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					          Name             Country    Topic1                                                  Paper1
Evans D.J.              AUSTRALIA    INV       The fluctuation theorem of statistical mechanics.
Petravic J.             AUSTRALIA    poster    transport in hydrogen-bonding liquids: ethanol
Todd B.D.               AUSTRALIA    oral      Analytic or non-analytic? The state point dependence of classical fluids under shear.
Kahl G.                 AUSTRIA      oral      Multicriticality in simple fluids
Schoell-Paschinger E.   AUSTRIA      oral      Phase transitions and criticality in binary mixture
Kusalik P.G.            CANADA       oral      Crystallization, crystal growth, and configurational temperature
Smith W. R.             CANADA                 TO BE DETERMINED LATER
Jonsdottir, S. O.       DENMARK      oral      Phase equilibria and thermodynamics properties of strongly hydrogen bonded substances.
Toxvaerd S.             DENMARK      oral      Density anomalies and structural homogenous and heterogeneous nucleation
                                               Molecular dynamics simulation of changes in p-bonded covalent liquids : a computer simulation
Bichara C.              FRANCE       oral      study
                                               Prediction of thermodynamic equilibrium properties of cyclic alkanes.
Bourasseau E.           FRANCE       oral      New transfer bias - New Lennard Jones potential.
Delhommelle J.          FRANCE       oral      Configurational temperature profiles and thermostats for NEMD simulations
                                               Charge fluctuations in a Debye-Huckel electrolyte confined
di Caprio D.            FRANCE       oral      between two impermeable neutral walls.
Kierlik E.              FRANCE       oral      fluids in aerogems : phase separation and hysteresisintermolecular
                                               Prediction of derived properties and development of
Lagache M.              FRANCE       oral      potential by Monte Carlo simulation
Mareschal M.            FRANCE       INV       INVITED - TO BE DETERMINED
Nechaev S.              FRANCE                 Adsorption of a random heteropolymer at a potential well revisited:
Perera A.               FRANCE       poster    Entropy driven demixing in mixtures of hard convex bodies
Rosinberg M.L.          FRANCE       oral      Fluids in aerogels: hysteresis and phase separation.
Rousseau B.             FRANCE       INV       Thermal diffusion studies in molecular fluids using molecular dynamics
Ungerer, P.             FRANCE                 Current status of Anisotropic of Ag+ and Na+ in water by an ab initio
                                               Comparison of the solvation United Atoms intermolecular potentials
Vuilleumier R.          FRANCE       oral      Structural Dynamics study of Pearson's hardness
                                               Molecular and dielectric properties of dioxane - water mixtures and selective solvation of alkali
Ahn-Ercan G.            GERMANY      poster    halides
Bryk P.                 GERMANY      poster    Fluids in Contact with Curved Substrates
Dietrich S.             GERMANY      INV       Molecular TO BE simulation of crystallization processes in hard sphere systems at constant
                                               INVITED - dynamicDETERMINED
Gruhn T.                GERMANY                pressure
                                               Cross-Over between Short- and Long-Time Behavior of Stress Fluctuations and Computation of
Hess S.                 GERMANY                the Vicosity of Liquids
Klapp S.H.L.            GERMANY      oral      Spontaneous orientational order in confined thinon McMillan - films level of sodium chloride
                                               Molecular origin of chemical model calculations dipolar liquid Mayer
Krienke H.              GERMANY      oral      solutions in dioxane-water mixtures
                                               Interpretation of the Self-Diffusion Coefficient and Viscosity of the Lennard-Jones Model Fluid
Meier K.                GERMANY      oral      Within the Relaxation Time Concept
Sacquin S.              GERMANY                Phase behavior of a fluid confined by nanopatterned substrates of low symmetry
Schoen M.               GERMANY      INV       Liquid-vapor coexistence in a chemically heterogeneous slit-nanopore
Spoeler C.              GERMANY      poster    Phase behaviour of dipolar fluids in a disordered porous material
