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                                         Product Name

Why Crocs ?

Crocodiles are tough and strong, with no natural predators,
and are as comfortable on land as they are in the water. With
this in mind, then the shoe company's owners thought Crocs
was a pretty apt title for such an amazing bit of footwear.

                                                                            Product Name


It all started in July 2002, in Boulder , Colorado when George Boedecker, Scott Seamans and Duke
Hanson decided to market an unusual shoe developed and manufactured by Foam Creations, Inc.

Originally intended as a boating/outdoor shoe because of its slip-resistant, non-marking sole,
Crocs™ introduced it’s first Beach Model in November 2002 at the Florida Boat Show and sold out
in two days. From there, popularity mushroomed. Sales poured in. By 2003 Crocs had become a
bona-fide phenomenon, universally accepted as an all purpose shoe for comfort and fashion.

From 2003-2004 Crocs focused on accommodating our remarkable growth while maintaining
control. We expanded our product line, added a warehouse and a shipping operation for speedy
assembly and delivery, hired a senior management team and acquired Foam Creations. Today,
Crocs are available all over the world and on the internet as we continue to significantly expand
all aspects of our business.

                                                                     Product Analysis

What are they made of ?
Crocs are made of PCCR, a closed-cell material that virtually eliminates odour. No-one will clear
a room with smelly feet if they are wearing a pair of Crocs. The material also discourages
sweating, making Crocs even more comfortable.

                                                Sizing Info - should not fit               like
                                                other shoes.

                                                They should fit very loosely. The sides foots
                                                should not really touch the sides of the shoe.
                                                Toes should never make contact with the front
                                                of the shoe.

                                                You should have about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of space
                                                in front of your toes, behind your heel and when
                                                you lift the strap you should be able to
                                                comfortably get your finger between the strap
                                                and heel. In other words the fit should be “loose”.

CROCS are made of a proprietary closed-cell resin called Croslite™, which warms and softens with
body heat and molds to the foot of its user. Croslite is the anti-microbial, odor-resistant and
lightweight material that makes CROCS brand products truly unique. CROCS are designed with a
built in arch support, circulation nubs, and a European style orthotic heel cup to support and
protect the heel, with a tarsal bar to position your feet for ultimate foot comfort and health. The
ergonomic design of CROCS shoes allows for maximum comfort while the variety of available
colours and styles ensure that there is a pair for everyone and every need.

CROCS are ideal for people who are on their feet all day. There is nothing in the market that is
softer or more comfortable. At just 180 grammes, you will hardly feel it is there. The air vents
keep your feet cool and odour-free, which is very important in hot humid weather. Maintenance is
also easy and you can just sterilise it in bleach and water.

                                                               Product Analysis

    keep shoe on your foot

                                                             TOE BOX
                                                             cooling & comfort

      foot base
                                                                 AIR, SAND & WATER
                                                                 filter through shoe


                                                      ORTHODIC HEEL CUP
                                                      support & protects heel

                                                                           ARCH SUPPORT
                                                                           is support in

                             CIRCULATION NUBS
                             stimulates circulation

                                                                 NON MARKING           filter
                                                                 through shoe

                                                                       Target Audience


In marketing and advertising, a target audience, or target group is the primary group of people
that something, usually an advertising campaign, is aimed at appealing to. A target audience can
be people of a certain age group, gender, or marital status. A certain combination, like men from
20 to 30 is often a target audience. Other groups, although not the main focus, may also be
interested. Discovering the appropriate target market to market a product or service to is one of
the most important stages involved with market research. Without knowing the target audience,
a company's advertising and the selling efforts can become difficult and very expensive.

                                                 The versatility of CROCS was the key to its
                                                 widespread appeal across all age groups.The
                                                 young can wear these ultra-hip Italian-styled
                                                 shoes to the mall where it is cool to be seen in
                                                 or to the beach where water and sand pass
                                                 through easily. Men can slip a pair on for
                                                 anything from gardening and hiking to fishing
                                                 and water sports. Pregnant ladies, children and
                                                 the elderly or less mobile will enjoy its
                                                 lightness and safety of its non-slip and non-
                                                 marking soles

                   Target Audience

Kids             Teens

Pregnant Women     Students

                                                   Target Audience

                             for happy family : crocs makes your
                             family become more happy & cheerfull.

