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                                 CONNECTIONS                              AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE


                                                                                                                               WHY GIVE BACK?
                                                                                                                               Ashford invites you to give back to
                                                                                                                               your community.

                                                                                                                               GRADUATION CEREMONIES
                                                                                                                               Graduates came in October and December
                                                                                                                               for commencement ceremonies.

                                                                                                                               ASHFORD EDUCATORS
                                                                                                                               Brian Burmeister, Dannae Sewell, and
                                                                                                                               Matt Bambrick give through teaching.

ISSUE 02                                                                                                                                                SPRING 2011

       Harlem Globetrotter
       “Special K” Daley
       In addition to being a Harlem Globetrotter,
       Kevin Daley is a novelist and motivational
       speaker who says his personal mission
       is to motivate and inspire those
       around him.

                                                                                                Photos used with permission by Harlem Globetrotters International, Inc.

10 Ashford Alumni                                      13 Women’s Soccer                            17 Keep in Touch
     Give Back                                           The Saints earned a spot at the NAIA                Keep in touch through social media and
                                                         National Tournament.                                student and alumni networking events.
     Chad Roche (above) contributes to his community
     through public service. Fellow alumni Rosie
     Holden and Earle Rock contribute to their
     communities through education and art.

                                                                                                                                    ISSUE 02
                                                                                                                                   SPRING 2011

                                                04       WHY GIVE BACK?                                    12         CAMPUS NEWS
                                                         Studies show there is a correlation                          Ashford’s Women’s Soccer Team went
                                                         between higher education and community                       to the NAIA National Tournament, and
                                                         participation.                                               Ashford purchased a new residence hall.

                                                06       ALUMNI FEATURE:                                   14         ASHFORD EDUCATORS
                                                                                                                      Brian Burmeister, Dannae Sewell,
                                                         KEVIN “SPECIAL K” DALEY                                      and Matt Bambrick contribute to their
                                                         Harlem Globetrotter, novelist, and
                                                                                                                      communities through education.
                                                         motivational speaker Kevin Daley strives to
                                                         motivate and inspire.
                                                                                                           16         KEEP IN TOUCH
                                                                                                                      Ashford is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,
                                                08       GRADUATION CEREMONIES
                                                         Over 580 students graduated at the
                                                                                                                      and LinkedIn, and hosts networking events
    Be True to Your                                      October and December 2010 ceremonies.
                                                                                                                      for students and alumni around the country.

    School in New                                                                                                     ATHLETICS HALL OF FAME
    Saints Gear!!                               10       ASHFORD ALUMNI                                    18         The Hall of Fame has been inducting
                                                         GIVE BACK                                                    members since 1972.
                                                         Rosie Holden, Earle Rock, and Chad
    Sweatshirts                                          Roche give back through education, art,                      PROGRAM LIST
    T-Shirts                                             and public service.                               19
    Including Alumni and
    Athletic Merchandise                        Ashford Connections is published semi-annually by Alumni Relations.                       Editor: Mary Stewart
                                                Art Director: David Dickey
                                                Contributors: Doug Downing, Ron Gaschler, Larry Libberton, Michael Mussman, Lettie Posey, Tessa Riess,
                                                Ben Schlesselman, Erik Siwak, Elizabeth Tice, Lizzie Wann
                                                Designers: Derek Berghaus, Jesse Caverly

2                                                                                                                               Ashford University |
                                                             AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE                Letter From The President

                                                                    Elizabeth Tice,
                                                                    Dr. Tice accepted her position
                                                                    as President in January 2011.
Letters: Liz Tice

                                      Dear Ashford Alumni,

                                      As the new President of Ashford, it is my pleasure      In this issue, we are highlighting alumni who give
                                      to introduce this latest edition of AU Connections.     back to their communities. Ashford’s history is

                                      I was the Provost of Ashford for six years, and I am    steeped in service, dating back to the early days with
                                      excited to move into this new role. I have worked in    the Sisters of St. Francis. On campus, we are making
                                      higher education for more than twenty-four years        a concerted effort to integrate service learning into
     In this issue, we                as both a teacher and an administrator, and I have      students’ educational experience. We know that our
                                      seen how education can change people’s lives. I have    online students share that same spirit of service, and
     are highlighting                 not missed a graduation since 2005, so if you were      we are dedicating this issue to all of you. Especially
                                      there, I had the honor of handing you your diploma.     in these difficult economic times, those who have

     alumni who give                  While your formal studies at Ashford may be complete,
                                                                                              been blessed have a great opportunity to share with
                                                                                              others. So tell us your story. How do you give back?
                                      you are still part of our AU family. We care about
     back to their                    you and your family. We are interested in hearing       Stay in touch with us. Tell us how we can help you
                                      about your accomplishments. We want to continue         continue to grow. We will all be better for it.
     communities.                     to be part of your life. Some of you may have had
                                      the opportunity to attend the regional meetings that    Best regards,

                                      have been held across the country. These events will
                                      continue, and we hope you can join us.

                                                                                              Elizabeth Tice, PhD

Ashford Connections | Issue Two                                                                                                                   3

                                                                                                                                    Ashford University students,
                                                                                                                                    faculty, and staff participated
                                                                                                                                    in an AIDS Awareness Walk
                                                                                                                                    through Clinton, Iowa in
                                                                                                                                    December 2010.

                   Why Give Back?
                   It’s natural that graduates feel compelled to repay their
                   community for the support they’ve received.
              Why Give Back: March 2011

              To earn a college degree takes sacrifice and dedication. Most Ashford      It’s natural that graduates feel compelled to repay their community for
              students attending online have full-time jobs, which they balance with    the support they’ve received. Studies show that there is a correlation
              their family and social lives. And they do this even while devoting       between higher education and community participation. For example,
              hours to read, study, and participate in their courses.                   “both the percentage of people who donate their time to organizations
                                                                                        and the number of hours people spend in volunteer activities are
              Others contend with more difficult challenges. Many Ashford Saints         higher among individuals with higher levels of education.”1 And higher
              are the first in their family to attend college, or come from households   education has a profound influence on volunteerism among people of
              where education was not a priority. Some were not well served by their    disadvantaged backgrounds. A recent survey discovered that “college
              high school and require extra academic support to catch up.               graduates with a low likelihood of college completion proved to be four
                                                                                        times more likely to volunteer for charitable organizations and social
              Often, students find they can’t do it all alone. They need the support     welfare groups than non–college graduates from similar communities
              of family, co-workers, and friends to manage their education and          and backgrounds.”2
              to succeed. Students come to rely on mentors, on their spouses,
              and even on their children to find time to study and keep up their
              motivation. Entire communities evolve around students to cheer them
              on and ensure their success.

