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  1       7 Ways to Build Trust in a Relationship        1
  2       Helping Teenage Girls                          3
  3       Is A Snake The Pet For You?                    5
  4       Insights into Dating Muslim Men                7
  5       Men Avoid Health Issues                        9
  6       Work From Home & Reap The Benefits             11
  7       What Do You Do When You Lose Your Job?         13
  8       50th Anniversary Gift                          15
  9       Perfect Makeover                               17
  10      The Secret of Success That You Need To Know    19

Article 1                 7 Ways to Build Trust in a Relationship

Do you know these 7 concrete ways to build trust in a relationship? Often, what really
make a relationship work are not the things we think of first. For instance, do you think
you always need to spice things up? Wrong! Predictability is more important than
variety in a relationship. The following seven methods are guaranteed to grow your
connection by improving the level of trust in a relationship.

First, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, you need to be predictable. This goes
against the common notion that you need to stir things up to keep the romance alive.
Sure, going to a new restaurant or giving a surprise gift can be nice, but most of all, we
need things to be consistent and steady in order to make our relationships work.
Consider that trust in a relationship is built on being reliable day in and day out.

Next, you need to make sure that your words always match the message. This means
that your partner needs to hear the words which match your body language. If you say
you are happy but you are frowning, your partner doesn’t hear your words, he or she
sees your face and the tone in your voice. Your partner needs to be able to trust what
you are saying. When the words match the message, you build trust in a relationship.

Third, you need to have a fundamental belief in your partner’s competency. If you don’t
you won’t have the trust in a relationship that you need. When lovingly communicated,
the truth is never destructive. When you do not believe that your partner is
competent at some things (or indeed, anything), you violate the trust in a relationship.

Don’t keep secrets. Secrets destroy the trust in a relationship. Be honest and open.
Assume everything you know will eventually come out. Secrets require enormous
energy on your part. That is energy that could be going into building the relationship.

Fifth, don’t be afraid to let your partner know what your needs are. Don’t make him or
her guess what you need. Let them know. It is okay to be self-cantered as long as you
are not selfish. Indeed, if you are reluctant to assert your needs, you may go
overboard in the opposite direction and smother your partner.

Sixth, learn to say no. When your partner voices his or her needs that is a good thing.
But you don’t need to say yes to everything. A partner cannot respect you if you never
say no. Refusing to be subjugated to the other persons will actually build trust in a

Finally, always pursue growth. When you plant a flower, you begin by digging in the
dirt. Digging in the dirt of our relationships can sometimes cause pain. But, through
that pain, we prepare the soil for future growth. Don’t be afraid of turmoil, crisis, or
questions. These become the fertilizer for growth and change. Embrace what is



 No      Word               Meaning                             Sentence

                  To state, tell about, in        “ He always comes up with the
 1    predictable advance, especially on the      same answer, I find him so
                  basis of special knowledge.     predictable.”

                  to cause something to
                  move slightly.                  “ She did not yet stir, but there
 2    stir                                        came into her face a slight inflection
                  to wake up or begin to          of confusion or perplexity.”

                                                  “ I know this to be reliable, because
                                                  I saw a man who said he had
 3    reliable    Worthy of reliance or trust
                                                  counted it many a time and could
                                                  not be mistaken.”

                                                  “ He paced up and down the room
                  showing displeasure or
 4    frowning                                    with frowning brow, inventing
                                                  measures & pondering over plans.”

                                                  “ Trust is the key factor in any
                  tending to destroy; causing
 5    destructive                                 relationship, but one mistake can
                  much damage
                                                  prove destructive.”

                  Having suitable or sufficient
                                                  “Competent authority draws up an
 6    competent   skill, knowledge,
                                                  in-service training plan for staff.”

                  to break upon; interrupt        “ He would violate his promises,
 7    violate
                  thoughtlessly; disturb          and that would so situate her.”

                                                  “ This corresponded in its
                  greatly exceeding the
 8    enormous                                    enormous size to the rest of the
                  common size, extent
                                                  vast city.”

                  marked by hesitation or         “ Whether I had shaken him,
 9    reluctant   slowness because of             disappointed him, or gained his
                  unwillingness                   reluctant approval I could not tell.”

                  introduce semen into (a         “ Without nitrogen fertilizers you or
 10 fertilizer
                  female)                         your children could starve.”

Article 2                         Helping Teenage Girls

They say it can be tough being a parent today and even tougher if you have a teenage
daughter. Kids now have the ability to travel easily, communicate almost at will and are
faced with very real dangers such as drugs. TV bulletins and newspapers tell us of
teens who been killed or badly injured in what seem like never-ending tragedies. So
how can parents are helped today? And how can teenage girls are helped today?

