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					                                                   ADMINISTRATION GENERALE

                            The National Institute
                   of Science, Technology and Management
                                      as a
                    Public Institution of Higher Education

CNAM, the National Institute of Science, Technology and Management, is a fully
accredited public university that is authorized to grant undergraduate, graduate,
doctoral and executive development programs. The CNAM is attached directly to the
French Ministry for National Education and Research. Its legal status is that of a
scientific, cultural and professional public institution (“établissement de l’Etat à
caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnel”) pursuant to French Higher Education
law 84-52 dated 26 January 1984, and specifically article 37.
The CNAM’s professors are French civil servants of the Ministry for National
Education and Research, and appointed by decree of the President of France.
Professorial status is attained at the CNAM only after successfully passing a national
The CNAM has three fundamental and interrelated missions: life-long learning,
technological research and innovation, and dissemination of scientific and technical
The CNAM is the largest public institution of higher education and life-long learning
in France. Its network organization provides a physical presence throughout the
country as well as internationally. The CNAM awards more than 54,000 executive
development diplomas and approximately 7,000 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral
degrees yearly.
CNAM degrees are accredited by the French Ministry for National Education and
Research which, to ensure high standards in the various specializations, employs a
system of national accreditation commissions. The CNAM’s engineering degrees, for
example, are supervised by the country’s “Commission on Engineering Education”
(commission des titres de l’ingénieur or CTI). The Master of Business Administration
degree, which in French is termed “Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures de Management
pour l’Ingénieur (DESMI),” is supervised by the “Commission Technique
d’Homologation” (CTH), an inter-ministerial body. All accreditation commissions
and accreditations granted are registered in the Official Journal of the French
Republic (“Journal Officiel de la République Française”).
                                                                                      ADMINISTRATION GENERALE

                                   THE “DESMI” MBA DEGREE

           The CNAM’s MBA degree (“DESMI”) is accredited at Level I by the French Ministry
           for National Education and Research, identifying it as a graduate degree requiring at
           least 5 years of higher education (a “3ème cycle” or “bac + 5” degree 1). This degree
           is delivered by the CEPRIM (Center for Engineering Management), an academic
           department of the CNAM which was founded by Professor Raymond Leban. The
           CEPRIM is administratively housed within the CNAM’s International Institute of
           Management (IIM) and maintains close working relationships with industry, notably
           with regard to higher education programs for engineers and scientists who wish to
           acquire competence in management.
           The MBA degree is obtained after successfully completing an 18 to 24 month long
           academic program which adheres to international standards. The curriculum specifies
           approximately 1,000 hours of instruction, per the following:
                1. A minimum of 480 contact hours (face-to-face) of classroom instruction in the
                   English language;
                2. A maximum of 450 hours of internship and personal research / tutorial in a
                   professional setting (for example: mentored research, management of student
                   projects, workshops, group projects, final report development), principally in
                   the English language.
           The structure, content and pedagogy of the CEPRIM are centered on the professional
           and career development of the participants in its programs. The above MBA program
           has been refined over more than fifteen (15) years with the objective of providing an
           accredited academic program of recognized high standing. It is taught by a faculty
           with extensive international experience.
           The pedagogy of the courses of the MBA program include: texts, notes and handouts;
           formal classroom presentations; case studies; simulations; group projects and
           workshops; role playing. The domains of instruction are : business economics;
           business law and taxation; marketing management, management accounting and
           control; financial analysis and management; human resources management;
           organizational behavior; business strategy; decision support systems; management
           information systems; management of innovation.

1 Accredited degrees mark the successful conclusion of education programmes the level of which is signaled by the “education cycle” they
belong to (1st, 2nd or 3rd cycle) and the announced duration of the studies after high school. The correspondence between “accreditation
levels” and “education levels” is the following:
- Accreditation level IV = “baccalauréat” (end of High School)
- Accreditation level III = baccalauréat + 2 years studies or bac +2 ( end of “1st cycle”)
- Accreditation level II = baccalauréat +3 or 4 years (bac +3 or 4, middle or end of “2nd cycle”)
- Accreditation level I = baccalauréat + 5 years (bac +5, “3rd cycle”)

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