Hotel and Restaurant Management by yaofenji


									Hotel and Restaurant                                     Introduction
Management                                               The mission of NAU's School of Hotel and
PO Box 5638                                              Restaurant Management is to develop your
Flagstaff, AZ 86011 -5638                                professional and technical competence in preparation
602-523-2845                                             for leadership responsibility in hospitality-related       Hotel and
                                                         enterprises.                                               Restaurant
Faculty                                                  Our undergraduate curriculum is designed to provide
David A. Williams, Dean; Galen R. Collins, Assistant     you with intellectual growth, communication skills,
Dean; Matt Casado, Don Carlson, Lenka Hospodka,          ethical awareness, appreciation of values and society,
Rich Howey, Christine Lynn, Rich McNeill, Bill Miller,   and professional knowledge of the hospitality
Jim Murphy, John Myers, Wally Rande, Emery               industry.
Trowbridge, Bruce Urdang, Gary Vallen, Bert Van          Our undergraduate degree program is enhanced by
Hoof, Paul Wiener, Larry Yu                              the following resources:
                                                         • The Arizona Hospitality Research and Resource
                                                            Center was created to serve as a resource for our
                                                            students and to provide research and service for
                                                            the hospitality industry. The Center publishes
                                                            Arizona Hospitality Trends and presents
                                                            conferences, programs, and seminars for
                                                            hospitality executives.
                                                         • The Marion W. Isbell Endowment for Hospitality
                                                            Ethics was established to encourage applied
                                                            research in hospitality ethics and management and
                                                            to increase awareness and resolution of ethical
                                                            problems related to the hospitality industry
                                                            through educational programs.
                                                         • The Inn at NAU provides quality food, beverage,
                                                            and lodging accommodations to the NAU
                                                            community and campus visitors. The Inn has a
                                                            full-time general manager, executive housekeeper,
                                                            and chef, but is staffed by our students, providing
                                                            practical, in-service training in all facets of hotel
                                                            and restaurant management.

                                                         Degree Offered —
                                                         B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant
                                                         To earn this degree, you must complete the three
                                                         components described in the following paragraphs.
                                                         This degree does not require a minor.
                                                         Major Requirements                            70 hours
                                                         Liberal Studies Requirements                  48 hours
                                                         General Electives                               7 hours
                                                         Total                                       125* hours
                                                         *Be aware that most courses required for your
                                                         degree have prerequisites that you must also take.
                                                         Check all course descriptions to find out.
                                                         In addition to the course requirements described in
                                                         the following paragraphs, you must obtain and
                                                         document 800 hours of relevant employment in a
                                                         hospitality-related enterprise for the technical, hands-
                                                         on portion of this degree program.
           Major Requirements                                        • world and cultural diversity: 3 hours
                                                                        (We highly recommend SC 368 and COM 301.)
           The requirements for this major include a hospitality
           core curriculum, a support core, and hospitality          General Electives
           electives, as described in the following sections.
                                                                     You may take 7 hours from any area you choose. We
Academic   Core Curriculum                                           strongly encourage you to take courses that focus on
Programs   You must take the following 49 hours: HA 100, 120,        cultural awareness, interpersonal skills, and
           210, 240, 241, 260, 270, 335, 345, 355. 365. 370,         communication abilities.
           390, 405. 420, and 490.