For nurse : Designed with            For boater : Sand slips off the shoe
a molded foot bed to be              but the shoe won’t slip off the boat.
comfortable for their long           The slip resistant non-marking sole of
shifts.                              all the Crocs models is why they were
                                     originally designed for boating.

                               Target Audience

For travelers : No matter where in the world you
are, you will look and feel good with styling. Molded
for comfort and full support, Crocs are slip resistant,
bacteria resistant and odor resistant so you won’t
fall down or smell bad in foreign country.

  For stylos : Whether they want something
  comfortable and fashionable for work or play,
  they can’t go wrong with Crocs.

  For sports : Golffers also suitable to wear Crocs
  during their practices or games.


We target to introduced and sell the crocs around the world :

        ASIA               Singapore , Malaysia , India , China , Indonesia , Brunei or Taiwan.

       AFRICA              South Africa , Tanzania , Namibia , Kenya , Uganda or Cameroon.

     AUSTRALIA             Australia , Tasmania , or New Zealand

  NORTH AMERICA            USA , Canada , Greenland or Mexico.

      EUROPE               United Kingdom , Norway , France , Spain , Italy , Poland or Ireland.

  SOUTH AMERICA            Argentina , Brasil , Venezuela , Paraguay , Colombia or Chile.


   Shopping Malls

   Tourist Spots

   Big cities


Fake Crocs
It happens all the time, as soon as a
product becomes big enough in the
market, the counterfeiters make copies.
Crocs is now one of the most "copied"
footwear brand in the market. With more
than 6 million pairs sold worldwide in
2006. Crocs can now be considered a
global success. Now, Crocs are being
copied with counterfeiters releasing even
more designs than the original brand,
producing shoe charms using characters
without proper license or authorization
from copyright holders.

Flip-Flops by Havaianas
The addictive nature of these flip flops is
largely due to a 47-year old secret rubber
formula, which makes them butter-soft,
bouncy, flexible and durable. Havaianas is
perfect companion competitor. Whether
it’s hitting the beach, going off for a
holiday, shopping at the mall, or simply
going dinner. These comfortable sole
saviors have been paired with flirty skirts,
tailored shirts and jeans.


                                       Reef has always blended the cool and casual attitude
                                       sandals with a commitment to nurturing the lifestyle
                                       that follows. At the core of the Reef brand are
                                       authentic, surf inspired designed products that have
                                       been worn by millions of Reefers around the world.

The Bata brand in Malaysia has come a long way.
Today, Bata is the leading footwear manufacturer
and marketer in Malaysia. Comfort will be an
important feature in design and assembly of all the
comfit shoes. Many of the Desirable and
characteristics such as double stitching, molded and
massage insole, latex foam insole, soft textile or
cambrelle lining will be used to emphasize the brand
image of both comfort and style.

                                           Scholl has been looking after feet for over 100 years,
                                           ever since the company's founder, made it his life-
                                           long mission to improve the health, comfort and
                                           well-being of people through their feet.

                                           This dedication remains as strong as ever and, with
                                           the advent of our innovations and new technologies,
                                           they are able to provide an ever growing range of
                                           footwear and foot care solutions.


Shopping Malls   Beaches

   Shoplots      Hot Spots

  Phamarcy       Airports



Schools, colleges or universities

                            Idea’s Description

Color Transformable Shoes
One couple of shoes have two or three different cover
with different color (such like mobile phone wrapper,
which can be changed.)

Crocs With Heel
the girls will love it

Rock Climb Crocs Design
Is it possible to design a Crocs that can be used for Rock

Mixed Up The Colours for Men
make crocs with every color for suitable for men.

                            Idea’s Description

School Shoes
design a completely white shoes for school children to
wear to school. No more washing & drying time required

Crocs Skates
crocs could make some roller skates for kids and teens. So
they could have soft shoes with roller skates.

Combine With Other Brands
coorperate with other brands like Nike, Converse or
Timberland and made a new design.

Green The Crocs
it would be nice that crocs can be recycle and makes crocs
go green and help the earth by doing it


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