The first tip is to be observant. If your daughter is in trouble or in a situation where
she may get into trouble, there will most likely be signs. The way she speaks to you or
doesn't speak to you, the time she spends alone, the different friends she has or the
loss of the ones she once had are all possible indications something is wrong. The
key for you as the parent is to observe in a quiet way. Don't telegraph your punches.
Don't force your teen to become secretive or more secretive. Look out for changes in
her routines and behaviour and be ready to act if action is needed. Remember too that
it is unlikely your daughter, if she is in trouble, will do so in an obvious way. Be alert for
subtle changes in her attitude and behaviour.

Parents should never bury their head in the sand. If a parent thinks their daughter is
just going through a 'stage' in their life and will grow out of it, they could be in for a
rude awakening. As sad as it sounds, you must be prepared for the worst. Don't just
hope things will be okay. Make sure they are okay and to do that you have to be
vigilant. Develop a strong relationship with your teenage daughter. Tell her the facts
of life in such areas as drugs, sex and alcohol. Develop a trusting relationship. Enable
your teen to feel confident in coming to you to discuss any and all problems.
Remaining silent or making threats may backfire. Build a strong bond with your child.

Educate your daughter and yourself. Just because the media is flooded with pictures
of teenage girls being especially thin, that doesn't make such a body shape right. In
fact eating disorders in teenage girls is a serious and potentially dangerous problem.
Speak to your family doctor. Find out what is an acceptable weight for your daughter.
Talk to her about body image and how the most important characteristics are high
self-esteem and happiness within. One of the best approaches is to be positive and
proactive. Rather than threaten and warn your daughter, give her encouragement to
become involved in worthwhile activities. A sporting interest, the local drama club or
outdoor events like hiking or sailing are all possible activities for your teen. Push the
good rather than preach about the bad.

Career advice is another possibility. If your teen has an interest in a particular career
e.g. she may care deeply about animals, then you can point her towards voluntary
work in the field of her choice. It is a worthwhile activity and a solid foundation for a
possible future career. Be positive and don't stint on your love.

                                                                       Jenna Brooklyn


No       Word               Meaning                            Sentence

                                                  “ They laughed, but David knew that
                   Quick to notice or
 1   observant                                    the observant gambling farmer was
                   perceive; alert.
                                                  not talking at haphazard.”

                   Something that is
                                                  “ This had every indication of being
                   communicated by or to or
 2   indications                                  a threat, but Harry out of sheer
                   between people or
                                                  curiosity, did not interrupt. “

                   Informal telling force,
 3   punches                                      “ The boxer punches well.”
                   point, or vigour

                   So slight as to be difficult   “ An argument whose subtle point
 4   subtle
                   to detect or describe.         was lost on her opponent.”

                   dismiss from the mind;         " I tried to bury these unpleasant
 5   bury
                   stop remembering               memories. "

                                                  He remained vigilant until after
                   keenly alert to or heedful
 6   vigilant                                     Junia and Luzanne had started in a
                   of trouble or danger
                                                  cab for the railway- station.

                   come back to the
                                                  "Your comments may backfire and
 7   backfire      originator of an action
                                                  cause you a lot of trouble"
                   with an undesired effect

                   the holding a good
                                                  “ My self-esteem suffered when I
 8   self-esteem   opinion of one's self; self-
                                                  failed in exam.”

                                                  “ A minister must find it very hard
                   to advocate (moral
                                                  work to preach to hearers who do
 9   preach        principles, conduct, etc.)
                                                  not believe, or only half believe,
                   as right or advisable.
                                                  what he preaches.”

                                                  “Chaos as the beans returned and i
 10 stint          to bring to an end;            did the reading new library books
                                                  stint! ”

Article 3                   Is A Snake The Pet For You?

Pet snake care is not as simple as one might think. There are several things to
consider before purchasing a snake, including determining whether or not a snake is
right for you or your family. You must also bear in mind that snakes have certain
dietary needs, and they also require a special facility in which the environment can be
regularly heated. It is important that you do plenty of research so that you can prepare
yourself and your family for the responsibilities of pet snake care.

First it is good to know what type of snake you are buying to know what the best care
for the snake is. You wouldn’t want to purchase a snake without understanding such
things as snake skin shedding or eating live prey. There are many different types of
snakes and all of them require different care, including the heat and humidity in their
tank, their diet and the cage size. Doing your homework before buying a snake is
definitely recommended, as care responsibilities vary between breeds. For instance,
ball pythons may require different care than coral snakes. Once you know what type of
snake you want to buy it will be easier for you to take care of the snake.

