MOKE Evaluation Equipment F G ti M For new Generation Memory

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					 MOKE Evaluation Equipment
 For      G       ti M
 F new Generation Memory
Conventional vs. New Instrument
              New generation
                    in fashion
             memory i f hi
• Discrete track memory (Disk)
• Patterned (Disk))
• Thermal (microwave) assisted magnetic
  recording (Disk)
• Spin injection memory (MRAM)
  – Fine line memory, Dot memory
  – Racetrack memory
• Ferromagnetic semiconductor memory
               NEOARK Corporation
  Discrete track media, Patterned media. Thermal
     ( c o a e) assisted ag et c e o y
     (microwave) ass sted magnetic memory
• Conventional Model
             l ti       i     t BH-810CPC-SD3
  – PMR evaluating equipment BH 810CPC SD3
  – Full media SUL evaluating equipment BH-618HS-P202
  – UV spectroscopic Polar MOKE measuring equipment
  – Thermal Agitation evaluating equipment BH-810PL
  – Filed Angle Dependence evaluation equipment
• New Model under development
  – Polar µ MOKE equipments (Field more than 1.5T);
    Magnetic property evaluation at local area
  – High Field Polar MOKE equipments (field more than 3-
    5T); for R&D of high Ku material
  – High f                   O
          field pulse Polar MOKE Loop detecting equipments
                  NEOARK Corporation
          Spin Injection Memory (MRAM)

• Conventional Model
  – Polar High Field Micro MOKE equipments BH-P920V
    In-plane hi h fi ld Mi
  –I l                                i    t BH-L920V
             high field Micro MOKE equipments BH L920V
  – Polar MOKE equipments for Wafer BH-810CPC-WF8
  New M d l under d
• N                 l
      Model d development
  – High speed time resolution µ MOKE equipments
  – Equipment for probe mountable measurement

                   NEOARK Corporation
          Spin RAM MRAM
• Conventional Model
  – SMOKE measuring equipment
    BH-S620 BH-620LP
    BH S620 BH 620LP
  – SMOKE for Wafer evaluations BH-918DM-HM
• New Model under production
      g p                                q p
  – High speed time resolution µ MOKE equipments
  – High sensitivity in-plane MOKE detecting
    equipment for TMR film
     q p
  – Ditto, but for Wafer measurement
  – Equipment for probe mountable measurement
                 NEOARK Corporation
       semiconductor memory
• Conventional Model
  – Domain observation device (MOKE Microscope)
    under ultra low temperature environment
    BH 7850CS TD
• New Model under development
  – High speed time resolution MOKE Microscope
  – High speed time resolution µ MOKE equipments

                 NEOARK Corporation
            Development theme for
          each field under processing
•                                  track patterned
    For measurement under discrete track, patterned, thermal assisted
    –   Combination of 2T or more field magnet and µ MOKE instrument
    –   High speed and high field pulse field generation technique
    –   High speed MOKE loop detection technique
    –   Combination of super conductive magnet and MOKE instrument
•   For measurement under spin injection type memory (MRAM);
    – Cost saving for high speed time resolution Kerr equipment
         • Production method of high speed pulse laser
         • Production method of high speed p
                                  g p            generator, high speed delay circuit
                                           pulse g            g p          y
•   For spin RAM MRAM measurement;
    – TMR film magnetization process detecting technology for big diameter
•   For ferromagnetic semiconductor evaluation;
    – Magnetization process detecting technology under thermal variation
    – Time resolution domain observation technology
                             NEOARK Corporation

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