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					                                           American Samoa Community College
                                                Samoan Studies Institute

                       SAM 111 (Section 01, 02 & 04): Introduction to the Samoan Language

                                                          Fall 2011

Instructor: Evile F. Feleti, M.Ed.             Class Hours: (MWF) 8am-8:50am, 11am-11:50am (TR) 2pm-3:20pm
Office: Samoan Studies Institute               Classroom: Room 7
Office Phone: 699-9155 (Ext. 323)              Office Hours: (MWF) 9am-11am, 1pm-3pm Samoan Studies Institute
Email:                    building next to the Fale Samoa (lower campus)
Cell Phone: 256-5655

               Course Textbook:
               Tuitele, M. & Kneubuhl J. (1980). Upu Samoa – Samoan Words. Published by the
                       Bilingual/Bicultural Education Project of American Samoa. Department of
                       Education, American Samoa Government.

               Course Website: (for course required
               handouts or reserve copies of online academic materials)

               Course Supplementary Materials:
               Aiavao, Afemata Tunumafono Apelu (1987). Maunu mai Loimata o Apaula. Institue of Pacific
                        Studies and the Western Samoa Extension Centre of the University of the South Pacific
                        and the Iunivesite Aoao o Samoa National University of Samoa.
               Feleti, Evile F. (2008). Strengths & Weaknesses of Samoan Grammar. Plan B Paper/Thesis:
                        Review of Literature Chapter. University of Hawai’i at Manoa.
               Fiamalua, S. Mataio. (2007). Kalama o le Gagana Samoa. Fa’atautaiga a Manusina & Fa’asoa
                        Fa’alea’oa’oga. Fale’ula o Fatua’iupu Conference July 7-12 (2007). Island Business
                        Center Nu’uuli, American Samoa.
               Fiamalua, S. Mataio. (1998). The History and Current Status of the Samoan Language in
                        American Samoa. Plan B Paper for Master of Secondary Education. University of
                        Hawai’i at Manoa.
               Le Tagaloa, Aiono F.2005. La ta Gagana. Lamepa Press, Apia.
               Mayer, Lasei J. (1976). Kalama o le Gagana Sāmoa. University of Hawai’i Press.
               O’Grady, William., Archbald, J., Aronoff, M. & Rees-Miller, J. (2005). Contemporary Linguistic.
                        (fifth edition). St. Martin’s Press.
               Samoa ma lona Moana (2007). A composite video of 5 short videos about Samoan connections
                        to their ocean. This program contains “lau atule i ofu”, Palolo Time, Palolo Enu,
                        Ma’ata’ife’e and the legend story of Turtle and Shark”. ASCC Samoan Studies Institute.
               Wednt, Alapati., Aiono, Koke., Dunlop, Peggy., Va’ai, Emma Kruse. (1994). Tala Tusia 1.
                        Published for the Ministry of Education by Learning Media Ltd., Box 3293, Wellington,
                        New Zealand.

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Course Prerequisite:
All students are bound to take the Samoan Studies Institute Placement Test

Course Description: (See ASCC Catalog)
This is an introductory course in Samoan writing and speaking, grammar and usage of
contemporary and commonly used respectful Samoan phrases. Students enrolled are
recommended to write and speak fluent Samoan.

Course Rationale:
Earned credits from the Introduction to Samoan Language course can be transferred to
the University of Hawai’i at Hilo. It also satisfies the General Education requirement for
Studies of Samoan and the Pacific for the Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts.

Course SLOs:
The goal of this course is valuing language as a crucial part of the Samoan identity.
Students will also gain an invaluable skill to move on to higher level courses upon

Course Student Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the history of the Samoan spoken and written language. (Dept. LO 1,
      Institutional SLO Communication SkillsI.1.1, I.1.2,I.1.3,I.1.4, SLO I.2.1)
  2. Understand the morphology of Samoan words. (Dept. LO 1, SLO Communication
      Skills I.11, I.1.2, I.3.1)
  3. Understand the orthography, lexicon, phonology and syntax of Samoan language.
      (Dept. LO 1, Institutional SLO Communication Skills I.11, I.1.2, I.3.1)
  4. Understand the 21st century alphabet of the Samoan language (Dept. LO 1,
      Institutional SLO Communicational Skills I.11, I.1.2, I.3.1)
  5. Identify components of a sentence (Dept. LO 1, Institutional SLO Communication
      Skills I.11, I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1)
  6. Identify different parts of speech (9) (Dept. LO 1, Institutional SLO
      Communication Skills I.11, I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1)
  7. Demonstrate competency in individual speech or dialoguing using contemporary
      and respectful language (Dept. LO 1, 5, Institutional SLO Communication Skills)