Make sure that you set up the cage for the snake so that it resembles its natural
habitat. Many snakes prefer the hot weather but there are some snakes that prefer the
cold to the hot. You also have to take into consideration the aggressiveness of your
snake so that you can fit the cage around it, by doing this it will be easier to maintain
the cage and also to feed the snake.

Snakes are very primal in their nature, and there is no such thing as a fully
domesticated snake. That’s why it’s important that you only feed your snake the food
that it would naturally hunt in the wild. When faced with the option of live or pre-killed
prey, it is a matter that you will have to decide upon yourself. Some snakes simply will
not touch pre-killed prey, while others can learn to adapt to it. Feeding a snake live
prey is definitely something you should prepare yourself for in the event that your
snake refuses pre-killed prey. If you are able to use pre-killed prey, it is very important
that you preserve the food either usually in the refrigerator sealed away from your
family’s food.

You must also remember to keep your snake very well hydrated. You can achieve this
by leaving a small bowl of water in the cage so that the snake can drink when it wants
to. Also you have to keep a routine check on your snake to make sure that it does not
catch any illnesses or that it is injured in any way.



No       Word                 Meaning                              Sentence

 1   shedding       To cast off or let fall (hair,   “ A snake shedding its skin.”
                    feathers, skin, shell, etc.)
                    by natural process.

                    a hot condition of the           “ By the end of June there was no
 2   heat           atmosphere or physical           more doubt about the heat of the
                    environment                      town than about its odours”

                    the state of being humid;        “ It's not heat, it's the humidity
 3   humidity
                    dampness                         that tires me out.”

                    to change or alter,              “Because your needs vary so
 4   vary           appearance, character, or        much the offices also vary in size,
                    substance                        location and outlook.”

                    to possess some similarity       “ Now he really did resemble a
 5   resembles
                    to; be like                      broken old man.”

                                                     " Primal eras before appearance
 6   primal
                    Being first in time; original;   of life on earth".

                  To train or adapt (an              “Some men think it unmanly to be
 7   domesticated animal or plant) to live in a      domesticated; others find
                  human environment                  gratification in it."

                    To make suitable to or fit       "Adapt our native cuisine to the
 8   adapt          for a specific use or            available food resources of the
                    situation.                       new country."

                    to be unwilling to accept,
 9   refuses        consider, or receive             “Here fuses to talk about it.”
                    someone or something.

                    to fasten or close tightly by “ She was sealing envelopes. My
10 sealed
                    or by a seal:                 lips are sealed.”

Article 4                    Insights into Dating Muslim Men

Whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim, you might find yourself dating Muslim men.
Muslim men are worth great admiration because of their principled lives and great
faith. Women find men who are committed to their beliefs especially attractive. For this
reason, you will find many women who would love to have an opportunity to date
Muslim men. Some women actually fear that when dating Muslim men, they might not
match up to the high standards of Muslim men. However, there is nothing to fear.
Muslim men are peace loving people who are open to love women from all over.
Women are very lucky because the Muslim faith does not discriminate religions.

All women no matter which faith you are from can actually date and get married to a
Muslim man. Many Christian women are married to Muslim men and are leading very
happy lives. When you feel like you wish to date a man who is Muslim, you need to
take time and prepare yourself for this process. You need to learn some of the things
that a Muslim man might expect from you and how to tackle various issues that might
come up.

Dating Muslim men will require you to be a woman of substance. You need to be
straight forward and ready to settle in serious relationships. Muslim men strongly
believe in family; and family values. Therefore, when you enter into a relationship with
a Muslim man, you need to be prepared to nurture love that will last for a long time.
You need to be ready and open to the ways of Islam. This does not necessarily mean
that you convert and become Muslim but, it means that you have to learn to appreciate
the faith. This is vital because the children you will bear with the men when you get
married will belong to the Muslim faith.

This will not be hard for you because to date a Muslim man, it already shows that you
are interested in their ways and their attributes. Dating Muslim men is a respectable
affair where you do not beat about the bush. This does not mean that you will not
have fun but, there is a great level of seriousness to the issue. All women want all men
to be serious when it comes to the issue of dating.