Voertler H. L.          GERMANY      poster    MC simulations of extended primitive models of water in bulk and confined systems: Structure
                                              Application of Density Functional Theory and Simulation to Vapor-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid
Winkelmann J.         GERMANY       oral      Interfaces
Woywod D.             GERMANY       poster    Phase behaviour of confined symmetric binary fluid mixtures
Gestoso P.            GREECE        oral      Miscibility Study of cis-1,4 polyisoprene/cis-1,4 polybutadiene blends by Atomistic Monte Carlo
Theodorou D.N.        GREECE        INV       Hierarchical modeling of polymers
Baranyai A.           HUNGARY       oral      Direct estimation of the partition function from computer simulation isothermal Gibbs
                                              The extrapolation of the vapour-liquid equilibrium of pure fluids in the
Boda D.               HUNGARY       oral      ensemble
Demeny O.             HUNGARY       poster    Analysis of and Simulation Study energy properties of various
                                              Theoretical the structural and free of Dielectric Properties of Dipolar Spherocylinder Systems
Jedlovszky P          HUNGARY       oral      phospholipid/cholesterol mixed membranes by computer simulations
                                              Tentative title: The extrapolation of the phase coexistence properties
Kristof T.            HUNGARY       poster    of fluids in the isobaric Gibbs ensemble
Toth G.               HUNGARY       oral      Theoretical and Monte Carlo simulation from of dielectric properties of polarizable dipolar hard
                                              Iterative determination of pair-potentials study experimental structure factors
Valisko M.            HUNGARY       poster    sphere fluid
Mejia A.              CHILE         oral      FOR APPLICATIONS IN POROUS MEDIA.
Chatterji A.          INDIA         oral      Semiflexible Equilibrium Polymers: A Self-Assembling Molecular Model
Ghatee M. H.          IRAN          oral      New thermodynamic regularity for cesium over the whole liquid range
                                              fluids in confined geometries via the fundamental-measure density functional: dimensional
Rosenfeld Y.          ISRAEL        poster    cross-over and freezing
Cinacchi G.           ITALY         poster    Generalized bulk viscosity of atomic and molecular liquids
Gazzillo D.           ITALY
Giacometti A.         ITALY
Hiwatari Y.           JAPAN         oral      Dynamics of ions in single and mixed alkali metasilicates: general and specific properties
Omata, K.             JAPAN         oral      Theoretical Study on the Prewetting of Mercury
Benavides A. L.       MEXICO        oral      POTENTIALS
                                              Computer Simulations of a mixture of amphiphilic molecules
Hector D.             MEXICO        poster    at water/oil interface.
Herrera N.P.          MEXICO
Huerta A.             MEXICO        poster    Glass transition induced by rigidity for adsorption of charged fluids in
                                              Replica Ornstein-Zernike approach
Pizio O.              MEXICO        oral      disordered media
Tang Y. W.            P. R. CHINA   poster
                                    REJEC     Frequency Dependent Conductivity of Electrolytes in Nanopores
Xiao-Hong Wang        P.R. CHINA    T         Percolation methods for fluid flow in porous media
Borowko M             POLAND        poster    A Nonuniversal Critical behaviour of Heteronuclear Dimers on Square Lattice
Patrykiejew A.        POLAND        poster    Phase behavior of multilayer films formed by associating mixtures
Rzysko W              POLAND        poster    A Nonuniversal Critical Behaviour IN SLIT-LIKE PORES WITH a Square LatticeADSORBING
                                              PHASE BEHAVIOR OF A FLUID of Heteronuclear Dimers on DIFFERENTLY
Sokolovski S.         POLAND        oral      WALLS fluctuations in a Debye-Huckel electrolyte confined
Stafiej J.            POLAND        oral
                                    oral/mo   between two impermeable neutral walls.
Canongia Lopes J.N.   PORTUGAL      vie       Microphase Separation in Simple Molecular Mixtures
Blum L.               PUERTO RICO
                      REP. OF       oral      Thermodynamic Functionals and Scaling in Complex Charged Fluids
Li-Jen Chen           CHINA
                      REP. OF       poster    A theoretical study on wetting behavior of ternary water + oil + amphiphile mixtures
Ming-Chih Yeh         CHINA
