GU Board Meeting Minutes 3 November 2010 by yaoyufang


									                  GRADUATE UNION BOARD
                  MINUTES OF THE MEETING
                      3rd November 2010
                              Members Present
                              Members Present
                          Amina Rai, GU President
                   Morgan Wild, Student Support Officer
                   Lisa Deŕy, GU-CUSU Student Advisor
                 Murat Basarir, GU Academic Affairs Director
                    Michelle Sanders, GU Administrator
                      Suha Mahayni, General Secretary
                   Lydia Fairhurst, GU Welfare Director
                   Anna Kay, Alumni Relations Assistant

                          Anil Bagha, Events Director

                              Members Absent
                     Jakob Mauritz, GU Families Director
                      Fran Boiat, Environment Director

                  MEETING COMMENCED AT: 5:25 P.M.

1. Apologies for Absence
    Apologies are noted above.

2. Approval of previous Minutes
    Minutes of the previous board meeting were approved with minor changes.

3. CARO-GU Initiative – AR/ AK
    AK discussed ways that CARO can engage new members to join the alumni
    group and mentioned advertising strategies to start working with current
    students so that when they graduate they move smoothing into an alumni
    group. AK noted advertising strategies in the Cambridge Magazine as well as
    graduation yearbooks. AR suggested that the GU could be a good platform
    from which CARO might increase interest and membership. AR further
    advised a collaborative committee for a joint venture be initiated. Ideal
    membership of the committee would consist of two GU members, two MCR
    presidents, two staff members from the alumni office, and two alumni from the
    University with AK and a GU board member sharing the Chair position. The
    goal of this committee is to create one event per term to encourage membership
    and to establish a mentorship program between current students and alumni.
    MB also noted the need to strike a balance between the students to mentor ratio
    and not demand too much of alumni, which could deter new mentors from
    joining. AK, AR also suggested networking events, such as dinners, wine and
    cheese events, etc. MS suggested a budget be formed for this joint venture. AK
    asked for a rough budget to bring to the alumni office for review. AR suggested
    the alumni office contribute as much as possible, however it may be possible to
    take if from the academic affairs or other directors budgets. MS suggested that
    any money taken from a director’s budget should illicit support from the
    respective officer.

4. VC Letter Initiative
     A brief follow up discussion of the letter initiative was addressed. MB noted
    that Selwyn has their own letter initiative which they are trying to get most
    students to sign. AR attended a Trinity Hall MCR meeting to promote and
    discussed the letter. Kim Roper of Emmanuel college also gave a presentation
    discussing funding and University / College fees that can be used as data to
    support our letter. AR urged the board to follow up with the colleges they were
    assigned, as it will be more powerful statement to the VC if all colleges

5. Orientation about Team Building
    MS noted that for some of the director positions the roles are less defined and
    suggested additional documentation to clarify respective responsibilities,
    particularly for the role of treasurer, be instigated. MB noted that individual
    direction from the president was extremely useful for identifying role
    responsibilities and suggested AR make a list of expectations and practical
    information regarding how to initiative projects, form committees, budgeting
    for various events, etc. LD noted the GU should also clarify and focus on group
    projects as opposed to only individual roles. A place and time for the
    orientation for new board members is to be determined.

6. Director Network
    AR briefly followed up on the director networks prior to the year’s end.

7. Any Other Business
    No other matters were brought for discussion.

8. Date of Next Meeting
    11 November, 2010

Meeting ended at 6:20pm

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