While dating Muslim men, you have to show that you are a person who can be trusted
to be faithful. Faithfulness is very crucial and it is this degree of trust that will make a
committed relationship and even a marriage. There are many women who always
keep in mind one thing. A Muslim man is allowed to have up to 4 wives and this might
be a cause of worry for you. However, this is just a provision and there are many
modern Muslim men who are opting to have a single wife. In the secular scene, men
might not marry other wives but the issue of unfaithfulness is ever so high. Therefore,
in a way, the Islamic faith has found a good way to deal with the problem. If a man has
to have more than one woman, he can do it like a man, not a hypocrite.

              Love, Relationships and Dating Articles : Insights Into Dating Muslim Men
                                                                       Francis K. Githinji


No       Word             Meaning                           Sentence

                  The sense of wonder,        “ His first impression was one of
 1   admiration   delight, and pleased        admiration, but suspicion was
                  approval.                   quickly added.”

                  to regard as resulting
                                              “I attribute this to my prudence in
                  from a specified cause;
 2   attributes                               always dismounting on something
                  consider as caused by
                  something indicated

                  presenting or having        “ Here, I found various articles of use
 3   various      many different qualities    in a household, some of which were
                  or aspects                  new to me.”

                  that of which a thing       “ The details of his wild environment
 4   substance    consists; physical matter   seemed the only substance of a
                  or material:                strange dream.”

                  the act or process of
                                              " They debated whether nature or
 5   nurture      encourage, or
                                              nurture was more important. "

                                              “ His claim doesn't bear close
 6   bear         to hold up or support
                                              examination. “

                  having remarkable           “ The old look of activity was fading;
 7   vital        energy, liveliness, or      something vital had struck soul and
                  force of personality        body.”

                  to strike forcefully and
 8   beat                                     " He heard the beat of a drum"

                  to avoid coming to the
                  point; delay in             “ Stop beating around the bush and
 9   bush
                  approaching a subject       tell me what you want. “

                                              “Society tends to emphasize
                  not pertaining to or
10   secular                                  success, materialism, consumerism,
                  connected with religion
                                              is becoming thoroughly secular.”

Article 5                       Men Avoid Health Issues

For some peculiar reason, whenever I address a health issue and my male friends
are present, the discussion is quickly redirected to another subject as they try to avoid
the discussion. I recently encountered the same phenomenon and one of my friends
responded that men are feeling guilty of making mistakes when it comes to their
health. From forgetting to eat their daily fruit and veggies indulging in a hamburger of
French fries, to scheduling an appointment with the doctor only when the symptoms
they have been experiencing for weeks intensify, men feel guilty for not taking care of
their health and try to avoid any type of discussion that reminds them of that fact.

If you are familiar with the old story that men do not need to ask for street advice, as
they can always find their way, they also generally tend not to seek out help when it
comes to their health as they are always capable of surpassing the problem they
have been facing and heal themselves. In fact, statistics reveal that women worry
more about their health status than men do, and they take more preventative
measures to protect it.

After conducting my own focus group with some of my male friends, I discovered that
this is totally true. Most of them avoid going for their regular check-ups, especially
younger men, and decide to pay a visit to the doctor's office only when something is
broken, usually because a woman is present and insists that this is serious and should
not be left to chance. Then it is only logical that men have, on average, a shorter life
expectancy than women by six years.

But although this can be partly explained due to societal standards that portray men
to be strong and touch, this potentially life-threatening health negligence cannot be
justified. Enduring pain and being able to overcome any type of problem they face
does not seem as an adequate explanation for this type of problematic behaviour. The
truth is that men tend to view doctor's visits as uncomfortable and involving potentially
painful procedures and in general men are not capable of handling or enduring pain.
While women are biologically capable of handling the pains of a pregnancy they are
also more open to discuss health issues and educated themselves regarding the
threats associated with their health.

If one only considers the fact that the magazine's and website's focus is not on men's
health compared to the women's health issues discussed, it is only logical to conclude
that men's health does not seem to be a priority either for men or for society. It is not
that men do not get sick or are not experiencing signs of weakness from time to time; it
is rather that their social role does not permit them to look or express that weakness.

                                                                Men Avoid Health Issues
                                                                    Jonathon Hardcastle


No          Word              Meaning                      Sentence

                    Uncommon; unusual            “ There was something a little
 1   peculiar
                    character from others.       peculiar about her.”

                                                 “ The press has intensified its
                    To make more acute or
 2   intensify                                   scrutiny of the candidate's
                                                 background ”

                    To be disposed toward an     “ People tend to believe that
 3   tend           idea, emotion, way of        climate change will happen
                    thinking.                    years from now.”

                                                 “The awareness of the all-
                    in a surpassing manner;      surpassing importance of
 4   surpassing
                    extraordinarily              social groups is now general
                                                 property in US.”