                                          Molecular dynamics simulation of phase transition in small water
Egorov A.V.        RUSSIA        poster   clusters with ions. The effect of the cluster size and
Fortov V.E.        RUSSIA        oral     The abstract will be in the following message.
Moroz K. O.        RUSSIA        poster   Thermodynamic propertiesfluctuations at nonequilibrium phase transitions in boiling liquids
                                          Experimental study of 1/f - of fullerene C60 solutions
Sizov V. V.        RUSSIA                  Authors: Skokov V.N., Reshetnikov A.V. and Koverda V.P.
Skokov V.N.        RUSSIA        oral
Somsikov           RUSSIA                 The establishing of equilibrium state in a hard-disks system
Vlachy V.          SLOVENIA      oral     Vapour-liquid macroion-macroion clustering in highly asymmetric electrolytes
                                          Mechanism ofinterface of associating fluids. A SAFT-DFT approach for molecules with
Blas F. J.         SPAIN         oral     attractive potentials of variable range.
Torrens F.         SPAIN         poster    EXTENDING polarizing force fields in ECEPP2 THE SOLID PHASE.
                                          Protein folding WERTHEIM'S TPT1 THEORY TOand MM2
                                          D Quadrupolar NMR Relaxation Times in a D2O/DMSO mixtures calculated by molecular
Huber H.           SWITZERLAND
                   THE           oral     dynamics simulations in combination with quantum chemical calculations
Apol M.E.F.        NETHERLAND
                   THE           oral     Interparticle forces of powder systems evaluated by MD simulations
                                          Determination of curvature corrections to the surface tension of a liquid-vapor interface through
Blokhuis E.M.      NETHERLAND
                   THE           oral     molecular dynamics simulations
Lekkerkerker H.    NETHERLAND
                   THE           INV      Predicting TO BE DETRMINED
                                          INVITED - infinite dilution properties of aqueous flavour systems based on quantum calculations
Nanu D.E.          NETHERLAND    poster
Coveney P. V.      UK            INV      INVITED - TO BE DETRMINED
Evans R.           UK            INV      INVITED - TO BE DETRMINED
Galindo A.         UK            oral
Gloor G. J.        UK            oral
Jackson G.         UK            oral     EQUILIBRIA OF HYDROCARBONS IN POLYETHYLENE
Lal M.             UK                     Simulation ofof novel Monte in Supercritical Media
                                          Applications Nanoparticles Carlo methods to modeling disorder and calculation of phase
Lavrentiev M.Yu.   UK            poster   diagrams of ionic oxides
Leimkuhler B.      UK            oral     Alternative Approaches to Isothermal/Isobaric Simulation
Louis A. A.        UK            oral     Modelling complex fluids with the theory of simple fluids: analogies and their breakdown
Lynden-Bell R.M.   UK            oral     Solvation imaginary parts of the vibrational correlation function extracted from the highly
                                          Real and of organic molecules
Nerukh D.          UK            poster   overlapping Raman bands of liquid electrolyte solutions
Paricaud P.        UK            oral
Quirke N.          UK            INV      INVITED - TO BE DETRMINED
Thompson H.        UK            poster   Structural Studies of Metal Amine Solutions
Travis, K. P.      UK            oral     Torsional kinetics of adsorbed alkanes in nanopores
Boyko Z.           UKRAINE       poster   Bulk and surface properties of the ion-molecular model of electrolyte solution in the associative
Holovko M.F.       UKRAINE       poster   mean spherical approximation. of chain molecules. Product-reactant Ornstein-Zernike
                                          Equilibrium properties of the fluid
Kalyuzhnyi Y.V.    UKRAINE       poster   approach
Patsahan O.V.          UKRAINE       oral     A microscopic approach to the phase behaviour study of binary fluid mixtures
Ryazanov V.V.          UKRAINE       poster   Lifetime of Nonequilibrium Fluid Systems and Nonequilibrium Statistical Operator Method
Trokhymchuk A.D.       USA/UKRAINE   oral     Colloids under confinement: layering, in-layer structuring and film stratification
Berkowitz M.L.         USA           oral     Ewald sums for systems in slab geometry.
Brennan J. K.          USA           oral     Simulations of the Chemical Reactions of Energetic Materials
Bryk T.                USA           oral     Collective dynamics of binary liquids: fast sound vs. optic-like excitations
