Biomechanics Quiz by W1NB3K


									Biomechanics Quiz

From the selection of questions received you be asked to answer 5 of the following
questions from your text.

The Quiz Date will be Thursday, May 13th.

Questions were submitted by the following:

Ty Akpinar
Evan Nightingale
Erin Streatch
Chelsea Parker
Lauren Crutchlow
Spencer Rust
Kristen Walker
Chris Gagnon
Sean Moulton
Duncan Flieler
Simon Johns
Amelia Donaldson
Lino Dixon

   1.   What is Biomechanics?
   2.   What is the difference between equilibrium, stability and balance?
   3.   Choose one of Newton's Laws explain it providing an example.
   4.   Describe the effect of applying an internal or external force on an object. Use a
        diagram to aid your explanation.
   5.   Discuss three ways in which biomechanics can be helpful to teachers and
   6.   Select a sport in which a light object is thrown. Discuss the affects air resistance
        will have on the path of the object.
   7.   In a sport of your choosing identify how an athlete maintains or loses his/her
        balance during the execution of a skill.
   8.   Identify the four aspects of qualitative analysis and apply them to a sport skill of
        interest to you.

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