4                                                                                                                          Ashford University |
                                                                                                               AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE                             GIVING BACK

No matter who we are or where we’re from, we can all       faculty, and staff are also helping the Clinton community   Even if you can never compensate that parent, spouse,
be proud to belong to Ashford University, a community      through activities such as the AIDS Awareness Walk in       or mentor, you can always pay it forward by giving of
that promotes giving back through education. Whether       December 2010, and volunteering at the Victory Center,      yourself to people in need. All of us here at Ashford
by volunteering time, mentoring a child, organizing        a shelter and soup kitchen in Clinton.                      invite you to give back to your community. And if you’re
fundraisers, or donating money, Ashford alumni are                                                                     already one of the thousands volunteering your time
making a difference by giving back to their communities.   Now that you’re an alumnus of Ashford University,           and efforts, please keep up the great work! You can
                                                           think back to the challenges you overcame to earn your      always write to and let us
Industrialist Harvey Firestone, founder of Firestone       degree. Who was there for you when you needed help?         know what you’ve accomplished.
Tires, once said, “You get the best out of others when
you give the best of yourself.” Of course it’s great to                                                                1
                                                                                                                           The College Board. (2010). “Education Pays 2010.” Retrieved
earn a college degree, land a good job, and earn more
money. But the experience of giving generously to
                                                           Ashford University                                          February 11, 2011 from

others can be far more fulfilling than personal success.
It is profoundly moving, when we give of ourselves, to
                                                           is all about                                                2
                                                                                                                           Sullivan, M. (2010). “Effect of college on volunteering greatest
                                                                                                                       among disadvantaged college graduates.” UCLA Newsroom,
see the way others’ lives can change.
                                                           giving back to                                              December 17, 2010. Retrieved February 11, 2011 from
In this issue, we feature several Ashford Saints who are
giving back. Heroes like Kevin “Special K” Daley (page     the community.                                              graduates-188729.aspx

6), who travels the country speaking at elementary
schools, encouraging children to get a good education.     And it’s not just
And be sure to read about Rosie Holden (page 10),          alumni – current                                                    What’s new
an inspiring alumna who uses the Master’s degree she
earned from Ashford to educate people on ways to           Ashford students                                                    with you?
improve their health and care for themselves.
                                                           and faculty                                                         We’d like to know! Please visit
There’s also Chad Roche (page 11), a former college
dropout who discovered that he could complete his          members are                                               , and click on the
                                                                                                                               Keep in Touch button. Fill out the form
degree at Ashford University, and has since been elected
to local office and is now a leader in his community.       deeply engaged                                                      with your information, and give us an
                                                                                                                               update about you in the Comments
Ashford University is all about giving back to the
community. And it’s not just alumni – current Ashford
                                                           in improving                                                        section. We’d love to publish your
                                                                                                                               good news – such as career shifts,
students and faculty members are deeply engaged in
improving their local communities, too. For instance,
                                                           their local                                                         promotions, additional degrees,
                                                                                                                               marriages, births – in the next edition
since 2005, Ashford has invested over $15 million
in its hometown of Clinton, Iowa, and created scores
                                                           communities, too.                                                   of AU Connections!
of new careers for citizens there. Ashford students,

    Class Notes
    Gloria Anderson (Bachelor of Arts in                   Crystal Hill (Bachelor of Arts in Early                 Jason Luzack (Bachelor of Arts in
    Psychology, 2009) has earned two                       Childhood Education, 2010) has returned                 Organizational Management, 2010) has been
    additional degrees since her 2009                      to Ashford to complete a Master of Arts in              promoted to Leading Petty Officer of the
    graduation and, at the age of 64, is                   Education, with a specialization in Early               Reactor Administration Office on board the
    currently studying French. She’s also                  Childhood Education. Welcome back, Crystal!             USS Enterprise. Currently, he is somewhere
    switched careers – she has left secretarial                                                                    in the Mediterranean Sea. Safe travels, Jason!
    work behind and is now a professional                  Sommer Livingstone (Bachelor of Arts in
    writer and editor for                      Psychology, 2010; MBA) is an active volunteer           Donna Jones-Kwarteng (Bachelor of Arts
    Congratulations, Gloria!                               in her community. She volunteered to help               in Organizational Management, 2010)
                                                           plan the 2009 Humboldt Pride Festival, and              has been promoted to Direct Support
    DeNeal Erickson (Bachelor of Arts in Social            she also writes an advice column entitled               Professional and is currently looking to move
    Science w/ Education concentration, 2010)              “Just Ask Sommer” for the local LGBTQ Pride             into a management position. Congratulations,
    is excited to announce the birth of her                organization. We are honored to count                   Donna!
    twelfth grandchild! Best wishes, DeNeal!               you as an alumna, Sommer!

Ashford Connections | Issue Two                                                                                                                                                               5

                                 Harlem Globetrotter
                                 “Special K” Daley
Photos used with permission by   Harlem Globetrotter, novelist, and motivational speaker
Harlem Globetrotters
International, Inc.              Kevin Daley strives to motivate and inspire.
                                                             Alumni Feature: Globetrotter “Special K” Daley

                                                             If you know the name Special K Daley,            But Kevin is more than a ball player –
                                                             then you know the impressive skills of this      he also takes it as a personal mission
                                                             6’5” basketball player and entertainer for       to “motivate and encourage people
                                                             the Harlem Globetrotters. You may have           to greatness.” This mission is already
                                                             seen his 2002 Gatorade commercial with           being fulfilled in part by the public
                                                             Michael Jordan, or perhaps you saw one of        speaking opportunities that come with
                                                             his appearances on television shows like         being a Harlem Globetrotter. “I do a lot
                                                             “Hell’s Kitchen” or “The Bachelorette.” If       of speaking as a Globetrotter – most
                                                             you know the name Special K Daley, then          recently, I spoke at several schools in
                                                             you know that Kevin Daley has reached            San Diego. I also spoke at the military
                                                             celebrity status.                                base where they bussed in a bunch of
                                                                                                              kids.” These speaking engagements
                                                             But did you know he also spent a year            were partly responsible for Kevin’s
                                                             and a half engaging in discussion                decision to finish his college education.
                                                             forums and writing papers as an Ashford          “I found myself talking a lot about
                                                             University online student? Just like any         the importance of an education in my
                                                             other person, this celebrity needed and          motivational speeches and one day I
                                                             wanted a college education.                      thought to myself, ‘How can I speak on
                                                                                                              education if, when I had the chance to
                                                             Kevin Daley was born in Panama, and              get an education, I didn’t take advantage
                                                             moved to the United States at the age            of it?’ I also never wanted anybody to
                                                             of 13. “My dad decided to move for the           label me as ‘just’ an athlete.”
                                                             same dream that most people have: to
                                                             have the great opportunities afforded            While Kevin assures that he is not
                                                             to people in the US once they are                thinking of retiring from the Globetrotters
                                                             here. It wasn’t really for him – he had          any time soon, he knows that he “can’t
                                                             it pretty good, he was an accountant             run up and down the court forever.”
                                                             – but he felt that my brothers and I             Earning his college education is part
                                                             would be in a better position if we grew         of the groundwork Kevin is laying for a
                                                             up in the States. It turned out pretty           second career in motivational speaking.
                                                             good, I would say.” Today, Kevin is
                                                             34 and lives in Dallas, Texas. He has
                                                             been a professional basketball player
                                                             since 2000 and has been with the
                                                             Globetrotters for seven years; in that
                                                             time, he has traveled to more than
                                                             60 countries.