                                                 “ Gaspard remembered David,
                                                 and he veiled his eyes lest the
 5   reveal         To bring to view; show.
                                                 hate he felt should reveal

                    remedy that prevents or
                                                 " The doctor recommended
 6   preventative   slows the course of an
                                                 several preventatives.”
                    illness or disease

                    To depict, or represent      " This flower portray a young
 7   portray
                    pictorially                  girl. "

                    The failure to exercise a    “ The accident was caused by
 8   negligence
                    reasonable degree of care.   the driver's negligence.”

                    Lasting, durable; long-      “ Their chance meeting was
 9   enduring       suffering; as, an enduring   the start of an enduring
                    disposition                  friendship.”

                    having the requisite         “ He felt what he could not
 10 adequate        qualities or resources to    reason upon or put into
                    meet a task                  adequate words.”

Article 6                Work From Home & Reap The Benefits

The harsh economic times have resulted in the loss of many jobs and many people
have found themselves on the unemployment line. Finding yourself having to start
from scratch can be a difficult task that leaves you feeling overwhelmed. However, for
those who have been making their living from their work from home endeavours have
not really felt this economic downturn. This is because their work does not depend on
reporting to an office and meeting targets or goals set by the company. Instead these
lucky people only answer to themselves and only need to meet the targets and goals
they set for themselves. This lucky lot has mastered the art of earning a living based
on individual terms and conditions. They are masters of their own destiny which is a
great and exhilarating feeling to have.

There are numerous benefits when you work from home. The independence and
freedom that comes from controlling the number of hours you work, where you work
and what time. Making a living from working from the comfort and ease of your home
could not be better. You get to decide the hours and time when you will work which
means you work when you are most productive. You will find that when you work at
your most productive time then you produce exceptionally good quality work unlike
when you work at your most unproductive time. Attitude and mood greatly affect your
productiveness and so when you have the right attitude and mood then you get your
work done having given the best effort. When you work from home you decide on your
schedule and so you don't end up neglecting other important things in your life such
as spending time with your friends and family. You will be able to drop your kids off at
school, attend all their games and recitals and pick them up every day.

Another advantage of when you work from home is that you get to pick a job that you
are good at. For example you could come up with an innovative and interesting
website that will attract many users. When you attract many users to your site then you
are able to start generating revenue. You could also earn money from your writing.
There are numerous clients that pay good money to those who write well.

You could also make money from home by taking part in research surveys and
questionnaires or get paid to give feedback on certain products, goods or services.
The choice and variety on different ways of making money while working from the
comfort of your home are endless. They all depend on your preferences and what you
think you would be good at and thus be able to make money from. You should take
advantage of this great innovative revolution that allows you to make money from the
comfort and convenience of your home. You can start any day and at any time work
from home and begin making money.

                                                           ArticlesBase SC #4171712
                                                                        Sergio Fenley


 No          Word              Meaning                         Sentence

                                                   “ I would like to have one man
                       grim or unpleasantly        come out flat-footed and say
 1    harsh
                       severe, stern, cruel        something harsh and disparaging
                                                   of me, even if it were true.”

                       To affect deeply in         “ A child overwhelmed with
 2    overwhelmed
                       mind or emotion             presents.”

                       to exert oneself to do      “ We must constantly
 3    endeavours
                       or effect something;        endeavours to succeed.”

                       strong feelings of
                                                   “ It’s an exhilarating helicopter
 4    exhilarating     excitement &

                       freedom from concern,       “ She was the garden of spring in
 5    ease             anxiety, or solicitude; a   which his old age roamed at ease
                       quiet state of mind         luxuriously.”

                       Deviating widely from       “ I think, it worked exceptionally
 6    exceptionally
                       a norm,                     well"

                       the quality of being        “ For some reason the question,
 7    productiveness   productive or having        put in this form, was
                       the power to produce        productiveness of results.”

                                                   “...wasting the energies of the
                                                   race by neglecting to develop the
                       to omit, through            intelligence of the members to
 8    neglecting       indifference or             whom it’s most precious
                       carelessness                resources must be entrusted,
                                                   already seems a childish

                       act of reading or           " He was forced to listen to a
 9    recitals         reciting in a public        recital of his many
                       performance.                shortcomings."

                       Consisting of or            “ The numerous lamps that hang
 10   numerous         comprising a great          before it are of gold and silver,
                       number of units or          and cost great sums.”

Article 7            What Do You Do When You Lose Your Job?

