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									                         CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF THE NATIVITY
                                    Vestry Minutes
                                    June 14, 2010

Attending:           Pam Bayliss, Tom Brandt, Garry Bruchok, Carl Chegwidden,
                     Barbara Iannelli, Tom Kolepp, Bill Krueger, Mary Ann Lynn,
                     Kim Plyler, Phil Rizzo, Marirose Sartoretto, Phil Schenkel,
                     Lee Snyder

Absent:              Ed Boksan, Ray Vernon

Clergy:            Dean Tony Pompa
Interim Treasurer: Dee Montgomery

Following fellowship, dinner and devotions, our meeting was called to order.



      The Vestry was given an updated S.W.E.E.P.S. list. Dean Pompa touched base
      again with the Vestry regarding S.W.E.E.P.S. reminding them that we have the
      Standing Committee of the Vestry on the agenda monthly. He reviewed the
      S.W.E.E.P.S. acronym again: S – Stewardship, W – Worship, E – Education, E –
      Evangelism, P – Pastoral Care, S – Service. He explained the group ministries.
      If there is an action to be taken or report from any of these ministries, he
      asked that Vestry liaison have it placed on our agenda. It is the responsibility
      of the Vestry liaison to each of these groups to have contact with their
      respective ministry so they know that there is a Vestry. He also stressed that it
      is particularly important around budget time that the ministry leaders know the
      budget process.

      Sr. Warden Phil Schenkel then reviewed the report schedule which will be on a
      rotating basis starting with July – Stewardship, August – No Meeting, September
      – Worship, October – Education, November – Evangelism, December – Pastoral
      Care, January – Service and then starting over again.

      Dean Pompa also stressed that if someone comes to them with an issue that
      needs to be addressed, they need to get it on the agenda.

      Congregational Practice – An Exercise

      Dean Pompa talked about Vestry Papers handout: Vestry #101: Encouraging
      Hearts & Souls by Jim Lemler. He explained that Vestry Papers are helpful
      articles on issues the Vestries face. His 1st goal for each Vestry member is that
      he hopes their term on Vestry is a spiritual experience.


Sr. Warden Phil Schenkel asked if everyone reviewed the minutes and if there were
any questions or comments. A motion was made to accept the minutes as presented.
It was moved, seconded and all were in favor.


Dee Montgomery asked for questions and made some comments about the bank
charges in Special Accounts. Tom Brandt had a few questions regarding capital
campaign costs and Sr. Warden Phil Warden explained the fees. Dee Montgomery
suggested that Bill Korp would like to consider taking out anything that is associated
with the Capital Campaign out of Special Accounts and set up a separate report. He
also reported that we received our DIT report. He explained the reason we haven’t
received reports for a couple of months was because of personnel changes at the
bank. There was also dialogue among Vestry members regarding Special Account #
3542 Capital Expenditures ($47,057.37). Sr. Warden Phil Schenkel entertained a
motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report subject to audit. It was approved and
seconded and all were in favor.


   Evangelism & Strategies for the Fall

       Dean Pompa commented on wanting to bridge evangelism and strategies for
       the Fall together. He said we need to keep talking about evangelism and
       develop some strategies in sharing the good news in such a way that we invite
       people into the presence of God. He explained the Diocesan initiative called
       ―Unbinding the Gospel‖ program which is connected with a grant. Mariclair
       Partee facilitated this program for the Cathedral. The group decided not to go
       with ―the program‖ but will continue to meet with the primary task of
       intentionally praying for the cathedral around the issue of evangelism. He said
       we are going to invite people to come along. He gave an example of our new
       prayer shawl ministry which is an intentional prayer practice and went on to
       describe this ministry. We will form groups that identify leaders in our
       neighborhoods and invite our neighbors to worship.

   Blessings

       Dean Pompa talked to the new Vestry members that were not part of the
       conversation that the Vestry had around blessings of same sex couples. He
       brought them up to date, explaining that at the last general convention the
       bishop’s interpretation around blessings was that dioceses come to a place of
       decision offering blessings. After conversation with the clergy, the bishop then
       offered a protocol and a process for parishes and clergy to respond to couples
       who want to have a same sex blessing. We followed that process here in the
       Vestry studying those portions of the bishop’s book that he provided.

      Dean Pompa said he felt that he and the Vestry had a very frank, faithful,
      respectful, honest conversation about this and that conversation was initiated
      because there was couple that came forward and asked if their union could be
      blessed. This blessing is happening on July 24.


Phase II – Prioritization and Implementation Discussion.

   Sr. Warden Phil Schenkel stated Phase II will be the Vestry’s full responsibility to
   begin the implementation of the campaign with the assistance and guidance from
   the Property Committee and Finance Committee. He stated some positive news in
   numbers about the campaign—2.36 million, 78 pledges, 150 visits made. July 30 is
   when we hope to have all the visits made and the cards in. There will then be a



      Lee Snyder said he is waiting for date from the engineer. He received signed
      proposal. There will be removal of trees and shrubbery and new signage in the
      parking lot area so visitors and guests know where the Parish Offices and Sayre
      Hall is. Sr. Warden Phil Schenkel and Dean Pompa said to Lee if he receives
      information from the engineer that needs attention from the Vestry, do not
      wait until September but email them and they could even set up a special
      meeting to act on the issue.

      Phil said we are waiting on the final numbers so we can make a


      No updates on personnel.


      Phil Schenkel had nothing to report but will be pulling together the list of folks
      we need to contact regarding their budgets.


Kim presented her report on ―Building Use and Fundraising Events‖. She said the
purpose of the document is twofold. First, it details new ways that we as a church

can use one of our greatest assets, Sayre Hall, to garner more revenue for our
mission. And two, possible new fundraising events and opportunities.

Goal is to increase our revenue by a certain percentage that we haven’t determined
yet to help produce a balanced budget by 2012, using our space and participating in
fundraising events. Kim also presented some ideas for utilizing Sayre Hall as a
facility. She said by next meeting she will have a Sacred Spaces Committee.


   Nativity Youth Camp, June 19-26
   Sacred Spaces, June 19
   J2A Pilgrimage, July 9-16
   Iron Pigs Game – July 30
   No August Vestry Meeting

Dean Pompa handed out his vacation schedule.
Dean Pompa closed with a prayer.

The meeting adjourned.
Next Vestry Meeting is Monday, July 12 at 6:30 PM

Respectively submitted,
Deb Smith, Clerk of the Vestry

Debra R. Smith
Assistant to the Dean & Cathedral Administrator
Cathedral Church of the Nativity


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