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Make Your Magic Unbelievable


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									Make Your Magic Unbelievable By Using
There is a rule in magic, "fool the mind not the eye". The five senses of sight, hearing, touch,
smell and taste communicate messages to the mind of what is present or real. In magic, using
convincers that directly impact the five senses assist greatly in fooling the mind of your

"Convincers" convince our spectators that something is "real" or "true" when in fact it is not.
Convincers allow us to prolong the time between when we secretly execute the magic and when
we actually let the audience know that the magic has happened. This lapse of time is often
referred to as time misdirection.

An example of a convincer that uses the sense of hearing can be given in the simple
disappearance of a coin.

Holding a wooden magic wand under your left arm and a coin in your right hand, perform a false
transfer of the coin from your right hand to your left.

Before opening your left hand to show that the coin has disappeared, grab the magic wand with
your right hand, having the butt of the wand rest against the coin palmed in your right hand.

Open your left hand wide enough to tap the magic wand onto the coin that your spectators think
is in your left hand, but not so wide that the spectators can see your empty hand.

As you perform the tapping motion on your left hand, let the butt of the wand in the right hand
hit against the palmed coin.

The sound of the action occurring in your right hand will convince your spectators that the coin
remains in your left hand. Then open your left hand fully showing that the coin has disappeared.

The reaction you receive as a result of adding this convincer will be far greater than if you just
performed a false transfer from your right to your left hand and then show the coin to have
disappeared. Watch Rattled by Dan Hauss and Luca Volpe's Thought of Card in Balloon to see
convincers in action.

Think about what convincers you can put into your magic that will improve your performance
and the experience of your friends and spectators. Make your magic more powerful and
unbelievable by using convincers. Make your magic the best it can be and give your friends and
spectators an experience they will never forget and talk about long after your performance.

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