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									Battle of Coral Sea
Battle of Midway
The Battle of Coral Sea
• Took Place on May    • The Battle of Coral
  7th and 8th, 1942      Sea resulted from
• Was SW of the          Japanese forces
  Solomon Islands        trying to capture
  and E of New           Fort Moresby on
  Guinea                 New Guinea’s E
• It was the first       coast, which would
  Pacific War battle     threaten
  of 6 battles           Australia’s safety
  between opposing       also.
Japanese Operations at
the Battle of Coral Sea
• The operation       • The battle was
  had 2 seaborne        fought entirely
  invasion forces       by planes
  • The main force      • Reason why:
    was aimed at          Neither ship saw
    Fort Moresby          each other to
  • The smaller was       fire upon the
    aimed at Tulagi       other
The Battle Consisted of:

• U.S.:                • Japan:
  • Flight carriers:     • Flight carriers:
    U.S.S Yorktown         Shokaku and
    and U.S.S              Zuikaku led by
    Lexington led by       Admiral Takagi
    Admiral Fletcher     • 121 planes
  • 122 planes           • NO Radar
  • Radar
•   Why did Japan go for a        •   Who did Japan attack and
    Pacific War?                      what did they do?
     • They wanted to retrieve         • They attacked the major
       resources to be able to           power centers: Peral
       invade China                      Harbor, Guam, Wake
                                         outposts, Philippines and
                                         Malaya, knocked Britain
                                         away, and invaded SE
                                         Asia to end China’s
                                         resource supply
•   Why was this bad for the
     • If Japan captured the
       Philippines for their
       resources, they wouldn’t
       need the western nations
       anymore. This would hurt
       the American economy.
More Info on the Battle
of Coral Sea
•   Why was the U.S.S Yorktown     •   There was no clear
    and the U.S.S Lexington not        winner in the Battle of
    at Pearl Harbor?                   Coral Sea, but it was
     • They were ordered out to        considered a tactical
        sea to protect Port            victory for Japan because
        Moresby.                       the U.S.S Lexington had
•   The U.S.S Yorktown was first       been lost.
    to attack in the battle and
    seriously damaged one of       •   Damage was suffered and
    Japan’s destroyers and 3 of        experience was gained by
    their minesweepers.                both opposing sides.
•   Why was the Battle of Coral
    Sea considered a turning
                                   •   This battle set the stage
                                       for the Battle of Midway a
     • It was the first aircraft       month later.
        carrier war.
Losses of the Battle of
Coral Sea
• U.S.:                        • Japan:
  •   1 aircraft carrier         • 1 light aircraft
  •   1 destroyer                  carrier
  •   1 valuable fleet oiler     • 1 destroyer
  •   Damage to the              • Some smaller ships
      second carrier             • Shokaku was
                                   damaged badly due
                                   to bombs
                                 • The Zuikaku air
                                   group was badly
                                 • Forced to cancel the
                                   Moresby invasion
The Battle of Midway
•   It was fought over and
    near the tiny U.S. mid-
                              • Why did Japan
    Pacific base at Midway      want to attack
                                • They wanted to
• Now the U.S. and Japan          draw the U.S.
  were considered to be           Navy out to the
  tactically equal
                                  Pacific to
                                  destroy their
                                  aircraft carrier
Midway Information
•   Was the attack on           •   Admiral Fletcher destroyed 3
    Midway unexpected?              of 4 Japanese big aircraft
     • No, the U.S. decoded a
       Japanese warning and
                                •   The surviving planes
       Admiral Fletcher sent
                                    attacked and damaged the
       an ambush to Midway          U.S.S Yorktown.
       while the Japanese
       were rearming.
                                •   The Yorktown’s second
                                    strike sent down the
                                    remaining aircraft carrier.

                                •   Then, a Japanese submarine
                                    sank the U.S.S Yorktown.
•   The Pacific Fleet Commanders:
     • U.S.:
         • Admiral Chester W. Nimitz
     • Japan:
         • Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
•   The Battle of Midway represented the strategic high
    water mark of Japan’s Pacific ocean war.
•   Before this battle, Japan had been the superior in sea
    battles. Afterwards, the U.S. and Japan became equal in
    sea battles.
•   After the battle, Midway base had only small damage and
    was still operational
•   The U.S. was considered the winner, but by intelligence
    and sheer luck only
Battle of Midway
•    U.S.:                        •   Japan:
      • Aircraft carriers:             • Aircraft carriers:
        Yorktown and                     Akagi, Kaga, Suryu,
        Hammann                          Hiryu, and the big
      • 144 planes                       carrier Mikuma
      • 104 pilots and air crew        • 250 planes
      • 258 sailors                    • 110 pilots and air crew
                                       • 3,000 sailors

    Midway base lost
    approximately 70 pilots and
    air crew
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