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					    DAC VISION
To do our part to reach the whole
      child…every child…

 • Gold Standard Students

 • Gold Standard Teachers

 • Gold Standard Leaders
           Gold Standard Students
Looks like….                                   Plans to get there…
Experiences education as an exploration        Through the concerted efforts of parents,
& lifetime adventure.
                                               teachers, and administrators, provide a safe
Recognizes excellence, i.e., self-assesses.    and rich learning environment to bloom
Willing to trust and to take risks.            that:
Works with ease in teams/community.            Employs a pedagogy that builds what the
Displays empathy, desires, joys, ethics.       GS* “looks like” for each child.
Understands it is okay to say, “I don’t        Sustains a balanced, complete
know”.                                         curriculum for every child.
Thinks creatively, divergently in solving      Guides the development of Life Skills in
problems                                       each child.
Accepts the differences in our needs and
Develops understanding and skills as
measured by Life Skills and the Core
Blooms so he/she can plant the seeds of
tomorrow in the soil of society and culture.
              Gold Standard Teachers
Looks like…                                      Plans to get there…

Vision – helps student reach potential through   Develop relationships with others to
effective Life Skills development and core       strengthen ability and desire to work
instruction.                                     together in a mutually beneficial way.
Motivation – (intrinsic) “joy” reward, new       Fine tune mechanisms for disseminating
ideas; personal creative growth; new             information from USOE to DACs to
knowledge; collaborative excitement;
(extrinsic) job security, fair and adequate      SACs and back: in person, via E-mails,
compensation.                                    website, meetings.
Capacity – understands responsibilities,         Be accountable for teaching the Core by
develops capabilities, pedagogically current,    reporting back on student work to
develops school & community resources.           parents, colleagues, admin., etc.
Resources – time/plan, PD opportunities,         Increase quantity of teachers who receive
materials & facilities, community &              quality PD and build personal passion
professional organization connections and
contributions, grant savvy.                      for the artform and Life Skill
                                                 development through INFINITY
                                                 Expand opportunities for core subject and
                                                 grade level collaboration.
                                                 Improve availability of instructional resources.
                  Gold Standard Leaders
Looks like…                                      Plans to get there…
Vision – Includes experienced, able, and         Set up a communication network among DACs with
informed arts educ. & admin. when decisions      emphasis on current critical decisions.
are made; e.g., a voice in policy and decision   Set up a network of SACs; plan for meeting regularly.
making mtgs., hiring, budgeting; curric.
decisions; new bldg. & remodel plans; PD;        Develop a supportive rapport with our superintendent,
whole child advocacy; SIP                        colleagues, and parents.

Capacity – Supports DACs in mtgs. with SACs      Get DAC on agenda in principals’ mtgs. at least
from each school and DAC contact with supts;     quarterly and as needed.
e.g., are willing to share expertise,            Get DAC invited to Distr. Curric. Mtgs.
knowledgeable on issues affecting our arts
programs and ways to find out more through       Meet with human relations admin to discuss how we
USOE Fine Arts Dept.; correlation structure is   can help with hiring qualified arts personnel.
already in place.                                Tell family, colleagues, supervisors, parents, friends,
Resources – Uses USOE, UAC, POPS, PTA,           neighbors the story of projects in process, student
Networking, UMEA, UTA, UDEO, UAEA,               successes and encourage students to do the same.
Community, City, Regional Arts Councils          Implement a simple plan for tracking progress on all of
Motivation – Allows teachers and students to     these Plans.
reach their GS.
                ACHIEVING THE
                   GOLD STANDARD
Ongoing Short Term Plan
 A. Educate!
      * teachers
      * principals
      * parents, neighbors, friends, family
      * district staff
      * school board members
 B. Involve all stakeholders when making decisions,
        including able, informed, and experienced arts
        educators and administrators.
              ACHIEVING THE
                GOLD STANDARD

Long Term Plan
 Assign a task force to establish policies and
 guidelines to ensure a stable and strong arts
 education program.
          INVEST IN GOLD!
Join us in the DAC
Credo . . .

“We will take the             MAKE A PERSONAL
  responsibility for our       COMMITMENT TO
  own needs and teach our      THE GOLD
  students to do likewise.”
                               STANDARD . . . describe
“We will be problem            at least 1 specific thing
 solvers and teach our         you will do.
 students to be creative
 problem solvers.”

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