6                                                                                                                   Ashford University |
                                                                                                  AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE                  ALUMNI FEATURE

Kevin chose Ashford University to complete his degree largely because of                Through his own autobiography and the testimonials of others, Kevin encourages
the online program. “Being able to do my assignments on the computer was                his readers to reach for their dreams.
very important to me because my schedule is very demanding.” Demanding is
a bit of an understatement – in the year and a half it took Kevin to complete           In addition to the book, Kevin is interested in supporting and inspiring the people
his degree, he played 500 games in 25 different countries and 150 US cities,            of Panama. “The United States is my country, but Panama is where my blood is
racking up over 50,000 miles! “I had to meet deadlines while I was in different         from, and it’s important to me that I give back. I like to go there and let the kids
countries with different time zones, so sometimes I would be up at crazy hours          touch me – I like to let them know I am one of them, and that if I was able to make
doing classwork.” Maintaining his schedule along with coursework meant                  something of myself, then they can do it, too. These kids see us as heroes, and we
forgoing tourism opportunities in the various countries he visited, and resulted        have to give them a good example. As Globetrotters, we do that worldwide. I also
in one memorable day when he took a test in the locker room moments before              want to do that as me, as Kevin Daley, not just as Special K. From the time I left
a performance.                                                                          Panama I always had a dream of going back and doing something positive.”

The long hours paid off, and in May 2010 Kevin graduated from Ashford University        Kevin is clearly well on his way to affecting that positivity, and we are honored to
with his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. “Life has definitely changed for me as an        count him as an Ashford alumnus.
Ashford graduate. People respect me more and are inspired by me in ways that I
never thought possible; this time, it has nothing to do with basketball!”

Since graduation, Kevin has fully committed himself to fulfilling his mission of
motivating others. His current project is to finish his autobiography, I Never Stopped
Smiling, which he reports is 90% complete. “My whole book is about what I had
to overcome to get where I am today. It all started with my mother’s suicide when
I was three years old – I talk about how that affected my life, and how I was
ultimately able to make it to the most successful basketball team in the world.”

Kevin also includes a chapter entitled, “They Never Stopped Smiling,” where he
interviews other celebrities who achieved success in the face of adversity, including
Basketball Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman, former presidential advisor Bill Milliken,
retired NBA player Marques Johnson, and current NFL player Brendon Ayanbadejo.

    In the year and a
    half it took Kevin to
    complete his degree,
    he played 500 games
    in 25 different
    countries and 150
    US cities, racking up
    over 50,000 miles!

Ashford Connections | Issue Two                                                                                                                                           7

                         Ashford’s October and
Above Left:
Dr. Steve Perry gave
the commencement
address at the October
graduation ceremonies.

Above Center:
Michelle Kramer and
her son, Reece, at
the December
graduation ceremony.
                         December Graduation
Above Right:
Students in the
Kehl Arena for
the October
2010 graduation.

                         The Kehl Arena in Clinton, Iowa was filled with excited graduates twice
                         this fall: on October 16, 2010, online and ASPIRE students came for
                         the graduation ceremonies, while December 11, 2010’s ceremony was
                         primarily campus students.
                         Clinton, Iowa (March, 2011)

                         During the three commencement ceremonies in               her Operations Management instructor, Dr. Washington, at the event. Then, the
                         October, 538 students crossed the stage and became        next day, she found one of her classmates. “Through the discussion boards in our
                         alumni while their 1,766 guests cheered them on.          second-to-last class, Shane and I found out that we were scheduled to graduate at
                         Students travelled from all over, representing 48         the same time, and we found each other while we were lining up for graduation.”
                         states and two foreign countries. While some of the
                         graduates were ASPIRE students who had attended           While Marilyn was excited to put faces to names, she explains that just being on
                         classes on campus, most were online students who          campus was the most important part of her trip to Clinton. “Going back to school
                         completed their coursework far away from Iowa. For        and completing my graduate degree was a goal that I set for myself some time ago,
                         the majority, October was their first visit to Ashford’s   and when I was looking for an online program, I wanted a real school with a real
                         Clinton campus.                                           campus. It was good to just be there and be part of the actual graduation.”

                         Some students, like Marvin Smith, who earned his
                         MBA (Marketing), brought their families with them
                         to the event. Marvin flew in from Louisiana, and his       Dr. Steve Perry’s commencement
                         mom came from Georgia. “Because I’m making more
                         money than I used to, I flew my mom out – paid for
                                                                                   address focused on the importance
                         her trip and the hotel and the car. We had an awesome     of using education to help others
                         time and met some nice people. It was so important to
                         me that she was there.”                                   and improve communities.
                         Many of the graduates arrived in Clinton in time to
                         attend the Meet-and-Greet event on Friday, October 15,    The other attendees echoed Marilyn’s sentiments, describing the graduation
                         which enabled them to mingle with their classmates,       ceremonies as impressive events. Each ceremony began with the presentation of
                         and some had the opportunity to meet their professors     colors, performed by AMVETS Post 28, while Ashford graduate Josh Damigo sang
                         face-to-face. “The Meet-and-Greet was good,” says         the national anthem. Ashford Professor Sister William McCue gave an invocation,
                         Marilyn Long of North Carolina. “I met some of the        and Ashford’s former provost and current president, Dr. Elizabeth Tice, welcomed
                         individuals who had gone through the program – a lot      the graduates and their guests. By the end of the day, Ashford conferred 16
                         of really nice people. I even exchanged information       Associate’s degrees, 378 Bachelor’s degrees, and 144 Master’s degrees.
                         with a couple of folks.” Marilyn was also able to meet

8                                                                                                                                 Ashford University |
                                                                                                                AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE                   GRADUATION

