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All About Me Sample


									All About

  By: Crystal Davis
 Hello, my name is Rashad Davis. My friends and family often
   call me Deep. It is a name I gave myself a long time ago.
 Chronologically I am twenty years old, but functionally I am
                   closer to two and a half.
I hope this booklet will help you get to know me better so that
  we can become friends. I also have some very special needs
 that I need to share with you. If you have any questions while
  reading my book or after you have finished it, please see my
            mom. She does all of the talking for me!
                      Special Needs
Let’s start with my medical diagnoses. I have Down syndrome,
autism, Hirshsprung’s Disease, esophageal dismotility, and an
    ASD heart defect with a 3/6 systolic murmur. Since my
esophagus has no waves, I must only eat baby food to prevent
 choking. I can only have stage one or two because they have
   no small pieces. I can only eat a small amount for pleasure
     because I have a small bleed in my esophagus. For my
nutritional needs I am fed through my G-J tube. My nutritional
supplement is Ensure plus. My mom attaches the connector to
    the J-port in order for me to receive my Ensure into my
intestines. Feeding me through my G-port causes me to throw
   up blood so we like to avoid doing this. I have a nifty little
  backpack that I wear on my back. Inside of my backpack are
my feeding pump and the bag containing my Ensure. My mom
likes to keep some wet ones for my mouth, a chap stick, tape,
   and a spare pull up in here also. She likes to be prepared.

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