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					                                                                                                       June, 2008
Dear Alumni/ae and Friends of NBTS:

The Seminary is in the process of setting forth a new strategic plan. Committees are meeting to look at
ways to strengthen the mission of the school. We hope to have the information available to you when the
process is complete. It is an exciting time to be here, watching new possibilities taking shape.

                                                  New Staff
We are pleased to have new staff joining us this Summer. The Rev. Dr. Renee House (‘87), Assistant
Professor of Practical Theology, will serve as the Interim Dean of the Seminary. Dr. House has a B.A.
and M.L.S. from the University of Arizona, a M.Div. from New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and
recently completed a Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary. Dr. House has served the seminary in
this capacity in the past. She also brings years of teaching experience to the appointment.

The Rev. Dr. Jessica Davis is our new Dean of Students. Dr. Davis earned a B.A. from Franklin and
Marshall College, a M.Div. from Boston University School of Theology, a J.D. from Boston University
School of Law, and a D.Min. from United Theological Seminary. She is also pursing a Ph.D. in
Education with concentration on Educational Administration from Southern Illinois University
Carbondale. Dr. Davis brings a wealth of theological, legal and administrative gifts to her job.

The Rev. Dr. Willard W. C. Ashley is our new Director of Supervised Ministry and Associate Professor
of Practical Theology. Dr. Ashley holds a B.A. from Montclair State University, a M.Div. from Andover
Newton Theological School, and a D.Min. from Andover Newton Theological School. He has graduate
certificates in Psychotherapy, and in Marriage and Family Therapy from Blanton Peale Graduate Institute
in New York. Dr. Ashley brings counseling and rich urban pastorate experience to his job.

For a more detailed list of their accomplishments, visit our website at .

                            Travel Seminar to Cape Town, South Africa
NBTS 's Urban Ministry Concentration and Global Scholar Initiative is hosting a Travel Seminar in
January 10-21, 2009 to Cape Town, South Africa. This 10-day learning trip will focus on South African
Post Apartheid Theology and Ministry. The seminar will be lead by The Rev. Dr. Warren Dennis, NBTS
Dirk Romeyn Professor of Metro-Urban Ministry and Director of the D.Min. Program, and The Rev. Dr.
Rothney Tshaka, NBTS Global Scholar from South African, and Associate Professor of Ethics and

Instructors will include Allan Boesak, Anti-Apartheid activist and leader who persuaded the Reformed
Alliance to adopt the Belhar Declaration, and Professor H. J. Hendricks Managing Director of NetACT
(Network for African Congregational Theology). Attendees will gain a greater insight into the cultural
realities of South Africa and engage in inter-disciplinary dialogue about theology and ministry and its
impact on African society. There also will be an opportunity to visit cultural and historical sites including

    New Brunswick Theological Seminary, 17 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, N.J. 08901-1196   Phone: 732-247-5241
Cape Point, Table Mountain, Robben Island and South African Markets. Cost: $2,900 (plus meals and
entertainment). For more details contact the seminary at 732-247-5241.

                                       Opportunities for Research
Are you working on a project or do you have an idea you’d like to explore for the Reformed Church in
the area of either worship or history? Fellowships are available through the Reformed Church Center that
would offer you a stipend, library access, two-week residency, and travel costs.

        1) The Alvin J. Poppen and John R. Young Fellowship is an opportunity for personal study to
        improve the vitality of the worshipping church.
        2) The Albert A. Smith Fellowship exists to support research into the history of the Reformed
        tradition, particularly as it pertains to the RCA. In either case, the Fellow would then be expected
        to share the fruits of his/her work through some kind of public expression for the larger
        community. For more information you can consult the NBTS website under Reformed Church
        Center, or contact the Center’s director: Barbara Fillette ( .

                    Fall Continuing Education: Register to Audit an Elective Course
Alumni/ae and anyone holding an M.Div. or M.A. in theology degree are welcome to audit elective
courses at the seminary for a reduced rate (half the tuition fee). Priority for registration will go first to
students currently enrolled in our degree programs, and space allowing, others may enroll. CEUs will be
granted, but not academic credit. For more information on how to register contact
Class size is limited, so be sure to register right away.

                                                 Yours in Christ,

                                        Pamela A. (Leaper) Bakker ‘79
                                        Coordinator of Communications
                                       (Alumni/ae and Church Relations)

    New Brunswick Theological Seminary, 17 Seminary Place, New Brunswick, N.J. 08901-1196   Phone: 732-247-5241

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