One of the highlights of the graduation was Dr. Steve Perry’s commencement                 “Our dramatic increase in graduates demonstrates that non-traditional students,
address. Dr. Perry is a best-selling author, noted public speaker, and education           from working moms to military war veterans from across the nation and beyond,
contributor on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. His crowd-pleasing speech focused on the               are increasingly successful in furthering their education and earning their college
importance of using education to help others and improve communities. “As hard             degrees through online education,” said Dr. Jane McAuliffe, former president of
as you have worked, now it’s time to give back,” Dr. Perry told the graduates. “You        Ashford University.
have a community that needs you. You’re here to answer a call. Use this information
to improve your community. Improve the lives around you. The most important
thing an educated person can do is educate others.”                                        Save the Date!
In December, the Kehl Arena was filled with a smaller group made up mainly of
traditional campus students – 46 graduates and 330 guests – but the enthusiasm
                                                                                           What?                Upcoming Graduation Ceremony
was just as great. Students represented six states (California, Florida, Illinois, Iowa,
Michigan, and Wisconsin) and one foreign country (Ethiopia). The commencement
                                                                                           When?                April 30, 2011
speaker was co-founder of Bridgepoint Education and longtime educator Dr. Wayne
Clugston, who teaches English Literature and oversees the literary Travel Studies          Where?               Graduation will take place on the
program at Ashford. After the graduation ceremony, graduates mingled with friends,                              field of the new South Campus
family, and faculty at a reception in the St. Francis Gymnasium.
                                                                                                                Athletic Complex.
Michelle Kramer, who graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Business
Administration, reports that the weather conditions for the December graduation
                                                                                           Who?                 We anticipate approximately
were less than ideal. “It was so icy outside – I remember sliding on my heels – but                             1,000 campus, online, and
it showed how much it meant to everybody. Even though the weather was terrible,
that didn’t stop us from being there.” Michelle had quite a crew out to support her
                                                                                                                ASPIRE students and
– her son, boyfriend, sister, niece, mom, and dad – and she was especially proud                                approximately 4,000 guests.
to introduce her son, Reece, to her classmates and professors at the reception. “I
am an example that single mothers can do this.”

Over the course of 2010, Clinton, Iowa saw three graduations – May, October, and
December – and Ashford conferred a total of 8,268 degrees: 343 Associate’s
degrees, 6,083 Bachelor’s degrees, and 1,842 Master’s degrees. The class of
2010 surpassed the 2009 record for Ashford’s largest graduating class by
                                                                                                                                   October 2010 graduates exit the Kehl Arena, with
3,000 students.                                                                                                                    diplomas in hand, while faculty and staff applaud.

Ashford Connections | Issue Two                                                                                                                                                    9
ALUMNI GIVING BACK                                  AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE

                                                                                                                Rosie Holden

                                                                                                                Rosie Holden with a group of children
                                                                                                                in South Central Los Angeles. The
                                                                                                                children assisted with one of her
                                                                                                                health and wellness fairs by creating
                                                                                                                artwork that was distributed to
                                                                                                                other children in the community. As
                                                                                                                a reward for volunteering, Rosie’s
                                                                                                                church took the children to Knott’s
                                                                                                                Berry Farm. All monies collected from
                                                                                                                the Wellness Fairs are donated to an
                                                                                                                annual college scholarship fund for
                                                                                                                high school seniors.

different ways to
“give back,” and no
publication could hope
                              Rosie Holden
to canvas the array of
possibilities. Instead,       Master of Arts in
we offer three great
examples of alumni who        Organizational Management, 2010
are passionate about the
communities they serve,       Clinton, Iowa: March 2011
and who demonstrate
the diversity that is truly   The most typical definition of “giving back” engenders an image        Rosie also serves as the Training Center Coordinator, Regional
one of Ashford’s greatest     of an individual directly helping people in the community. Rosie      Faculty, and Basic Life Support Lead Instructor for her hospital
strengths. The alumni         Holden, with her innate understanding of compassion and service,      through sponsorship of the American Heart Association. This
profiled on these pages        is an actualization of that image.                                    position involves teaching basic CPR, keeping records, and
offer their skills through                                                                          mentoring outside CPR sites. Each year, this branch of the
education, art, and           A mother of six (four adults and two teenagers), Rosie spends her     Association trains over 450 students, and Rosie personally teaches
public service, and each      workday at St. Francis Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.     more than 50 basic life support courses.
is making a profound          She has worked for the non-profit hospital for five years, and
impact. We know that          earned a promotion to Non-Clinical Educator in January 2009, a        Through her various activities, Rosie has a common goal of
many more alumni have         direct result of her pursuit of a Master’s degree at Ashford. “My     educating people on how to “better take care of themselves
found their own unique        role is to provide and coordinate education for the non-clinical      physically, academically, and spiritually. The more education
way of serving their          associates and provide ancillary education for the hospital and the   provided to people will not only save lives, but also provide avenues
communities, and              surrounding community,” Rosie says.                                   of knowledge that will assist them in making better choices.”
we applaud your
selfless service.              Part of her role involves participating in wellness fairs, and        Not surprisingly, Rosie’s future goals also center on service –
                              Rosie found these fairs so effective that she wanted to share the     she wants to open her own non-profit organization. “I will call it
Thank you for all you do!     benefits with the rest of her community. For the last three years,     Scholars for Change; it will provide people who are looking to make
                              she’s been organizing and hosting wellness fairs at her church.       a change in their lives with the necessary tools to strategically plan
                              Volunteers from the hospital come and offer wellness education on     for their future years. My work has been previously and continues
                              a variety of topics, such as diabetes, prostate and breast cancer,    to be for the community. I would not have it any other way.”
                              high blood pressure, etc. The next fair is scheduled for May 2011,
                              and Rosie reports that it’s the largest they’ve ever had. “Many
                              vendors have responded to the outcry for medical education in
                              our local communities, and, due to high costs of insurance, many
                              community members seek preventative measures to decrease the
                              need for hospital visits.”

10                                                                                                                                     Ashford University |
                                                                                           AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE                  ALUMNI GIVING BACK

Earle Rock
Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies, 1990
In 1990, Earle Rock earned his Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies from Mount St.
Clare College, which is now Ashford University. While Earle always had an interest
in art, he never pursued it seriously until 1997, when he was commissioned by a
friend to do a painting. “That first work opened up a creative Pandora’s Box that
I have since been unable to close. After a couple of years of painting, I began to
feel the tug of philanthropy, and I sought out ways to use my talents to give back.”                                                              Earle Rock

Earle’s first opportunity came in the form of a request by the United Cerebral           one side of the monolith. The other side of the monolith will be left blank, and is
Palsy Foundation of Central Pennsylvania, and from 2000-2001 Earle worked               intended for meditative reflection. “The theme is the growth that comes when we
diligently to create a mural for them. Earle enjoyed this project so much that it       triumph over our circumstances – it is about how we develop as individuals and as
led him back to school, and in 2005 he graduated with his Bachelor of Fine Arts         a people when we choose to not give in or give up.”
from Drake University.
                                                                                        Earle selected Parkersburg for his sculpture because, within a 21-month period,
As part of his Bachelor’s thesis, Earle researched the process of donating a major      Parkersburg endured three horrific events: a tornado killed seven people, a flood
public sculpture, and decided to turn his research into a reality. After years of       took homes, crops, and farmland, and beloved football coach, Ed Thomas, was
meeting with city leaders, Earle is now in the final stages of donating a sculpture      murdered. “In their shining example of how to handle tragedy and setback,
entitled The Necessity of Resistance to the city of Parkersburg, Iowa. Once complete,   the people of Parkersburg have showed the rest of us what we are capable
the sculpture will be an interactive piece with three elements: a wide concrete base,   of. My sculpture, which honors resilience, seems perfect for this amazing
a tall granite monolith, and the bronze figure of a man engaged in a struggle against    little community.”

