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									       ESL Literature Connections to Other Disciplines
                               Lesson Plan Template Instructions
The Lesson Plan Template is a Microsoft Word document set up to help you develop
your lesson plans for this project by establishing a standard format for all of your lesson
plans. The template may be updated from time-to-time to better facilitate your needs, but
the current version will always be available on the Summit County ESC website

The template is designed using tables that automatically expand and contract as you type
into them. Type your information into the yellow shaded boxes next to (or below, in
some cases) each prompt. If a prompt is labeled “as needed,” it is considered optional,
and you do not have to enter anything in if you feel it is not needed or appropriate for
your lesson.

Potential ESL Draft Standards Addressed
Four slots are provided for you to enter in your domain and standards. If you don’t need
all four, you can highlight the unused rows, press Backspace, and choose “Delete Entire
Row.” If you require more rows, highlight a pair of rows (both the Domain and the
Standard rows) and choose Copy from the Edit Menu. Then go under the Table Menu and
choose Insert: Rows Below. This will add two new rows to your table, and automatically
highlight them for you. Now simply choose Paste from the Edit Menu, and you are ready
to go!

Support Handouts
If your lesson plan requires any support handouts (worksheets, graphic organizers, charts,
etc…), please add them in after the page break (there is a blank page at the end of the
template for your use). This will allow teachers to easily print a clean copy of your

There is a place in the Footer section of the template that asks you to enter in the book
title for your lesson plan. To do so, choose Header and Footer from the View Menu. Go
down to the footer section of page one, and replace the highlighted prompt with your
book title. When finished, click the Close button on the Header and Footer toolbar.

Saving Your Lesson
In order to keep your template safe and clean, you will want to perform a Save As before
you begin to type your lesson plan. When you are prompted to give your lesson a new
name, please use the following format: ESL_BookTitle.doc [The letters “ESL,”
underscore, the title of your book – with no spaces or punctuation marks, and the file
extension “.doc”]

Please email your lesson plans (as attachments) to Pat Clayton (patc@neonetda.org).

Summit County ESC http://cybersummit.org                                         December 2011

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