Colina C.M.            USA           poster   Accuracy of Joule-Thomson Inversion Curves by Molecular Simulation
Cummings P.T.          USA           INV      INVITED - TO BE DETERMINED LATER
de Pablo J. J.         USA           INV      Simulation and theory of the phase behavior of polymeric fluids
Debenedetti P.G.       USA           INV      Energy landscapes in liquids and glasses
Deem M.                USA           INV      INVITED - TO BE DETRMINED
Dill K.                USA           INV      A simple model of water and the hydrophobic effect
Errington J.           USA           poster   Relationship Betweenof Glass-forming Liquids Anomalies of Liquid Water
                                              Statistical Mechanics Structural Order and the
Glotzer S. C.          USA           INV      and Colloids: Spatially Heterogeneous Dynamics
Gubbins K. E.          USA
Henderson D.           USA           oral     Selectivity and Transport of Ions in Channels in Biological Memmbranes
Chakraborthy A.        USA           INV      Immunological synapse assembly
Kieffer, J.            USA           oral     Stability Analysis and Atomic Transport in Dense Ionic Systems
Kobelev V.             USA           oral     Anisotropic Lattice Models of Electrolytes
Kofke D.               USA           oral     Molecular modeling of miscibility in compound semiconductor alloys
Laird B. B.            USA           oral     Determinating the crystal-melt interfacial free energy by simulation
Law, B. M.             USA           oral     Universal features at the surfaces of critical liquid mixtures
Lustig R.              USA                    to be determined later
Mansoori, G.A.         USA           oral     Molecular Conformal Solution Theory of Associating Fluids Multi-Yukawa Chain Fluids: Theory
                                              Thermodynamic Properties of Freely-Jointed Hard-Sphere
McCabe C.              USA                    and Simulation
Monson P.A.            USA           INV      Phase behavior of fluids confined in disordered porous materials
Ngai K.L.              USA           oral     To be decided later
Panagiotopoulos A.Z.   USA           INV      Molecular simulation study Non-Ionic Systems
                                              Self-Assembly of Ionic and of the metal oxide/fluid interface in
Predota M.             USA           poster   hydrothermal systems involving ab initio derived intermolecular
Shnidman Y.            USA           oral     Dynamic Self-Consistent Theory of Lattice ModelsMicroheterogeneous Fluids
                                              Monte Carlo Studies of Structure and Solvation in of Sheared Polymer
Siepmann J.I.          USA           oral     Fluids
Van Tassel P.R.        USA           oral     Free energy of hydration adsorbate phase QM/MM in a templated porous material
                                              Theory and simulation of and structure of a behavior model for aqueous Na+ and Cl- at high
Wood, R. H.            USA           oral     temperatures without simulations of the QM/MM model
       Topic2            Paper2

                Criticality and phase
poster          behaviour of fullerenes

                New Lennard Jones
oral            potential for phase


                Investigation of
                multiphase equilibria in
                Structural and dielectric
poster          properties of dioxane -
         Microstructure of water
oral     at the level of three-
         Monte Carlo simulation
poster   of the ion selectivity of
         Investigation of the
oral     thermodynamic

         Directed Semiflexible
poster   Equilibrium Polymers :
         Common compression
poster   factor and bulk modulus
         S-functions Corner
poster   potential and the

         Synaptic Polarities
poster   Studied by the

         The electroreduction of
         hydrogen on Pt(111)
         Self-organized criticality
oral     and 1/f - fluctuations at

         A temperature/electric
poster   field equation of state

         The role of the
poster   heterogeneity in HCl
         To the theory of phase
poster   transitions in hard

         Effect of Confinement in
poster   Porous Materials on
         Stability of Water-Ice
poster   Interface: A Molecular

         Line tension effects of
oral     droplets near first-order
         I am willing to present a
oral     1 to 1/2 day workshop

         Phase transitions in
poster   Size- and Charge-

         Novel Monte Carlo
poster   Methods for Nucleation

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