Losing a job, regardless of the reasons, can be an extremely stressful time for
anyone, especially if finances are tight. With the way things are going in the economy
and stock market these days, many employees, even those who have been with the
company a long time, are running the risk of losing their jobs. Companies are trying
very hard to stay in business; unfortunately, one of the many things they do to
accomplish this is to save money by having fewer salaries and wages to pay. They
can no longer keep on as many employees, so they lay some of their workforce off.

It can be frustrating, especially for someone who has been with a company for twenty
or so years, to be let go. As if the stress of losing the job wasn’t bad enough, other
worries start to enter the mind, such as where the money is going to come from to pay
the rent or mortgage, where the food will come from for the family and so on. It can
be, and is, a lot of weight for one, or even two people within the relationship, to handle.
Working through it can seem impossible and there only appears to be nothing but
difficulties ahead. Hope is lost, the desire to fight through their troubles is gone and
the individual falls into debt and mounting stress.

There is hope and there are ways of getting through this kind of difficulty, but it takes
one to stop, take a deep breath and look for help. It can help to talk to someone, to
help sort through the mess and chaos created by the loss of a stable situation. Many
people will immediately jump to the assumption that there is no help for them or their
families, and that the only option for them is to accept defeat with any consequences
that may come with it. The truth is that there is help out there for anyone who takes a
moment to look and ask for it, and it’s not necessarily by seeking help from a
counsellor or therapist in person. There are online counsellors who are available to
anyone who needs help.

Online counselling is available to anyone who can gain access to the internet and is
there so that more people can get the help they need. An online counsellor will work
with anyone who feels that the stress is becoming too much for them to deal with.
Many will shy away from going to therapy to find some help, or even to talk to
someone, because they feel too uncomfortable about it. Going through online therapy
can be easier because while the confidentiality still exists, the person can
communicate with an online therapist from the comfort of their own home. Whether it is
just to talk with someone, or to find someone to help them get through this hard time in
their life, an online therapist is available through chat rooms, chat forums and e-mail.

                                           What Do You Do When You Lose Your Job?
                                                                 By : Dr. Jennifer Baxt


 No     Vocabulary            Meaning                         Sentence

                     Without concern as to          “ I must make the decision
 1    regardless
                     advice, warning…               regardless.”

                     Money that is paid or          “ Suppose the workman and
                     received for work or           his family cannot live in any
 2    wages
                     services, as by the hour,      comfort on the wages he
                     day, or week.                  receives.”

                     Group of people willing to     “ The country's workforce is
 3    workforce
                     obey orders.                   growing rapidly.”

                     a conveyance of an             “The mortgage is still in our
                     interest as security for the   name but, increasingly, the
 4    mortgage
                     repayment of money             house is theirs. One diaper,
                     borrowed.                      one vote.”

                     to express wish to obtain;     “So she yielded to his desire
 5    desire
                     ask for; request:              without resistance.”

                                                    “And gradually, under her
                     Something that serves as
                                                    clear olive skin, he saw the
 6    mounting       a support, setting, or
                                                    crimson colour mounting

                                                    “ Then he went tearing
                     complete disorder; utter       around the house again
 7    chaos
                     confusion                      spreading chaos and
                                                    destruction in his path.”

                                                    “ On the assumption that he
                     The act of taking for
 8    assumption                                    has been injured we can infer
                     granted or supposing.
                                                    that he will not to play.”

                     to deprive of something        “ We will defeat the enemy
 9    defeat
                     expected:                      eventually.”

                     The effect, result, or         “ It is a substantial hope, and
 10   consequences   outcome of something           by consequence a real
                     occurring earlier.             strength to the enemy.”

Article 8                        50th Anniversary Gift

      Several months ago, I opened up my mailbox and sighed. Holding in my hand
was an invitation to my best friend's parents' 50th wedding anniversary party. I have
known my best friend and her family for almost 30 years, so I am very close to all of
them. There is no way I would miss such an important occasion, but yet, the idea of
shopping for a 50th anniversary gift didn't thrill me. I'm not a fan of shopping for
presents like that. This is a very special milestone for them; I knew that I couldn't just
get them a generic present. I gave my RSVP with absolutely not a clue what would be
appropriate 50th anniversary gift for such a wonderful couple.

I hit the mall in search of something unique. Other than the usual picture frames and
candles, I came up with nothing. I mean, what do you get as a 50th anniversary gift for
a couple who practically has everything? I didn't want to buy them a gift that you can
buy for anyone at any time. I wanted something meaningful and special. That was
easier said than done.