Chad Roche
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management, 2006
Master of Business Administration, 2009
                                                          The beginning of Chad Roche’s story will be familiar       In addition to pursuing his education, starting a
                                                          to many military veterans. He enrolled in college          family, and working at Ecolab, Chad got involved with
                                                          after high school, but did not graduate. “At the           local politics in Phoenix, Arizona. He was active in the
                                                          time, I thought college wasn’t for me, so I joined         2008 elections, and soon people began to hint that,
                                                          the Navy.” During his tenure, Chad attended courses        if he really wanted to make a difference, he should
                                                          here and there, but never earned a degree. What he         run for office. “In 2009, I was approached by leaders
                                                          did earn was a sense of service. “The Navy was an          in Pinal County about being the Clerk of the Superior
                                                          ideal environment to learn about personal discipline,      Court (the executive director of the administrative
                                                          efficiency, and, most importantly, accountability. As I     side of the courts). With my MBA and my business
                                                          moved into the private sector, I felt driven to continue   background, I thought I would be perfect for the job.
                                                          to serve.”                                                 I graduated in November and put my name on the
                                                                                                                     ballot in January.” In November 2010, Chad was
                                                          Chad’s first step after separating from the Navy was        elected as the Pinal County Clerk of the Superior
                                                          to go back to school; he graduated from Ashford            Court. During his four-year term, Chad will manage
                                                          University with his Bachelor of Arts in Organizational     almost 100 employees and a $6 million budget.
                                                          Management in June 2006. While earning his
                                                          Bachelor’s degree allowed Chad to move into the            What’s next for Chad? He’s thinking of another
                                                          business development department at his company,            Master’s degree, this time in education. “Once I’m
                                                          Ecolab, Chad wanted more. He returned to Ashford           able to apply some of the theories I’ve learned to my
                                                          and enrolled in the online Master of Business              work in the courts, I’d like to turn around and teach
                                                          Administration program, which he completed in              others how to do it.”
                                                          November 2009.
                                             Chad Roche

Ashford Connections | Issue Two                                                                                                                                           11
CAMPUS NEWS                           AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE

                                                                                                                      Decisions about
                                                                                                                      facility usage
                                                                                                                      are still being
                                                                                                                      determined, but
                                                                                                                      the plan includes
                                                                                                                      creating more
                                                                                                                      communal areas
                                                                                                                      for social and
                                                                                                                      academic activities.

                                                                                                                  Students in
                                                                                                                  BW dorm room.

                              New Student
success, especially in
a university setting, we
often think of individual
academic achievements.
We do not always stop
to consider the impact
                              Residence Hall
a university has on its
local community. In the
best cases, a university
                              Ashford officially purchased the Best Western Frontier
will contribute to local      Motor Inn for use as a student residence hall.
pride, and that’s precisely
what Ashford did for the      Campus News: New Student Residence Hall
town of Clinton in 2010.
Among other things,           Last fall, Ashford University signed a nine-   like that we have air conditioning, but the      The barriers that separated the students
Ashford expanded its          month lease for three wings of the Best        rooms are also spacious, and I love that we      from the hotel guests were still in place as
residential dormitory         Western Frontier Motor Inn in Clinton, Iowa,   have our own bathroom – that was one of          of February 2011, but Associate Director
space, which will enable      and Ashford students have filled nearly         my biggest fears about living in the dorms!      of Student Success Lettie Posey explains
increased space for           one-third of the building since August         We also have community rooms and a little        that these barriers will be removed during
community events, and         2010. On October 14, Ashford officially         cafeteria; it’s a very nice set-up.” This year   phase two of the renovation plan. The plan
Ashford’s women’s soccer      purchased the entire building for use as a     has been Parker’s first as an on-campus           includes minor structural changes to the
team claimed the title        student residence hall. Resident Director      resident. “Last year I lived at home and         facility, starting in the main dining area,
of MCC Tournament             Scott Mitchell expects the building to be      commuted, but with the new Academic              which used to be a restaurant.
Champions. Go Saints!         at full capacity by the fall of 2011. The      Scholarships [which are offered based
                              hall has not yet been formally renamed,        on GPA], I qualified and was selected to          By next fall, BW residents will likely enjoy a
                              but current residents have affectionately      receive the room and board scholarship,          fully functional student cafeteria. Additional
                              dubbed it, “the BW.”                           as well.”                                        renovations and decisions about facility
                                                                                                                              usage are still being determined, but Posey
                              Mitchell reports that the hotel rooms          Parker also reports that the location of         reports that the plan includes creating more
                              have been converted into residence hall        the BW is ideal. “Everything is within           communal areas for social and academic
                              rooms (triple-occupancy in most cases),        walking distance – Wal-Mart, Kohl’s,             activities. “Hopefully,” says Posey, “the
                              each equipped with a private bath and          Target, Burger King – and there’s a shuttle      hall will open up more space for clubs to
                              an air conditioning/heating unit – the         service to Ashford campus that runs              meet and events to happen, like career
                              air conditioning is of particular interest     every 20 minutes.” The shuttle runs until        events, student activities, or speakers.”
                              to students since the residence halls on       midnight on weekdays and until 3:00 am
                              campus do not have this luxury.                on the weekends, and since the shuttle is
                                                                             operated by the Clinton Municipal Transit
                              Ashford sophomore Meredith Parker, who         Authority, student ID cards also serve as
                              is majoring in Business Administration,        bus passes.
                              says it’s not just the air conditioning that
                              makes the BW appealing. “Of course I

12                                                                                                                                     Ashford University |
                                                                                                          AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE                 CAMPUS NEWS

soccer is
                                  Women’s Soccer
on the
                                  Team – MCC
                                  Tournament Champions
                                  The 2010 season was a great success: the women’s soccer team claimed
                                  15 wins and 2 ties, and earned a spot at the NAIA National Tournament.