           Support Core                                              Hospitality Administration
           These 6 hours are ACC 255 and BA 201.
                                                                     Courses (HA)
           Hospitality Electives                                     Some courses may not be offered every semester.
           You must complete 15 hours of upper-division              Check with the department and the current Class
           hospitality administration electives or courses offered   Schedule for information about when specific courses
           in other professional schools, such as the College of     are offered.
           Business Administration. (You may not use general
           electives to meet this requirement.)                      Please be aware that before you can enroll in HA
                                                                     300- or 400-level courses, you must complete all HA
           You may combine hospitality administration                100- and 200-level courses and BA 201 and ECO 284
           electives in the following areas of concentration:        and 285. The only exception to this policy is by
           • resort management: HA 384, 401, 421, and one of         written approval of your academic adviser.
              371, 389, 492, and 493                                 HA 100 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry (3).
           • restaurant management: HA 325, 340, 442. and            Introduction to the hospitality industry through a review of
              one of 341, 389, 440, and 441                          the historical development.
           • international and tourism management: HA 384,           HA 120 Introduction to Property Management (3).
              492, 493, and one of 389 and 401                       Introduction to professional housekeeping and its
                                                                     administration, maintenance of physical plant, and
           Liberal Studies Requirements                              employee supervision.
                                                                     HA 210 Guest Service Management (3). A study of front-
           With the aid of your adviser, you select a sequence of    of-the-house operations, including bell service, guest
           liberal studies courses that includes 36 hours of         reception, and reservation systems. Prerequisite: HA 100
           lower-division (100-200 level) and 12 hours of            or written approval of academic adviser.
           upper-division (300-400 level) courses. (See the          HA 240 Commercial Food Preparation Theory (3). An
           General Academic Requirements chapter of this             introduction to the basic principles of commercial food
           catalog for general information about the liberal         selection, storage, preparation, and service. Prerequisite:
           studies credit that we require.)                          HA 100 or written approval of academic adviser.
           You should complete 18 hours of lower-division            HA 241 Commercial Food Lecture (4). Application of the
           courses, including foundation studies, before             principles, procedures, and techniques involved in small-
           enrolling in upper-division liberal studies courses.      and large-quantity food preparation and production.
           Within the requirements for each liberal studies          Prerequisite: HA 240.
           block, you may select both lower- and upper-division      HA 241L Commercial Food Lab (0). Fee required.
           courses.                                                  Corequisite: HA 241.
           You must meet the following specific requirements in      HA 260 Hospitality Financial Management (3). Study of
           each liberal studies block:                               financial statement analysis, asset management, ratio
                                                                     analysis, analytical techniques, and investment decision
           • foundation studies: ENG 105 or both 101 and 102
                                                                     making. Prerequisite: ACC 255.
              and MAT 110, 114, or 135 or a more advanced
              mathematics course                                     HA 270 Hospitality Computerized Automation I (3).
                                                                     Operations related to the hospitality industry, including
           • arts: 6 hours                                           reservation systems, guest accounting, and managers'
           • humanities: 6 hours                                     reports. Prerequisite: HA 210. Fee required.
           • language and analysis skills: 8 hours of a modern       HA 325 Facilities, Equipment, and Layout (3).
              language                                               Fundamentals of facilities planning for commercial,
           • natural sciences: 7 hours, including one lab course     institutional, and industrial food service, including
                                                                     planning, layout, and design of production and service
           • social sciences: ECO 284 and 285 plus one               areas. Prerequisite: HA 240 or written approval of
              geography, psychology, or sociology course             academic adviser.
HA 335 Hospitality Law (3). Common law and its                    HA 421 Property Systems Design (3). The principles and
application to the hospitality industry, including basic          techniques required to successfully analyze, design, plan,
contracts, administrative law, government regulations, and        and maintain various types of hotel and restaurant facilities.
legal concerns resulting from the innkeeper-guest                 Prerequisite: HA 420 or permission of academic adviser.
                                                                  HA 435 Hospitality Litigation (3). An in-depth analysis of
HA 340 Beverage and Bar Operations (3). An                        the litigation process both procedurally and substantively as
introduction to the history of the beverage industry and the      it relates to the hospitality industry. Prerequisites: HA 335    Hotel and
production and classification of alcoholic beverages. The         and permission of academic adviser.                              Restaurant
sales, service, and control system of the alcoholic beverage                                                                       Management
industry are also discussed. Prerequisite: HA 240 or              HA 440 Dining Service Management (3). Introduction to
written approval of academic adviser; must be 21 years of         the basic principles, procedures, and techniques involved
age or older. Fee required.                                       in managing food and beverage operations. Prerequisite:
                                                                  HA 355.
HA 341 Menu Planning (3). Introduction to the basic
principles, procedures, and techniques involved in menu           HA 441 Fast Food Management (3). An analysis of the
                                                                  principle operating problems in the fast-food field.
planning. Prerequisite: HA 241 or written approval of
                                                                  Prerequisite: HA 241.
academic adviser.
HA 345 Hospitality Human Resource Management (3).                 HA 442 Food Service Management (3). Introduction to
Development of human resources management skills;                 the human and technological resources that food service
exploration of the ethical issues inherent to the hospitality     managers have under their control. Prerequisite: HA 355.
industry. Prerequisite: HA 270.                                   HA 490 Senior Seminar ( 3 ) . A senior-level capstone
                                                                  course that incorporates organizational theory, strategic
HA 355 Food and Beverage Control (3). Management
of systems and techniques used to control food, beverage,         planning, and simulated problem solving. Prerequisites:
and labor costs in the hospitality industry. Prerequisite:        Senior status in HRM and completion of or concurrent
                                                                  enrollment in remaining HA core courses or written
ACC 255.
                                                                  approval of academic adviser.
HA 365 Hospitality Marketing (3). Marketing objectives
and strategies related to consumer demands, marketing             HA 492 International Hospitality Marketing (3).
                                                                  Marketing to the international traveler industry and the
planning, and selling methodologies for the hospitality
industry.                                                         public sector. Prerequisite: HA 365 or written approval of
                                                                  academic adviser.
HA 370 Hospitality Automation II (3). Computer
                                                                  HA 493 International Travel and Tourism (3). Provides
technology as a tool in problem solving and application
                                                                  an in-depth examination of international tourism including
analysis. Prerequisite: HA 355 or written approval of
                                                                  scope, socioeconomic impact, and NTO development.
academic adviser. Fee required.
                                                                  Prerequisite: HA 390 or written approval of academic
HA 371 Hospitality Automation III (3). Technology as a            adviser.
management (vs. operations) tool in problem solving at
property or corporate levels. Topics include application
acquisition. Prerequisite: HA 370 or permission of
academic adviser.
HA 384 Destination Development (3). Development of
the destination tourist attraction with an emphasis on
economic, environmental, and sociological factors.
HA 389 Cooperative Education ( 1 - 1 2 ) . A preplanned
cooperative employment experience related to student's
field of study or career objectives. Fee required.
HA 390 International Hospitality Operations (3).
Multinational hospitality operations with emphasis on U.S.
corporate planning for overseas operations. Prerequisite:
HA 210.
HA 401 Resort Management (3). An introduction to
resort planning, development, and management; special
topics include financial and marketing considerations
unique to the resort environment.
HA 405 Convention and Group Planning (3). Group
business as it relates to hospitality industry sales, planning,
and marketing. Prerequisite: HA 210.
HA 420 Advanced Property Management (3). Technical
areas of building maintenance in the hospitality industry
with emphasis on support systems and energy conservation.
Prerequisite: HA 210.


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