                              Vice President                             Business Development
 13% Americas              2% Africa            14% Operators                         5%    Consultants                          17% Director                               7% Press & Consultancies
 11% Asia                                       8% Music                              4%    Games & Search                       17% Legal & Financial                      3% Technical/Technology
                                                15% Content Providers                 1%    Other                                14% Manager                                1% Head of Department
                                                14% Press

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