How to Learn Piano Music - Beginner Piano Lessons

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					How to Learn Piano Music - Beginner Piano Lessons

                                          Learning to play a piece of piano music can take practice,
                                          even for someone who has been playing piano for a while.
                                          Playing a new piece of piano music means getting to know
                                          the sheet music, practicing it and then performing. The
                                          purpose of learning a piano piece is to make playing the
                                          piece second nature, which means committing the sheet
                                          music to memory.

 •   Examine the key and time signature at the beginning of your piano sheet music. Look at the
     tempo of the piece, which you can find written at the top of the sheet music. The tempo tells
     you at what speed you should play the music, or how many beats per minute. If you have a
     recording of the song you'll be playing, listen to it before you begin.

 •   Read through the sheet music to familiarize yourself with the music's chords. Practice any
     chords that you are unfamiliar with until you feel comfortable playing them. Find any musical
     passages that look particularly difficult and practice those passages as well. This prevents any
     surprises when you start playing the song.
   •   Play through the piece slowly. If you have a metronome, set it at half the speed of the tempo
       listed on the piano sheet and play the song. If this is still too fast, slow down the tempo until
       you can play the music accurately. Work independently on any passages you have difficulty
       with and continue to play at a slower tempo until you iron out tricky parts of the music. Pay
       attention to any dynamic markings as you go and include them in your practice runs.

   •   Increase the tempo of your performance as you learn the song. Try reading ahead as you begin
       to pick up the pace. The goal is to memorize the song, so the more you play it, the easier it will
       be for you to anticipate the sections of the song as they approach. When you can play the song
       at tempo and you're relying more on your memory of the song than reading, you've successfully
       learned the music.

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