Course Student Learning Outcomes:
   I.1.1 Speak and write clearly to a variety of audiences (Course SL Obj. 7)
   I.1.2 Use oral and written skills to organize, deliver and evaluate (Course SL Obj. 1- 7)
   I.2.1 Comprehend, interpret and evaluate information from the textbook, lecture
       Notes, class discussions and other mediums of information (Course SL Obj. 1-7)
   I.3.1 Follow instructions, procedures and guidelines effectively (Course SL Obj. 2, 3, 6)
Job Skills
       a. Demonstrate important work qualities (promptness, dependability, initiative, etc.)
           (Course SL Obj. 7)

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Life Skills
   III.2.1Recognize and respect the perspective of others (Course SL Obj. 7)

Specific Requirements (Grading):
   1. Major Assignments -------------------------------------------------------40%
       (Course SL Obj. 1 – 7 Course SL Outcomes I.1.1, I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1, III.2.1)
           Free Writings
           Fa’asinomaga Presentation
           Samoan Syllable Worksheet
           Spelling tests
           Samoan Alphabet Recitation
           Dictation
           Pleasure Reading
           Samoan Morphology Worksheet
           Samoan Sentence Worksheet (Content/Structure Word & VSOLT
              Sentence Pattern)
           Samoan Parts of Speech Worksheet
   2. Group Assignments -------------------------------------------------------45%
       (Course SL Obj. 1 – 7 Course SL Outcomes I.1.1, I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1, Job Skills
       Adaptive, III.2.1)
           Speed Writing
           Word Association
           Sentence Completion
           Literature Circle (Reading Comprehension)
           Role Playing (Listening Comprehension)
           Debate
   3. Worksheets------------------------------------------------------------------10%
       (Course SL Obj. 1 – 6 Course SL Outcomes I.1.1, I.2.1, I.3.1)
   4. Attendance & Participation -----------------------------------------------5%
       (Course SL Obj. 7 Course SL Outcomes Job Skills Adaptive, III.2.1)

ALL Rubrics are available for 1 & 2 on Course Website

                                                                    Total: 100%
(Grading Scale):
100-95%       =    A          94-90%      =   A-             89-87%    =     B+
86-83%        =    B          82-80%      =   B-             79-77%    =     C+
76-73%        =    C          72-70%      =   C-             69-67%    =     D+
66-63%        =    D          62-60%      =   D-             Below 60% =     F

Course Format:
This course is conducted via informal lectures, class discussions, and student led
discussions or presentations. A guest speaker will also be invited to address an issue
concerning Samoan language. The language of instruction is mostly Samoan and
sometimes in English.

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Course Expectations:

    2. Set aside a specific time during the day for this course--the best time that fits your
       schedule. Use that time for preparation (reading, studying etc.) and for
       participation (reading, assignments, taking quizzes).
    3. Don't put off the work--you need to keep up so you can more effectively
       participate in group and class discussions.
    4. Don't be afraid to ask questions, there are probably several others who are
       wondering the same thing.
    5. Contribute to the class several times a week--this will keep you engaged, on-track,
       and moving steadily toward your goal!
    6. Let me know about any problems you are having right away so we can resolve
       them quickly.
    7. Have Fun!!!

