Know What is the Perfect Female Body And The Steps To Achieve It

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					  Know What is the Perfect Female Body And The Steps To Achieve It

What is the perfect female body? The earlier centuries dictated that the ideal is to be lush and
rubenesque. In the previous decades it was all about being skinny. Fortunately today the idea of a
perfect female body is not so much the faultless measurements of runway super models—it is more
about being healthy and being the best version of yourself. Achieve this with effective workout routines
for women today.

It is a simple matter to notice that men and women are built differently. Obviously, men pack a lot of
muscles; and a common misconception is that serious training will give women the same unattractive
look. This is a fallacy. Testostorone is the main reason of this—a gland that males have significantly more
so than females. Therefore, unless you are deliberately taking steps to build a body like a man,
exercising will not make you look masculine.

So let’s get on with it shall we? The most effective workout program for women is one that combines
high cardiovascular activity and a sufficient weight training regimen. Cardio exercises will improve the
condition of your heart and lungs, while burning off the unwanted calories. Weight training, on the
other hand, develops strength, stamina and general toning of the body.

Do aerobic training at least two or three times a week. Cardio does not have to be boring. Take up an
engaging sport like swimming or tennis. Perhaps you like dancing; this is an excellent way to get all
worked up and having fun while you’re at it.

Split your weight training in two or three days. Divide the drills you will do according to muscle groups. If
you are in a three day split training program you can do as follows: day one – back and arms, day two –
legs and abdominal muscles, day three – chest and shoulders. If you have more time to work out, use
the extra days for cardio training.

To wear those strapless blouses and dresses, you will need to have beautiful toned arms. Dumbbell
bicep curls will give you a nice neat shape, while push-ups and cable curls will cure you of your triceps
bat wings for good. Bent over barbell rows and hyperextensions will work and strengthen your back

The most useful leg exercises are still the squats. Perform these alongside lunges, calf raises and leg
extensions. Get a flat tummy by doing crunches and leg raises, but more important than doing it a lot is
doing it properly. Do not rush into it, instead concentrate on your breathing and form. The military press
and lateral raise will give you well defined shoulders. Finally, obtain a natural lift in your chest area with
pullover and pushup exercises.

These workout routines for women will at first be a little challenging; but you will find it will get easier as
you go along. Don’t just ask the question– be the answer to other people’s query on what is the perfect
female body. Stay motivated!