Finally, after some advice from co-workers, I came across a website that just thrilled
me. The site www.seniorstore.com had a huge selection of ideas that cater to 50th
anniversary gifts or any occasion presents for seniors. There were some really unique
presents that I put some serious thought into. There were beautiful poems, books
from the year of their marriage, photo albums, and even a gift basket with a collection
of items from the year of their marriage. To me, a personalized basket was such a
wonderful idea. It had some wonderful memorabilia in it and for only $100; it was the
perfect 50th anniversary gift! I was very proud for having found it.

The party was very emotional and tons of fun. They got some wonderful gifts, but I
was absolutely thrilled when their eyes lit up upon opening my gift basket. I knew that
that the gifts inside the basket would bring help them bring back some past memories
and possibly create some new ones as well. My best friend told me that she'd had a
really hard time trying to come up with a special 50th anniversary gift for them, and
was envious of the present I'd purchased. I told her about having found the site and
some of the other ideas that I'd gotten from looking over their offerings. All you need is
some creativity and not only can you find the perfect 50th anniversary gift, but you can
create some presents that will be appreciated for any occasion. My parents have a few
more years before their milestone, and I bet I know where I'll be purchasing their 50th
anniversary gift as well.

Happy shopping!

                                                                 50th Anniversary Gift
                                                                      By : Ethan Cole


 No         Word              Meaning                        Sentence

                     to take a deep audible      He sighed with relief when he
 1     sighed
                     breath                      saw that he passed the test.

                     a time at which             They marked the occasion with
 2     occasion
                     something happens           their families.

                                                 Circus performers still thrill
 3     thrill
                     sudden wave of emotion      audiences today.

                                                 a love of big things, big cars, big
                                                 meal sand seems to be a
 4     generic
                     being or having a non-      generic trait of the American
                     proprietary name            people.

                     To respond to an            They asked us to RSVP by this
 5     RSVP
                     invitation                  Friday.

                     Give what is desired or
                     needed, especially          The restaurant caters for
 6     cater
                     support, food or            parties.

                     the content of cognition;
                                                 I love the band, though their
 7     thought       the main thing you are
                                                 last album wasn't great.
                     thinking about

                     a record of things worth    Memorabilia are valued for a
 8     memorabilia
                     remembering                 connection to an event.

                     Full of, feeling, or
 9     envious                                   I'm envious of her talents.
                     expressing envy.

                                                 Electing a female president
 10    milestone     a significant event in      would be a milestone in our
                     your life                   history.

Article 9                       Perfect Makeover

Wigs play a very crucial role in relinquishing you with something very simple and
miraculous way to get that trendy look with undergoing any horrifying hair treatments.
Wigs are in usage since years but presently they are a rage.

Many times we heard some very weird views and thoughts about the tradition of
wearing wigs. It was usually thought that wigs are only meant for bald people .But
that's not true in current scenario. Today many people from different backgrounds
wear stylish and trendy wigs just to outshine in the crowd.

Wigs not only hide your original messy hair but also add an extra pinch of spice to
your aura if you carry it well and use quality products. Its definition of wearing them
just to escape the embarrassment of bald people has broadened up. Men and women
both loves to wear wigs of different styles and textures as they know it is not possible
for them to have a new and spectacular hair cut every new month and also they know
the damage and torture hair products and treatments bestow on their hairs.

Ladies often get conscious about their hair when they have to go out or attend any
personal or professional meeting. They often land in struggling with their hair and
disastrous results. At that point of time, wigs turn out to be very handy. Women can
use wigs of different colours and styles according to their wardrobe each time they are
getting ready for any occasion.

There are plethora of options available in the market like Custom Lace Wigs - Hair
Replacement Units, Virgin Cuticle , Bohyme ,High Grade Wefted Hair , Bulk Hair ,
Preglued Extensions , Extend Tube Extensions ,Skin Weft Seamless Extensions , Clip
On Extensions ,Synthetic Hair.

These days wigs are not that messy and uncomfortable to wear. Presently wigs are
created with much more care and soothing material that it would not let you feel like
you are wearing a wig. You can also bestow wigs crafted from the natural hair with
natural shades of colours. The advantage of using these is that there will be no chance
of looking artificial. But that does not mean that wigs created from synthetic material
are not worth. They are also building with the effort of attaining natural effect to lost

In the end we state that, if you want to get a beautiful and eye catching hair style, buy
a high quality wig and experience the confidence and attitude while you walk through
the crowd.