Important Dates
September 1 - 7 (Add/Drop Period)
September 8 - 23 (Drop Only Period)
September 26 - November 4 (Withdrawal Period to Receive a “W”)
November 7 - 23 (Withdrawal Period to Receive a “W/F” or “W/NP”)

Attendance & Late Assignment Policy:
All students attending ASCC are expected to attend all of their scheduled classes. Students with excessive
absences during the first two weeks of instruction will be administratively dropped. A student cannot
exceed six (6) absences for Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes, four (4) absences for Tuesday, Thursday
classes; and three (3) absences for summer sessions. Students with excessive absences, in accordance to
this policy, will receive a lower or failing grade for the semester or session. A student can be excused from
classes at the discretion or upon verification by the instructor, for the following reasons: medical reasons,
family emergency, special curricular activities, military obligations, jury duty, and related official College
sponsored activities. It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with his/her instructor(s)
for work to be made up for absences due to legitimate reasons. Students are required to submit in writing,
justifications or provide appropriate documentation for absences to the Dean of Academic Affairs and
when appropriate the Dean of Institution of Trades & Technology (ITT) for approval. Veteran students are
to refer to the Student Services Veterans Educational Assistance sections for additional attendance
requirements. (In case the instructor is absent, students will be informed and a signup sheet will be given!)

                        Switch off your cell phones when you
                                      enter the classroom!!!

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       Time Schedule (subject to change):

Weeks & Dates       Topics Student                 Course Activities        Course Assignments
                    Learning Objectives                                     Student Learning
                    PLACEMENT TEST                 Go over Course           Spelling Test
                    Course Syllabus                Syllabus                 Group Activity: Rotation Activity
Week 1              History of the Samoan          Lecture on               SLO I.1.2, I.3.1, III.2.1
September 6 - 9     spoken & written language      Fa’asinomaga & History
                    The formation of Plural        of Samoan spoken and
                    Verbs                          written language
                    Pratt 1862                     Discuss assessment
                    Course SL Obj. # 1, 3, 4       rubric for Samoan
                                                   Alphabet Recitation

                    Samoan Alphabet                Lecture on Samoan        Spelling Test
                    Fiamalua 2007                  Alphabet/Syllables and   Reciting Samoan Alphabet
Week 2              Syllables and Accent           Accent                   (Repetition Activity)
September 12 - 16   Kneubuhl & Moega 1980          Reciting Samoan          Free Writing Due: Sept. 15 &
                    Course SL Obj. # 1, 3, 4       Alphabet (Repetition     16, 2011
                                                   Activity)                SLO I.1.1, I.1.2, I.3.1
                                                   Discuss writing
                                                   assignments: Free
                                                   Writing & Dictation

                    Samoan Syllables: “KV”         Lecture on Samoan        Syllable Worksheet
                    Kneubuhl & Moega 1980          Syllabic                 Spelling Test
Week 3              Fiamalua 2007                  Features/Samoan          Fa’asinomaga Presentations:
September 19 - 23   Setting up of Samoan           Morphology               Sept. 20 – 23, 2011
                    Syllables: Nucleus, Onset, &   Introduction to          SLO I.1.1, I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1
                    Coda                           Academic Debate
                    O’Grady 2005                   Discuss assessment
                    Introduction to Samoan         rubric for Reading
                    Morphology                     Comprehension Activity
                    Kneubuhl & Moega 1980
                    Feleti 2009
                    Course SL Obj. #2, 3, 7
                    Samoan Morphology: The         Lecture on analysis of   Spelling Test
                    analysis of word structure     word structure           Pleasure Reading
Week 4              Kneubuhl & Moega 1980          Discuss Academic         Group Activity: Speed Writing
September 26 - 30   Feleti 2009                    Debate                   Free Writing Due: Sept. 29 &
                    Course SL Obj. #2, 3           Prepare for 1st Debate   30, 2011
                                                   Short Stories            SLO I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1

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                   Strength & Weaknesses of      PPT: The Language        Morpheme Worksheet
                   Samoan Grammar                Issue                    Group Activity: Speed Writing
Week 5             Feleti 2009                   Indoctrination of ASCC   Group Activity: Lit. Circle Oct.
October 3 - 7      Course SL Obj. #1, 2, 3, 4,   Students to Samoan       6 & 7, 2011
                   5, 6, 7                       Language Patterns        SLO I1.1, I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1, (Job
                                                 Feleti 2009              Skills) Adaptive, III.2.1
                                                 Short Stories