                                                                                                                                                                Soccer Team

Campus News: Women’s Soccer

The 2010 season was a great success for the                   Despite a brilliant effort, the Saints succumbed to      had a vision to build a championship program and
women’s soccer team: they claimed 15 wins and                 the William Jewell Cardinals in the first round, which    he has worked diligently to achieve that goal. By
2 ties, only suffering 4 losses during the season.            knocked them out of the tournament. Nevertheless,        finishing atop the MCC during the regular season and
Their excellent record primed them for victory in the         the season is considered a huge success. As Head         conference tournament, he has proven he is one of
Midwest Collegiate Conference (MCC) Tournament                Coach Mick Regan said, “I don’t think any of us were     the best in the business. We are thrilled he represents
Championship. On November 10, the Saints faced                ready for the end. But when it’s all said and done,      Ashford University so well.”
their long-time rivals, the St. Ambrose University            there’s a lot to be proud of when you look back on
Bees, and won the league crown in a shootout.                 this season.”                                            The best news is that this team is just getting
                                                                                                                       started – the starting lineup in the NAIA tournament
This success earned the team a spot in the National           The end-of-season awards proved Regan’s sentiments –     game included six freshmen and two sophomores.
Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) National      seven members of the women’s soccer team received        “The future is bright and we are very proud of what
Championship, a tournament that brings together the           honors, four of whom received First Team All-MCC         we accomplished,” said Regan. “The youth and
top 32 teams in the country to compete for the national       recognition. But it was not just the students who were   depth of this squad speaks for itself. Ashford soccer
championship title. This year marked the first time the        rewarded for their work this year; Coach Regan was       is on the rise.”
women’s team has earned this honor. In anticipation           named MCC Coach of the Year. “We are so proud of
of the first round, co-captain and Ashford senior Katie        Coach Regan’s accomplishments,” Ashford Athletics
Schulte said, “I’ve been waiting four years for this. I’m     Director Meg Schebler said. “To be recognized by
nervous, but it’s really exciting to get to travel and play   your peers as Coach of the Year is very rewarding
a high-level team.”                                           and he is worthy of this honor. Five years ago, Mick

Ashford Connections | Issue Two                                                                                                                                            13
ASHFORD EDUCATORS                                   AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE

                                                                                                             Brian Burmeister

the most literal ways of
“giving back,” because
it involves helping pupils
develop their skills
and their confidence.
Whether you are
preparing young children
for kindergarten, like
Dannae Sewell, or
                             Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, 2004
guiding young adults
                             Ashford Educator: Brian Burmeister
through their first years
of college, like Brian
Burmeister, or teaching      A former high school English teacher, Brian Burmeister currently     Now that he’s been teaching for a while, Brian happily reports
adult learners in an         teaches composition and speech courses at Ashford University         that it’s everything he hoped it would be. He also says it isn’t
online environment,          in Clinton, Iowa, and is the faculty advisor for Ashford’s student   at all strange to be teaching where he was once a student. “I
like Matt Bambrick, the      newspaper, The Clarion.                                              consider myself extremely fortunate to be teaching alongside the
underlying principles are                                                                         faculty I admired as an undergraduate, and spending time in the
the same. The skill of       In 2004, Brian graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Liberal        same classrooms simply brings back fond memories. It’s not so
transferring knowledge       Arts from The Franciscan University of the Prairies, a previous      much a strange feeling as it is a good one.”
requires patience,           name for Ashford University. Brian then earned a Master of Fine
kindness, and a spirit       Arts from Iowa State University; during his time there, he co-
of service. Ashford is       authored the non-fiction play, Farmscape, under the direction of
honored to recognize         Iowa’s poet laureate, Mary Swander. The play, which documents        “Having benefited so
our faculty members,         the changes made over the past half-century and that are still
as well as those
students and alumni
                             being made to rural life in the Midwest, has been performed in
                             various venues throughout Iowa. “With any luck, I’m hoping to
                                                                                                  much from my own
who train to become
educational leaders
                             bring Mary and Farmscape to Ashford in the near future.”
                                                                                                  education, I wanted
in their communities.        When asked why he chose to return to his alma mater as a
                             professor, Brian explains, “I admired the faculty, and appreciated
                                                                                                  to do my part to pass
                             the strong sense of community. I felt firsthand the impact
                             teachers can have on students – helping motivate success,            on as much of that as
                             developing critical thinking skills, and raising social awareness.
                             Having benefited so much from my own education, I wanted to           possible.”
                             do my part to pass on as much of that as possible.”

14                                                                                                                              Ashford University |
                                                                                             AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE                  ASHFORD EDUCATORS

                                                           Matt                                                         Matt was initially interested in teaching because he
                                                                                                                        saw it as a way to honor those teachers who influenced

                                                                                                                        him. “We can all remember the names of the great
                                                                                                                        teachers,” he explains, “those who inspired us and
                                                                                                                        took the extra time. I want to be one of those teachers,
                                                                                                                        because in doing so I compliment those who made me
                                                                                                                        who I am today.”
                                                           Bachelor of Arts in
                                                                                                                        When he heard that Ashford was offering a Bachelor
                                                           Organizational Management,                                   of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency
                                                           2008                                                         Management, Matt found his teaching niche. “My
                                                                                                                        military background, Department of Defense service,
                                                           Ashford Educator: Matt Bambrick                              and Business Continuity studies were a force multiplier
                                                                                                                        in my motivation to teach within this program.”
                                                           A certified business continuity planner from the Chicago
                                                           area, Matt Bambrick graduated with his Bachelor of Arts      Matt also felt he had a unique perspective to offer
                                                           in Organizational Management from Ashford University         online students. “Having earned my Associate’s,
                                                           in October 2008. Soon after, he was accepted to              Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees online, I can show
                                                           Norwich University, the oldest private military university   students that they are not the only ones who are busy
                                                           in the US. In June 2010, he graduated with his Master        with life, family, and work schedules. I also want
                                                           of Science in Business Continuity Management. Today,         students to know how highly I think of Ashford, and
                                                           Matt works full-time for Exelon Corporation, is pursuing     what an honor it is to teach here. I like that I am
                                                           a second Master’s degree in Information Assurance,           teaching students who are just as hungry to complete
                                                           and teaches courses online at Ashford.                       their education as I once was.”

   I have chosen a
   career in education
   because it allows me
   to make my mark
   on the future.                                          Sewell
                                                           Bachelor of Arts in Social
                                                           Science with Education
                                                           concentration, 2010
                                                           Master of Arts in Education
Ashford Educator: Dannae Sewell

Dannae Sewell teaches pre-kindergarten for Bright          For three years, Dannae has been pursuing higher             Dannae’s personal experiences, and her experiences
Horizons, a program run through the Virginia Hospital      education so that she can earn the qualifications to          as a mother and guardian, propel her passionate
Center in Annandale, Virginia. Her primary role is         teach elementary school. In May 2010, she earned             belief that being an educator is the best way she can
preparing her young students for the transition to         her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science w/ Education          give back to her community. “My focus and goal – no
kindergarten. Her 2010-2011 class recently won a           concentration online from Ashford University, and            matter what educational role I am in – is to provide
Lion Cub Naming Contest through the Smithsonian            is currently enrolled in Ashford’s Master of Arts in         consistency in a field that has so much turnover.
National Zoo – they named the cub Baruti, which            Education online degree program. The pride Dannae            Becoming a teacher means giving back and providing
means “teacher” in South Africa. Dannae is also a          feels in her accomplishments is immense. As she              something that is immeasurable. It means being that
single mother to her eight-year-old son, Elijah, and the   puts it, “I moved from being a negative statistic to a       individual who students remember into adulthood,
guardian of her eight-year-old cousin, Zion.               positive and productive member of my community.”             and teaching lessons that those adults will pass on
                                                                                                                        to their children. I have chosen a career in education
                                                                                                                        because it allows me to make my mark on the future.”

