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					November 14th – 16th

AX Technical Conference – Why Attend?

      40 Members of the R&D Team in Attendance
      Bring your Teams and talk to Product and Program Managers
      100 + Different Learning Opportunities
      Covers both AX 2012 and Related Opportunities
      Insight into the future roadmap of AX 2012 and be the first to see ‘What’s Next’
      4 Learning Tracks Covering
           o Developer
           o Runtime Experience
           o Industry and Horizontal Functionality
           o 3 Keynotes
           o 60 Breakouts
           o 24 Chalk and Talks on ‘How to Implement’
      5 Industry Solution, focus rooms
      Talk to Industry Team’s, get your plans and idea’s vetted
      Bring your Implementation and Architecture Blueprints to a Solution Architecture
       deep dive session, available to Customers and Partners

Promote to Whom?

      Functional and Technical Consultants
      Solution Architects
      Developers
      Customers

How is it Different from the January Event?

      January 2011 was focused on ISV and Developer Readiness
      November 2011 is focused on:
          o Consultants
          o ‘How to use features’ of AX 2012
          o ‘Best Practice’ Implementation, reducing risk
          o ‘Best Practice’ Upgrade, reducing risk
          o AX 2012 Retail Features and Functionality
Travel Costs
Here are some examples of low cost flights and hotels:

Low Cost Flights, plus taxes I suspect!!
Accomodatrion can be booked through the AX Technical Conference Registration Portal and here are
some examples of alternative accommodation which can be booked through Late Rooms.

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