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					                                        Sample ESL Lesson Plan Format             Submitted by: Bobby Jones
   Performance Objective: By the end of the lesson students will be able to build a basic vocabulary.
   Strand(s): Speaking 1.2.10 & Reading 1.3.6                                              Level: Literacy

             Segment                      What and How? Describe Activities        Materials   Multiple          Time
1. Warm up and/or review                 Learning body parts                       Blackboard, Linguistic,
An activity that a) uses previously                                                colored     Bodily,
learned content to begin a new                                                     pens, paper Kinesthetic,
lesson, b) lasts 5-10 minutes and c)                                               box         Visual,
uses materials students are familiar                                                           Spatial
with from previous lessons.
2. Introduction                          Words on board on a “body”                Blackboard,    Linguistic,
Focusing student attention on the        Ask question “What is this?” while        colored        Bodily,
lesson-asking questions, using           pointing to a body part.                  pens, paper    Kinesthetic,
visuals. Stating the objective,          State that we will learn the names for    box            Visual,
relating the objective to previous       the parts of the body.                                   Spatial

3. Presentation                       Repeat words; teacher then student.          Blackboard,    Linguistic,
Introduction of new information by Show words on body                              colored        Bodily,
a variety of strategies; visuals,                                                  pens, paper    Kinesthetic,
realia, descriptions, explanation, or                                              box            Visual,
written text. Instructor checks for                                                               Spatial
student comprehension through
new vocabulary – grammar
structure –life skill-pronunciation.

4. Practice                              Play a game where students pick a         Blackboard,    Linguistic,
Opportunities to practice the new        written body part name on a piece of      colored        Bodily,
knowledge are provided. Practice         paper out of a hat box and go to board    pens, paper    Kinesthetic,
is guided through materials and          to show where body part belongs           box            Visual,
may be whole group, small group,                                                                  Spatial
pairs or individuals. Instructor
models each activity, monitors
progress and provides feedback.

5. Evaluation                            Demonstrated knowledge shown by           Blackboard,    Linguistic,
Evaluation of each student on            picking correct body parts.               colored        Bodily,
attainment of lesson objectives.         Work sheet with a body and “body”         pens, paper    Kinesthetic,
Evaluation can be oral, written or       words on side of worksheet. Students      box            Visual,
demonstrated performance                 put words on body part.                                  Spatial
6. Application / Closure                 Students lead Simon Says                  Blackboard,    Linguistic,
An activity that requires students to                                              colored        Bodily,
apply new knowledge to their own                                                   pens, paper    Kinesthetic,
lives or a new situation                                                           box            Visual,

   Format adapted from California Department of Education, Staff Development Institute

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