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Thermodynamics Project (DOC)

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					Thermodynamics Project - Heat Engine

Purpose: To discover how a particular type of heat engine works and describe it on a poster.


     1. Do your own work, this is an individual project.
     2. Research the type of particular heat engine you have been assigned.
     3. Produce a simplified drawing of the heat engine on a poster board and clearly describe each
        step the heat engine goes through to produce or reduce heat.

Neatness counts - Items to consider and include:

         You poster should be 22” by 14” – this is half a normal poster board you can buy.
         Use complete sentences. Print your words, using straight lines.
         Use the entire poster to illustrate and explain your heat engine. In other words, plan out your
          poster before you begin drawing or writing.
         Use different colors to illustrate and describe each step.
         The printing on the poster should be by your own hand – not cut and pasted.
         With each step be sure to include the type of process it is (e.g. isothermal, adiabatic, etc.)
         At the bottom left corner of the poster, list your references.
         At the bottom right corner of the poster, include your name and class period.

Due date: February 21st (A days) and February 22nd (B days)

This project will count as a test grade.

The best posters will be displayed in the hallway

Grading Rubric:

Area (points)           20 points             15 points              10 points               5 point                0 points
Content (20)            Everything that is    One critical item is   Two or three critical   Four or more           Can’t distinguish it
                        supposed to be        missing                items are missing       critical items are     from a Social
                        included is present                                                  missing                Studies project
Accuracy (20)           Everything on the     Something on the       Two or three items      Four or more items     Could be
                        poster is accurate    poster is inaccurate   are inaccurate          are inaccurate         considered a work
                                                                                                                    of fiction
Neatness/Grammar (20)   Wow! An eye           Very neat and easy     A few minor goof        Could have been a      A very sad effort.
                        catching knockout     to read and            ups, but otherwise      lot better with a      Looks like your
                        poster. Perfect       understand.            readable and            little more time and   little brother did it
                        grammar.              No grammar errors.     understandable          effort                 while eating Cocoa
On Time (20)            Ready to turn in at   Handed in after        One day late            More than one day      Teacher never saw
                        beginning of class    class on the due                               late                   it – only heard
                                              date                                                                  rumors that it
References/Name (20)    All included as       Included but in        Missing something       Totally forgot to      Obviously made
                        requested and in      wrong format or        vital – like your       add references         the whole thing up
                        the right place       location               name                                           and turned it in
Types of Heat Engines or engines using thermodynamic principles

   1. Heat Pump to create heat
   2. Heat pump to create cooling
   3. Refrigerator
   4. Stirling engine (one cylinder)
   5. Stirling engine (two cylinders)
   6. Diesel Engine
   7. Gasoline engine
   8. Steam Engine

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