                   Samoan Sentence: Content      Lecture on Samoan        Content & Structure Worksheet
                   & Structure Words             sentence                 Debate: October 13 & 14, 2011
Week 6             Kneubuhl & Moega 1980         Short Stories            SLO I.1.1, I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1, (Job
October 10 -14     Fiamalua 2007                                          Skills) Adaptive, III.2.1
                   Course SL Obj. #2, 3, 5
                   VSOLTR sentence pattern       Lecture on Samoan        VSOLTR worksheet
                   Mayer 1976                    sentence pattern         Group Activity: Lit. Circle Oct.
Week 7             Fiamalua 2007                 Discuss assessment       20 & 21, 2011
October 17 - 21    The Sentence: Word Order      rubric for Listening     SLO I1.1, I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1, (Job
                   Kneubuhl & Moega 1980         Comprehension Activity   Skills) Adaptive, III.2.1
                   Course SL Obj. #2, 3, 5

                   Samoan Writing Workshop       Free Writing Exercises   Group Activity: Role Playing
                   Fiamalua 2007                 Short Stories            Activity
Week 8             Course SL Obj. #2, 3, 5, 6                             Free Writing Peer Evaluation
October 24 - 28                                                           Due Oct. 27 & 28, 2011
                                                                          SLO I.1.1, I.1.2, I.3.1
                   Samoan Parts of Speech        Lecture on Parts of      Samoan Parts of Speech
                   Kneubuhl & Moega 1980         Speech                   Worksheet
Week 9             Course SL Obj. #3, 5, 6       Short Stories            Group Activity: Sentence
October 31 -                                                              Completion
November 4                                                                Pyramid Poems
                                                                          Debate: Nov. 3 & 4, 2011
                                                                          SLO I.1.2, I.3.1
                   Samoan Paragraph              Lecture on Samoan        Select topic and write paragraph
                   Power Point Presentation,     Paragraph                Group Activity: Story in Song
Week 10            Feleti                        Class Discussion         SLO I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1
November 7 - 11    Course SL Obj. #2, 3, 5, 6
                   Introduction to different     Lecture on Essay         Review student essays on file
                   Essay Genres                  Writing                  Dictation Due: Nov. 17 & 18,
Week 11            (www.sam111-                  Brainstorm               2011
November 14 - 18          Essay Writing            SLO I.2.1, 1.3.1
                   Samoan Adjectival Pronouns    Workshop
                   Pratt 1862
                   Course SL Obj. #2, 3, 5, 6
                   Vaogagana/Word Patterns       Lecture on Vaogagana     Group Activity: Word
                   Pratt 1862                    Class Discussion         Association
Week 12            Short Stories                                          Free Writing Due: Nov. 24 &
November 21 - 25   Course SL Obj. #3                                      25, 2011
                                                                          SLO I.1.2, I.3.1

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                  O le Gagana Samoa/The          Lecture on the              Open forum on Samoan Popular
                  Samoan Language                Introduction of Samoan      Issues (ePathways topics)
Week 13           Simanu 2002                    Grammar                     Free Writing Due: Dec. 1 & 2,
November 28 -     Strengths and Weaknesses of                                2011
December 2        Samoan Grammar                                             SLO I.1.1, I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1,
                  Feleti 2009                                                III.2.1
                  Course SL Obj. #1, 7
                  Ne’i Solo le Falute – Fatuga   Lecture                     Group Activity: Impromptu
                  Eseese                         Class Discussion            Speech Activity
Week 14           Samoan Studies Institute                                   Group Activity: Airplane Activity
December 5 - 9    ASCC, 2010                                                 Dictation Due: Dec. 8 & 9,
                  Course SL Obj. #2, 3, 4, 5,                                2011
                  6, 7                                                       SLO I.1.1, I.1.2, I.3.1

                  O le Aitu by Emma Kruse        Recap of all lessons and    Group Activity: Role Playing
                  Vaai                           individual evaluations of   Listening Comprehension
Week 15           Tala Tusia 1 (Year of          course                      Activity
December 12 -16   publication not known)         Class Discussion            Final Debate: Dec. 13 – 16,
                  Course SL Obj. #1, 3, 7        Course Evaluation           2011
                                                                             SLO I.1.1, I.1.2, I.2.1, I.3.1, (Job
                                                                             Skills) Adaptive, III.2.1

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