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Name(s) of pre-service teacher(s): Matt Brewer, Bruce Wilson, Mike Ferlin
      Name of Lesson: Learning Kit 1 States and Geography        Grade Level: 4th

PA State Standard/s:
   Subject : Geography
       Area 7.1: Basic Geographic Literacy
               Grade 7.1.3: Grade 3
                       Standard B.: Identify and locate places and regions.
                       •Physical features
                         Continents and oceans
                         Major landforms, rivers and lakes in North America
                         Local community
                     •Human features
                         Countries (i. e., United States, Mexico, Canada)
                         States (i. e., Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New
                       York, Ohio, West Virginia)
                       Cities (i. e., Philadelphia, Erie, Altoona, Pittsburgh, Scranton,
                       Harrisburg, Johnstown, Allentown, Washington D. C., Baltimore, New
                       York, Toronto, Cleveland
                        Local community
                       •Regions as areas with unifying geographic characteristics
                       Physical regions (e. g., landform regions, climate regions, river basins)
                       Human regions (e. g., neighborhoods, cities, states, countries)

        Area 7.3: The Human Characteristics of Places and Regions
                Grade 7.3.3: Grade 3
                       Standard E.: Identify the human characteristics of places and regions by
                       their political activities.
                       •Type of political units (e. g., townships, boroughs, counties, states,
                       country [nation state])
                       •Political units in the local area

        Objectives: (effective lessons will have more than one objective)

       The students will be able to identify, position, and name the fifty states and properly
        orient them on a map of the United States.
       The students will be familiar with the song, Fifty Nifty United States.

Materials Needed:
    Smart boards, Computer, Internet
    http://bensguide.gpo.gov/3-5/government/national/legislative.html
    Fifty Nifty United States song.
    “Don’t Know Much About the 50 States” by Kenneth C. Davis
 Engage Student Interest:
     Students will be introduced to the song, Fifty Nifty United States, and sing along with the
        whole class.

Before               Anticipation Guide      After Reading
Reading                  Statements
               How many stripes did the
               first American flag have?
               What state is the Flickertail
               Which was the first state to
               enter statehood?
               Which was last state to enter
               What is Florida’s nickname?

 “Get Ready for Reading”
     Tell students that you would like to find out what they already know about a topic.
     Give students as a handout – “Get Ready to Read Guide”
     Have students decide whether statements are true or false and why
     Share conclusions with class

  Read the social studies text or trade book
      Use the table of contents to locate the section for where the answer will be found.

 After reading/assessment
      Revisit statements and change true or false as needed.
      Hold a discussion: about the content
      Ask students what new information they gained from their reading and the discussion.

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