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					                                                                                                                     TU/e Graduate School                                 Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences

                                  About TU/e:
                                  -   Best Dutch university in Times World University Rankings 2010
                                  -   8500 students, PhD’s and PDEng’s
                                  -   Open and friendly atmosphere
                                  -   Personal contact with lecturers and staff
                                  -   More than 70 nationalities present
                                  -   English spoken everywhere in the Netherlands
                                  -   Brainport Eindhoven: the world’s most intelligent community 2011
                                  -   TU/e students in high demand among employers

                                  More information about the Industrial       More information about
                                  Engineering graduate program                TU/e, admission and enrollment
                                  School of Industrial Engineering            Education and Student Service Center
                                  tel. +31 (0)40 247 5937                     tel. +31 (0)40 247 4747
                                  e-mail:                  e-mail:

           PhD programs
           A Master degree or PDEng degree enables you
           to apply for a PhD position within the Industrial
           Engineering graduate program. During the
           course of this program you will develop into an
                                                                                                                                                 Graduate program
                                                                                                                                               Industrial Engineering
           independent researcher. Under the supervision of
           a professor you will undertake research within the
           Industrial Engineering domain, completing it with a
           dissertation. You will write scientific papers, present
           results at conferences and take part in seminars as
           well as undertake some teaching. In addition, there
           are many possibilities to further develop yourself,
           for instance through courses and training geared
           to personal development and through additional
           scientific schooling.                                                                                                        The Industrial Engineering groups of the Industrial    in Europe, the US and Asia, and we have several
                                                                                                                                        Engineering & Innovation Sciences Department           bilateral exchange and double-degree programs for
           TU/e PhD students are employed by the university,                                                                            have a strong focus on operational processes,          Master students.
           which means that you receive a salary during your                                                                            which form the backbone of all industrial and
           PhD program. You are also entitled to attractive                                                                             service organizations. New product development,        Within the Industrial Engineering graduate program,
           secondary employment benefits. When you                                                                                      supply chain, and service processes in hospitals are   the following programs are available:
           complete your program with a dissertation and gain                                                                           examples of such processes. We analyze and design
           your doctorate, your career prospects will be good,                                                                          control concepts, and we develop quantitative          Master programs
           in both worlds of science and industry.                                                                                      decision support models for strategic, tactical and    - Innovation Management
                                                                                                                                        operational decisions. In all studies, organization,   - Operations Management & Logistics
           -   Study possibilities: Full-time                                                                                           information and human aspects may play an explicit     Designer program
           -   Degree: PhD                                                                                                              or even dominant role. We aim for high scientific      - Logistics Management Systems
           -   Language: English                                                                                                        and high practical relevance. In all programs, we      PhD programs
           -   Times of entry: All year round                                                                                           collaborate closely with the industry and service
           -   Duration: 4 years                                                                                                        organizations.
                                                                                                                                        You will enter an international environment.
                                                                                                                                        In all programs, we have a high percentage of
                                                                                                                                        international students (20-60%) and international
                                                                                                                                        professors (around 30%). Furthermore, we have
                                                                                                                                        research collaborations with leading universities                                                                                          Where innovation starts
                                   Student Leroy Dumas                                                                                                                     Student Zeynep Yetis
                                  Master Innovation Management                                                                                                            Master Operations Management and Logistics

                                “I found my Higher Vocational Education in Management Science wasn’t                                                                     “I got my degree in Industrial Engineering in Ankara, Turkey, and my
                               deep enough or challenging enough for me. That’s why I wanted to follow                                                                   professors recommended that I did my Masters in Europe. TU/e is well
                              it with a Master. At open days and talking to Master students I got a                                                                     known in Ankara and I heard a lot of positive things about the university.
                             good impression of TU/e. The Master’s in Innovation Management appealed                                                                  I definitely feel home at TU/e and in the Netherlands in general. And the
                            to me because it’s a combination of technology, innovation, marketing and                                                                Master program definitely suits me. The projects are very practically
                            management. I’m very enthusiastic about courses like Strategy & Technology                                                              oriented and I have the chance to see how theory is put into practice during
                           Management, which includes thinking up business plans for brand-new                                                                     the classes. My thesis will be on Human Performance Management in Logistics
                          products. I’ll soon graduate in ITEM - innovation, technology, entrepreneurship                                                         Operations. TU/e has provided me with good research opportunities, and I’ve
                         and marketing - and after that I’m starting work as a business analyst at docdata                                                       already had the chance to collect data in a company for an analysis that I will use
                        in Waalwijk. In a few years’ time I’d like to have a management job handling                                                            in my thesis. As a student, it’s a big advantage to be able to do that.”
                       marketing and business development.”

