Why You Should Blog?

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					Why You Should Blog??
Many people are getting into blogging for several reasons. You might have heard
it somewhere
recently but it
actually started more
than a decade ago
from its mother, the
online diary. Back
then, these kinds
of diaries are used by
people to record and
share accounts of
their personal lives.
Although blogging
still uses that same
concept, it has now
evolved into several
categories and usage.

Nowadays, blogging is synonymous to online marketing.
Bloggers not only publish contents reflecting
their moods for the day or sharing what they
have done for the past few weeks but also
advertise and create a sturdy communication
with their audience. More so, through the use
of blogging, people are now able to find an
alternative in making money. Blogging is an
excellent opportunity for generating income.
The Blog

Before you even start to create you own blog. It is necessary to know what blog
really is. The term blog
is actually derived from the word
Weblog or Web log. Back in the
days, around the late 1990’s, these
Web logs are utilized by users to
track updates and references to
other resources online. They served
as journals, which made them useful
as a publishing tool for the user’s
stream of consciousness. Of course,
the readers can still comment and
share their thoughts on just about
anything under the sun.

Technically, blogs are also known as CMS or Content
Management Systems. Being a CMS, blogs allow the
writers to easily publish to a specific Web site and
manage the content without the need of having to deal
with the program code. Publishing software also
provides users with a GUI or Graphical User Interface
for easy pointing and clicking of their articles.
Through the use of easy-to-do procedures, you can
perform configuration and set up, which can ease your
job as a blogger since the tool can automatically
organize your published articles the next time you
The Advantage of Blogging

The main question is why should you start blogging?
The first thing you
need to know is
that blogging can
enhance and
support your
However, you
must first
understand the
outcome of your
blog that you
desire in order to
attain success.
main reason why
you should start
blogging, is that it
can be both an excellent outlet for your frustrations
or excitement and profitable at the same time.

It does not mean that if you are not into blogging,
you should not blog. Being in a business, especially
those with dealings on the Internet, requires you to
establish a clientele that are actually interested
with your services. Blogs can do this easily due to
its accessibility and being an excellent medium for
marketing that it is, blogs are essential for
More so, if you are handling a business, there is good
chance that your
competition is
blogging about
their products
and services. This
is an easy method
for you to
examine the
competition and
what their clients’
preferences are.
Additionally, blogs
can create strong
since your target
market can
easily and directly communicate with the authority
within your business.

This kind of opportunity is hard to resist since a
strong customer relationship can eventually lead to
lasting trust to your product and services; hence,
eventual increase in your revenue.
Writing and Publishing Your First Blog Entry

The content of your blog is an important factor in
gaining traffic and acquiring a target audience.
Publishing your first article or item is a great
milestone in your blogging career. Fortunately, there
are several basic guidelines, which can make your
content more effective to your audience, adored by the
search engines and respected by the world of blogging.

Publishing an Effective Content
Before you begin to write anything on your blog, you
should know who your target audience is and what they
want. If you see these factors as irrelevant for your
blog because your blog is not business oriented in any
way, you must remember that if you want readers then
these factors are really relevant.

Always remember that where there are readers there is
something interesting to read. The only reason why
people read is because they want something. If you
really want to achieve some kind of massive
readership, you must strive to make your content
interesting and actually what readers want.

First of all, keep in mind that communication is the
key. More so, your communication must be authentic.
The time when you publish your content is also the
time when you let your true self surface. Blogs are
personal in nature and communication is the key to
being personal. The fact that each blog is unique
because each writer is unique is enough for you to not
to worry about future similarities with other blog
entries. Keep in mind that whatever topic you are
blogging about you must incorporate your personality
with your writing.

In order to create a loyal target audience, it is
important for the visitors to trust you and relate to
you. It does not necessarily entail that they know
about your personal details but you must connect with
your audience in an authentic manner.

After establishing your communication with your
audience, the content must also be credible. The blog
must have authenticity even though credibility takes a
lot of time to build.

The moment you begin publishing your content, which is
of high value and useful to the readers, you also
start establishing your authority. There will come a
time when your readers ask you for advice or seek for
your opinion; this is the time when you have achieved
some kind of credibility and you must use this to
build your reputation as a blogger.

The Blogger’s Block
Blogging is writing but uses a different medium. There
are several methods to fight blogger’s block. Always
remember that your blog software exists to serve you
and not to frighten you. You do not have to try
blogging carrying the idea that you have prolific
writing skills, or a journalism degree. The fact is
that you have something to say and you want others to
hear it. However, if you are feeling stuck on an idea,
there are several suggestions that you can apply when
creating the content for your blog.

Firstly, you can try visiting other blogs. Visit those
blogs that interest you and pick ideas and topics from
those blogs that might be worth blogging about but
keep in mind the relevance of the topic and your
readership. You can also syndicate your news updates.
You can do this by subscribing to news services online
because they allow you to save time on searching using
keywords. This is most useful for bloggers.

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