Ashford Connections | Issue Two                                                                                                                                              15
KEEP IN TOUCH                               AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE

                                                                 Student & Alumni
                                                                 Networking Events
                          Steven Lyons (left) and Matt Smith
                       (right) enjoy the San Diego, California
                                                                 As of April 2011, there have been 16 events held across
                                event on November 11, 2010.
                                                                 the country.
                                                                 Keep In Touch: Student & Alumni Networking Events

A COLLEGE EDUCATION REQUIRES YOU TO TAKE                         The first Student & Alumni Networking Event was             For upcoming events, check out the May-October
courses that introduce you to new ideas, develop                 held on November 9, 2010; 34 alumni, students,             2011 schedule on the back cover of this magazine.
your skills as a critical and creative thinker, and open         faculty, and guests gathered at the Deercreek              You will also find a registration link there that will
your mind to new experiences. The relationships you              Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida to mingle            allow you to RSVP to the event nearest you. If you
fostered in college are unique – whether you were a              with fellow members of the Ashford community. As           have additional questions, please contact Alumni
20-year-old in Clinton meeting up with your group at             of April 2011, there have been 16 such events in           Relations at We will also post
St. Clare Hall, or a 35-year-old at a computer in Dallas         various states, including California, Nevada, Texas,       notifications about upcoming events on Facebook:
sharing stories in the Ashford Café.                             Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina,
                                                                 Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York. The best
This relationship is something the faculty and staff             turnout was in Atlanta, Georgia on January 6, with         We look forward to seeing you at the next event!
at Ashford University prize, and we want to help you             159 attendees.
maintain those relationships beyond graduation. In
November 2010, we launched two initiatives to help
you keep in touch: Student & Alumni Networking
                                                                 The two-hour events are hosted by Ashford
                                                                 representatives, and usually take place on Saturdays
                                                                                                                            For upcoming
Events and Social Media.                                         or weeknights. Beverages and light appetizers are
                                                                 provided. Often, Ashford faculty members will attend
                                                                                                                            events, check out
                                                                 the events, as will Student Affairs staff. Occasionally,   the May-October
     Do you have                                                 Ashford University President Dr. Liz Tice will attend,
                                                                 like she did at the San Diego and Las Vegas events.        2011 schedule on
     career questions?                                           Cynthia Anthony, a second-year Ashford student             the back cover of
                                                                 majoring in psychology, described the January 11
     Ashford University Career Services                          event in San Antonio as a “beautiful, informative,
                                                                 enlightening event. It was exactly what I expected
                                                                                                                            this magazine.
     can help! To obtain interview advice,
                                                                 and more.” Cynthia especially enjoyed meeting some
     tips and tricks for the job search, and
                                                                 fellow Ashford students and swapping stories. “I
     resume writing advice or critiques,                         felt that each of us could have talked of our lives,
     email                           careers, Ashford, and future plans for hours.”

     We’re here to help!
                                                                 As Cynthia’s experience demonstrates, the primary
                                                                 function of these events is to allow students and
                                                                 alumni to meet each other face-to-face, which
                                                                 increases Ashford’s community connection and
                                                                 allows for networking. Because the opportunity for
                                                                 networking has been so well received, the event
                                                                 planners hope to include professional development
                                                                 opportunities at future events. We’d love to hear your
                                                                 suggestions! Please email
                                                                 with your ideas.
                                                                                                                                        Students, alumni, faculty, and staff gathered at
                                                                                                                                          the Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen in Marietta,
                                                                                                                                                           Georgia on January 6, 2011.

16                                                                                                                                            Ashford University |
                                                                                           AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE                 KEEP IN TOUCH

                                                   Social Media
                                                   In the two months following the launch, more than
                                                   11,000 people “liked” the Facebook page, more
                                                   than 800 opted to follow Ashford on Twitter, and
                                                   the YouTube videos were viewed more than
                                                   10,000 times.
                                                   Keep In Touch: Social Media

                                                   On November 23, 2010, Ashford University took the       However, as Savarese rightly points out, “These
                     first step in a dynamic social media plan by launching   pages are about more than just what’s happening
                                                   official sites on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and        at Ashford. Our students and alumni have proven
                                                   LinkedIn. As Associate Vice President of New Media      to be a tremendous support system for each other.”
                        Brian Savarese explains, these sites are “designed      Existing students are able to exchange information
           AshfordUniversity                       to help students and alumni connect with each other     about financial aid and textbooks, as well as study
                                                   and with the University.” Because of our extensive      tips and advice about choosing a major. In addition
                         online programs and our diverse alumni group, this      to the social support group that both current and
                                                   connection is extremely important.                      former students share, alumni have found the site
           AshfordUniversity                                                                               useful for professional networking. You can find
                                                   In the two months following the launch, it became       other Ashford graduates in your area, swap stories
           To find us on LinkedIn,                  clear that this connection is both sought-after and     and tips with alumni who are in your career field,
           search for Ashford                      valued by our students and alumni: more than 11,000     or share professional techniques such as resume
           Students & Alumni.                      people “liked” the Facebook page, more than 800         building and interview skills.
                                                   opted to follow Ashford on Twitter, and the YouTube
                                                   videos were viewed more than 10,000 times.              If you have been an alumnus for a while, you might
                                                                                                           also act as a mentor to current students or to
                                                   Through these avenues, Ashford is able to relay         more recent graduates. The New Media team will
                                                   information about campus events such as the Clubs       be present at the commencement ceremonies on
                                                   and Organizations Fair or the AIDS Awareness            April 30, 2011 and will post pictures and stories
                                                   Walk, and also allow our distance learners to find       of our graduates on Facebook – be sure to check
                                                   information about upcoming Student & Alumni             out the page and meet the newest additions to our
                                                   Networking Events. Ashford also posts links to          alumni community!
                                                   student success stories, to the monthly editions of
                                                   Ashford’s health and wellness magazine, Student
                                                   Health 101, and to the monthly diversity articles
                                                   associated with Ashford’s PAWs (Promoting
                                                   Awareness and Wellness) initiative.

   Send Us Your Stories                                                          Ashford Alumni Perks
    Send us your photos and your stories! We’d love to profile                    Being an Ashford alumnus has many perks – but did you
    you in the next edition of AU Connections or                                 know it can save you money?
    on Email today.                         Visit ts to learn more!