Master programs                                                                                                 Designer program
Innovation Management                                   Operations Management & Logistics                       Logistics Management Systems                             The Technological Designer programs are
Innovation Management studies the management            Operations Management & Logistics is a                  Following your Master graduation, you can continue       coordinated in the 3TU.School for Technological
of innovation processes and develops theories,          multidisciplinary field that covers fields like         on to the Designer program Logistics Management          Design, Stan Ackermans Institute. The institute
tools and techniques to make businesses more            supply chain management, manufacturing                  Systems within the Industrial Engineering graduate       represents the three universities of technology in
innovative. Key aspects of this discipline are          systems, information systems, business process          program.                                                 the Netherlands and was established in mid-2006.
knowledge management, strategic alliances,              management, human performance management,               Industry needs experienced designers able to
entrepreneurship, new product development, close        health care engineering, transportation, reliability    design complex intelligent control processes and
supplier partnerships, marketing management,            engineering, maintenance, and operational finance.      supply chains. A Master degree may well give you
quality management and technology management.           The program follows a quantitative approach. In all     the requisite theoretical knowledge but you still lack
The program conveys scientific theories, tools and      courses, the theory connects to existing research       sufficient practical experience. A Designer program
techniques to manage innovations both within and        and it is demonstrated how the theory may be            gives you that practical experience, which boosts
across companies. You will learn how to apply the       applied in practice, e.g. for an alternative design     your market value for industry. You graduate with
knowledge that you gain in carrying out research        of a control concept for a supply chain, a workflow     a Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng)
into innovation management and in industrial            process in an insurance company, or the patient         degree.
applications. You will also learn ways to analyze the   and information flows in a hospital. One also learns    The Logistics Management Systems program begins
current innovative performance of a company, how        how much efficiency improvement or cost reduction       with a one-year course program followed by a major
to explain it in terms of quality, cost and time, and   can be obtained by advanced concepts instead of         in-company design assignment of ten months.
how to improve this performance by re-engineering       the common concepts used in practice.
innovation processes.                                                                                           The logistics and management of complex industrial
                                                        Graduation options                                      processes demand careful planning, organization
Graduation options                                      The Master thesis project lasts one semester and is     and control of goods and material flows to end-
The Master thesis project lasts one semester and is     preceded by the project definition and the literature   users. The Logistics Management Systems program
preceded by the project definition and the literature   study. Many projects are carried out in collaboration   focuses on broadening, enlarging and integrating
study. Many projects are carried out in collaboration   with industry, where you typically spend four days a    knowledge and skills in the field of design and
with industry, where you typically spend four days a    week in-company. Some projects have a theoretical       implementation of logistics systems and supply
week in-company. Some projects have a theoretical       focus, and may then lead to a publication in an         chains.
focus, and may then lead to a publication in an         international scientific journal. Such projects are
international scientific journal. Such projects are     typically chosen by students with an interest in        -   Study possibilities: Full-time
typically chosen by students with an interest in        doing a PhD after the Master.                           -   Degree: Professional Doctorate in Engineering
doing a PhD after the Master.                                                                                   -   Language: English
                                                        For all Master programs                                 -   Times of entry: End of August and start of January
                                                        - Study possibilities: Full-time                        -   Duration: 2 years
                                                        - Degree: Master of Science                             -
                                                        - Language: English
                                                        - Times of entry: September, February
                                                        - Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS)

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