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					                                                                Name: ___________________
                                                                Social Studies
                                                                Class Period_______
Topic—Age of Exploration

                                Global Exploration
                                    Late 1400s
What is Global Exploration?         Europeans
                                    Exploring unknown regions of the world

What was a positive effect of       used ______________________ to make their ships go
the currents and winds?             Both good and bad effects
                                    Good—helped ships move faster
What was a negative effect of       Bad—blew ships off course
the currents and winds?

                                From Land to Sea
                                    Trade
                                    Marco Polo—_________________—connected China
Which explorer traveled the           to Turkey
Silk Road?
                                    Silk Road—allowed Europeans to buy spices, silks, and
                                      other Asian goods.
What was the Silk Road?
                                    Blocked by ______________________
                                    Italian merchants-
Why did the explorers have to
find a sea route?
                                      Find new way to Asia by water-_______________ took
                                       the lead in finding this new route
What country took the lead in
finding this new route?

                                Around Africa
Who opened a research center
to train sailors?                   ____________________-Portugal research center
                                    Sent sailors to map coast of Africa—discovered
What caused the Portuguese            sugarcane and began taking over land
empire to grow?                     Marked the start of the Portuguese empire
                                    Dias-

                                      da Gama-

                                Across the Atlantic
What country did Columbus           Columbus—sailed for _______________.
sail for?                           King Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain wanted to expand
                                       trade and spread the Christian religion
                                    Columbus took 3 ships---the Nina, the Pinta, and the
                                                                      Name: ___________________
                                                                      Social Studies
                                                                      Class Period_______
                                          Santa Maria
                                         Thought he landed _________________________but
Where did Columbus actually               it was actually the Americas---Spain had starting point
land?                                     for an empire
                                         Line of demarcation—between Spain & Portugal—
What was the line of                      Portugal wanted to protect its empire
demarcation and why was it               Spain –_____________ & Portugal--_____________
created?                                 Magellan—sailed for Spain--around the world

                                  Europe Expands
                                      England, France, and Netherlands begin exploring too
                                      Conquistadors from Spain claimed riches
                                      Countries began to build empires
                                      Spain:
What areas did Spain settle?
                                         Portugal:
What areas did Portugal
                                         England & France:
What areas did England and
France settle?

                                         Summary Sentences
        Global exploration by the Europeans began in the late 1400s. Currents and winds were
both helpful and harmful. The Silk Road couldn’t be used so explorers looked for water routes
to Asia. Portugal first sailed to Asia. Across the Atlantic, Spain and Portugal split the east and
western areas. England, France, and the Netherlands joined in the race for empires.

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