Ashford Connections | Issue Two                                                                                                                            17
ATHLETICS HALL OF FAME                                       AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE

           2011 Hall of Fame
        inductees, Ben Erwin
     and Megan Miller-Brown.                                                              Hall of Fame
Athletics Hall of Fame

The Ashford University Athletics Hall of Fame, which has been inducting members
since 1972, exists to recognize teams or individuals who have brought honor and
excellence to Ashford in the field of athletics. Typically, the Hall of Fame induction
occurs during a home basketball game in January, and a reception is then held to        Inducted in 1972    Inducted in 2007
honor the new inductees.                                                                Kenneth Kelly       Jeff Bolender
                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. James Durgin
This year, on January 22, Ben Erwin (men’s basketball) and Megan Miller-Brown           Inducted in 1975    Erin Essy
(women’s soccer) were inducted between the basketball games against William             Liz Loeffelholtz    Seyi Famodu
Penn University. After the games, friends, family, and former Hall of Fame inductees                        Gary Heath
convened at Rastrelli’s Banquet Center to celebrate the newest members.                 Inducted in 1983    Bryan Hundere
                                                                                        Jeff Hurlburt       Izzy Miller
The selection process for membership is conducted by a five-person committee,            Allen Rus           Shelley Marchini
which includes the Athletics Director, Associate Athletics Director, Sports                                 Clint Long
Information Director, Faculty Athletic Representative, and Director of Alumni           Inducted in 1984    Mary Lou Mallicoat
Services. To qualify, student nominees who demonstrated outstanding athletic            Waunita Sullivan    Cranston Sturrup
achievement while at Ashford must have participated in a varsity sport for at least     Penny Lamp          Angela Wakefield
two years, and five years must have passed since their last year of participation.
Coaches, administrators, faculty or staff members, and financial or meritorious          Inducted in 1997    Inducted in 2008
benefactors are also eligible for Hall of Fame membership.                              Sue McQueen         Katrina House
                                                                                        Sr. Theresa Judge   Kristy Cleppe
Erwin and Miller-Brown certainly fulfill the “outstanding athletic achievement”                              Jason Wheat
requirement. Erwin earned NAIA Honorable Mention All-American honors during             Inducted in 1998    Andy Small
his junior and senior campaigns at Ashford. He also totaled 1,101 points, which         Diane Lingle        Jeff McKeon
ranks him ninth in school history. Miller-Brown was two-time NAIA All-American
and four-time All-MCC selection during her four-year career that featured 66 goals      Inducted in 2003    Inducted in 2009
and 18 assists. Erwin is the seventh men’s basketball player to be sworn into           Tiffany Harris      Lisa Wheat
the Ashford Athletics Hall of Fame, and Miller-Brown is the third women’s soccer        Marcus Harris       Erin Montgomery
inductee to receive the individual honor.                                                                   Andre Childs
                                                                                        Inducted in 2004
Anyone is welcome to submit nominations to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee;        Chris Powers        Inducted in 2010
all nominations must include biographical data and support materials for the            Chad Delzell        Alicia Christiansen
nominee. To make a nomination, please contact
                                                                                        Inducted in 2005    Inducted in 2011
                                                                                        George Kampling     Megan Miller-Brown
                                                                                                            Ben Erwin

18                                                                                                                Ashford University |
                                                                                        AU ALUMNI MAGAZINE              PROGRAMS

     Campus                                Online Programs
     Programs                              Associate of Arts
                                             Business                                        International Business
     Bachelor of Arts
                                             Early Childhood Education                       Journalism and Mass Communication
                                             Military Studies                                Law Enforcement Administration
         Professional Accounting Program
                                             Organizational Management                       Liberal Arts
         Business Administration
                                                                                             Military Studies
         Business Education
                                           Bachelor of Arts                                  Operations Management and Analysis
         Business Information Systems
                                             Accounting                                      Organizational Management
         Business Leadership
                                             Adult Development                               Political Science and Government
         Computer Graphic Design
                                             Applied Behavioral Science                      Project Management
         Education (non-licensure)
                                             Applied Linguistics                             Psychology
         Elementary Education
                                             Business Administration                         Public Administration
         English and Communication
                                             Business Economics                              Public Relations and Marketing
         Environmental Studies
                                             Business Information Systems                    Real Estate Studies
                                             Business Leadership                             Service Management
         Health Care Administration
                                             Child Development                               Social and Criminal Justice
                                             Cognitive Studies                               Social Science
         Liberal Arts
                                             Communication Studies                           Social Science w/ Education concentration
         Natural Science
                                             Consumer and Family Financial Services          Sociology
         Physical Education
                                             Cultural Anthropology                           Sports and Recreation Management
                                             Early Childhood Education                       Supply Chain Management
         Public Relations and Marketing
                                             Early Childhood Education Administration        Sustainable Enterprise Management
         Social and Criminal Justice
                                             Education and Public Policy
         Social Science
                                             Education Studies                            Graduate Degrees
                                             eMarketing                                      Master of Arts in Education
         Sports and
                                             English                                         Master of Arts in Health Care Administration
         Recreation Management
                                             English Language Learner Studies                Master of Arts in Organizational Management
         Sustainable Enterprise
         Management                          Entrepreneurship                                Master of Arts in Teaching and
                                                                                             Learning w/ Technology
         Visual Art                          Environmental Studies
                                                                                             Master of Business Administration (MBA)
     Bachelor of Science                                                                     Master of Public Administration
         Biology                             Health and Human Services
         Computer Science
         and Mathematics
                                             Health and Wellness
                                             Health Care Administration
                                                                                          ASPIRE Programs
         Health Science Administration                                                       Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Administration
                                             Health Care Studies
         Natural Science                                                                     Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management
                                             Health Education
                                                                                             Bachelor of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice
                                             Health Marketing and Communication
                                                                                             Master of Arts in Education
                                                                                             Master of Arts in Organizational Management
                                             Homeland Security and
                                             Emergency Management                            Master of Business Administration (MBA)
                                             Human Resources Management
                                                                                             For more detailed and up-to-date information
                                             Instructional Design                            about degree programs, please visit

                                             We hope you enjoyed this edition of Ashford Connections!
                                             We welcome your feedback – please send any comments
                                             or suggestions to:

Ashford Connections | Issue Two                                                                                                                19
                                                                             PRESORT STANDARD
                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                ONTARIO, CA
                                                                                 PERMIT # 1

                                                                                        ADDRESS SERVICE REqUESTED
                                                                                                                    Clinton, IA 52732
                                                                                                                    400 North Bluff Blvd.
Save the Date!
Ashford University Student & Alumni Networking Events may be coming to a city near you.
Be sure to visit to RSVP. Please also visit and
update your contact information so you can receive information on all alumni events and benefits.

         May 2011                       June 2011                        July 2011
     10 Seattle, WA                21 Houston, TX                   19 San Diego, CA
     21 Orlando, FL                22 Phoenix, AZ                   20 Los Angeles, CA
     25 Tampa, FL                  24 Las Vegas, NV                 23 Honolulu, HI

       August 2011                 September 2011                     October 2011
     02 Detroit, MI                13 Davenport, IA                 04 Cleveland/Greenville, MS
     03 Chicago, IL                14 Milwaukee, WI                 05 Birmingham, AL
                                                                    08 Atlanta, GA
                                                                                                                                            11AUAL017 1 • AC- 02 55

20                                                                           Ashford University |

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