                                                           Wigs - For Perfect Makeover
                                                                               By : Arun
                              4403434.html#ixzz1GZje7VrK ArticlesBase SC #4264247


 No    Vocabulary               Meaning                          Sentence

                      of vital or critical        Teachers are crucial to the success
 1    crucial         importance                  of the school.

                      a verbal act of
                      renouncing a claim or       The court ordered him to
 2    relinquishing   right or position etc       relinquishing custody of his child.

                      performed by or
                      involving a supernatural    He made a miraculous recovery after
 3    miraculous      power or agency             the accident.

                      a fit of violent anger
                      (sometimes used in          a flight attendant attacked, the
 4    rage            combination):               unfortunate victim of air rage.

                      to straighten in means or
 5    pinch           circumstances:            a family pinched by the recession.

                      to become or make           The police have broadened the
 6    broadened       wider                       scope of the investigation.

                      the infliction of intense
 7    torture         pain                        Listening to him can be torture.

                                                  The bad weather could have a
                      attended by disaster        disastrous effect on the area's
 8    disastrous      ,horrible                   tourism industry

                      a bodily condition
                      characterized by an         a biology textbook that is helpfully
                      excess of blood, marked     illustrated with a plethora of excellent
 9    plethora        by turgescence              illustrations

                                                  The music had a soothing effect on
 10 soothing          having a sedative effect    the baby.

Article 10           The Secret of Success That You Need To Know

There are three kinds of people in the daily life. The first kind of people belongs to
those who will do something with a mind of playing. Those sorts of people will give up
when they confront any difficulties or problems. Another sort of people belongs to
those who give themselves a lot of pressures. When they confront troubles, they will
make an effort to conquer them until too much pressure overwhelm them. Those kinds
of individuals are too easy to breakdown. Those two kinds of people I mentioned
above don't belong to winners in daily life; as a result, they are not the goals of you.
We should try to be the next kind of people. I mean those who keep improving
themselves and are aware of the importance and significance of stability. They know
that no matter what happens, they should know how to control the processes of
events. They are aware of the methods and manners of dealing with emergencies.
They know how to make the worst plan when terrible things happened.

So, what is the secret that you are supposed to know if you want to get wealth and

First of all, I would like to tell you a small story. The Dodger Team in America is well
known around the world. Once upon a time, the old baseball players had a party
together. A journalist wanted to ask those old team members several questions to
know the secret of success. To her surprise, all of them mentioned "teamwork" a lot of
times when they talked about their teams.

Yes, maybe you already got the secret of success. Right! It is team work!

If you want to be succeeding, you should guarantee that there is at least one team
during your daily work. You can contribute your energy, enthusiasm and intelligence
to this team so that you can gain the maximum benefits. If you are lack of such kind of
team, you won't make big fortune in your lifetime since the power and strength of one
person is fairly limited. Besides, you can't enjoy the achievement of working together
and the happiness of team work. Furthermore, members of the team can come up with
plenty of nice and wonderful opinions so that all of you can make an effort to handle
tough questions together. Only through working together can you give full play of your
abilities and competence. Devoting your vigour to your team can make each member
of the team work in the maximum efficiency and bring into play of their potentials.

As a result, don't hesitate to build up a new team for yourself if you are eager to get
wealth and success and wish to have a big enterprise in the near future. You will enjoy
the fun and happiness through team work, I promise.

                                          The Secret of Success That You Need To Know
                                                                            Linda Ding


No       Word                  Meaning                             Sentence

                                                      “The defendant was confronted
 1    confront       To bring face to face with.      with incontrovertible evidence of

                                                      "The fullest significance of this
                     A meaning that is
 2    significance                                    incident had not yet come home to

                     Method or manner of              "The expression employed by
 3    dealing        conduct in relation to           Ruskin gives the idea that he is
                     others.                          dealing with a defect.”

                                                      “He also realized what terrible
                     Poor quality; unpleasant or
 4    terrible                                        anxiety his absence would cause
                                                      his mother.”

                     To give or to a common           “ I'm happy to contribute to this
 5    contribute
                     supply.                          kind of project.”
                     Great excitement for or
                                                      “ Hunting is his latest
 6    enthusiasm     interest in a subject or
                                                      "There is a serious lack of insight
 7    lack           to be without or deficient in.
                                                      into problem."

                                                      “ The economic recovery has given
 8    vigour         Energetic activity, intensity.
                                                      the country a new vigour.”

                                                      “Alison paused involuntarily, and
 9    hesitate       To speak haltingly; falter.      saw him start &hesitate as his
                                                      clear, direct gaze met her own. ”
                     Having or showing keen
                                                      “ He was eager to see her
 10   eager          interest, intense desire, or
                     impatient expectancy.


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