Two Column Notes 14.2answers by nuhman10


									                           Two Column Notes
                             Pgs. 480-484

           Main Ideas                           Details
                                   -cycle: movement of matter
1. All ecosystems need certain     throughout an ecosystem
materials.                         -matter may change form, but it
(pg. 480)                          never leaves the ecosystem
                                   -3 of most important cycles:
                                       Water
                                       Carbon
                                       Nitrogen

                                   -stored in lakes, rivers, and
2. Water cycles through            oceans
ecosystems.                        -water cycle: movement of water
(pg. 481)                          through the environment
                                   -oxygen and hydrogen
                                   -gas, liquid, solid
                                   -water vapor
                                   -ice, sleet, snow
                                   -transpiration: done by plants

                                   -element found in all living things
3. Carbon cycles through           -carbon cycle
ecosystems.                        -carbon dioxide gas
(pgs. 482-483)                     -plants use carbon dioxide to
                                   make sugar during
                                    -respiration: organisms need
                                    carbon compounds for food
                                    (sugar) to do respiration and get
                                    -large amounts of carbon are
                                    stored underground and change
                                    into fossil fuels
                                    -coal and oil
                                    -nitrogen cycle
4. Nitrogen cycles through          -4/5 of air = nitrogen
ecosystems.                         -all animals must get nitrogen
(pgs. 483-384)                      from plants they eat
                                    -lightening fixes nitrogen so it can
                                    be used by plants
                                    -nitrogen-fixing bacteria also
                                    change nitrogen so that plants
                                    can use it


Cycle: recycles matter in the ecosystem

Water cycle: recycles water

Carbon cycle: recycles carbon

Nitrogen cycle: recycles nitrogen

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