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									Potential Master’s Degree

 Master’s Degrees that can help
   further your career in the
     Department of Health

        By: Rachel Betz
  Masters of Public Health

• A graduate program in Public Health focuses on the
  biological, physical and chemical factors that affect the
  health of a community, as well as the planning, policy
  analysis and administration of health programs.

• Graduates with a masters or PhD degree in public
  health may become public policy directors, directors of
  health, economics and pricing, senior public health
  advisors and more.
            Masters of Public Health
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

• The USP master's in public health (MPH) provides you
  with the knowledge, practical training, and analytical
  skills you need to realize your full potential in
  improving public health.

• Through the MPH you focus on areas such as:
       • Assuring public health through access to high-quality prevention and
         health promotion
       • Tracking epidemics to their source, such as bird flu-like illnesses
       • Creating educational campaigns to combat childhood obesity by
         encouraging healthy lifestyles
       • Advocating for improved health policies through both regulatory and
         legislative channels
   Masters in Marketing
• Graduate programs in Marketing Business teach
  students to target a specific population or group in order
  to more efficiently sell a product. Graduates with an MBA
  or PhD degree in marketing business can enter careers
  as directors of marketing, consumer advocates,
  advertising executives and more.

• Masters in Marketing can enhance your career in the
  Department of Health because it gives you more
  experience and education when it comes to advertising
  and strategizing seminars and screenings.
                Masters in Marketing
               Northcentral University
• Online Masters Degree

• A distance learning degree program that generally prepares individuals to
  undertake and manage the process of developing consumer audiences and
  moving products from producers to consumers.

• Includes instruction in buyer behavior and dynamics, principle of marketing
  research, demand analysis, cost-volume and profit relationships, pricing
  theory, marketing campaign and strategic planning, market segments,
  advertising methods, sales operations and management, consumer relations,
  retailing, and applications to specific products and markets.

• Marketing is a great background to have because it prepares you with many of
  techniques you will use in the Department of Health
Master’s in Exercise
•  Focuses on the scientific study of the physiological processes involved in
  physical or motor activity, including sensorimotor interactions, response
  mechanisms, and the effects of injury, disease, and disability.
• The degree includes instruction of:
    – muscular and skeletal anatomy molecular and cellular basis of muscle
    – neurophysiology of motor mechanics
    – systemic physiological responses (respiration, blood flow, endocrine
    – fatigue and exhaustion
    – muscle and body training
    – physiology of specific exercises and activities, physiology of injury
    – and the effects of disabilities and disease.
   Master’s of Exercise Physiology
      West Virginia University
• Exercise physiologists work to prevent or delay the onset of chronic disease
  in healthy participants or to provide therapeutic or functional benefits to
  patients with diseases

• Services may be offered in a variety of medical settings such as hospitals,
  rehabilitation centers, and out-patient clinics, in community, corporate,
  commercial and university fitness and wellness centers, in nursing homes
  and senior citizens centers, as well as in research and academic settings

• Exercise Physiology is a great background to have for the Department of
  Health because it teaches you how to help prevent disease and improve the
  lifestyle of a community or the wellness of an individual in assisted living or
  the hospital setting

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