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First Grade
34. Appropriately use basic probability vocabulary (e.g., more likely to happen/less
 likely to happen, always/never, same as)

Third Grade
44. Discuss chance situations in terms of certain/impossible and equally likely (D-5-
E) tutorial
45. Use manipulatives to discuss the probability of an event (e.g., number cubes,
spinners to determine what is most likely or least likely) (D-5-E)

Fourth Grade
34. Summarize information and relationships revealed by patterns or trends in a
graph, and use the information to make predictions (D-1-E)
41. Apply appropriate probabilistic reasoning in real-life contexts using games and
other activities (e.g., examining fair and unfair situations) (D-5-E) (D-6-E)

Fifth Grade
32. Represent probabilities as common fractions and recognize that probabilities
fall between 0 and 1, inclusive (D-5-M)

Sixth Grade
36. Apply the meaning of equally likely and equally probable to real-life situations
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