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					Media Release                                                  25 January 2006

      Honda’s i-VTEC technology takes a leap forward.
Honda’s i-VTEC technology is already a world leader but the 2006 Civic lifts this
to a new level by balancing high performance and economy to create a dynamic
driving experience combined with leading fuel efficiency. Honda’s i- VTEC
technology won 6 classes in the New Zealand ECCA Energywise Rally in 2004.

Historically VTEC has allowed for varying Valve timing and also valve lift control
to create “two engines in one” – a fuel efficient lean burning engine at low rpms
and a high performing high lift cam profile engine at high revs.

At low rpms, one inlet valve is marginally open and the second fully opened to
create a swirl pattern and lean mixture that will clean burn. At high rpms both
valves fully open allowing maximum swirl and a richer mixture for a higher

Introduced in the 2006 Civic’s 1.8L NP4 engine is a new capacity management
feature. At low rpms and low load (for example at cruise), the super economy
mode is activated which delays closure of the inlet valve to expel some of the
mixture back into the manifold. The inlet valve is then closed with reduced
capacity in the cylinder. This reduces unnecessary engine output and
significantly increases fuel economy.

“The Civic has always introduced new technology to the new Zealand market and
the 8th generation is no exception. With stunning improvements in i-VTEC
technology the Civic provides excellent driving performance and at the same
time is a leader in fuel economy. We have already achieved class leading
economy in our local testing and look forward to many happy customers in this
period of high fuel prices” said Graeme Seymour Managing Director, Honda New

The model range is 1.8S, 2.0S and Hybrid, with sport variants available for each.
Honda’s Price Promise commits to bringing transparent, reliable and consistent
pricing to the market and the Civic is no exception. Pricing is as follows:

            Civic Sports Sedan         Manual          Auto
            1.8S                      $26,000        $28,000
            1.8S Sport                $28,500        $30,500
            2.0S                                     $32,000
            2.0S Sport                               $34,500
            Hybrid                                   $33,800
            Hybrid Sport                             $36,300
Media Release                                               25 January 2006

The Civic has already received several international general and technical awards
in the short time since launch:
     'Best New Alternative Power' By Automobile Journalists Association of
     Civic Hybrid - Most Advanced Technology RJC Technology of the Year
     Car of the Year Japan Special Achievement Award – Most Advanced
       Technology Award;
     2006 North American Car of the Year
     2006 Motor Trend Car of the Year
     Good Design Award 2005 (Japan)
     'Top Safety Pick - Gold' Award, from the Insurance Institute for Highway
       Safety (USA)
     Japan Automobile Hall of Fame Car of the Year;

For Further information:
Graeme Meyer
Marketing Manager
Honda New Zealand
Phone 09 262 3131 / 0274 943165

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