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The most common chemical hazard labels are the NFPA labels and the NFPA stickers. These stickers bear the
shape of a diamond having red, yellow, blue and white square inside. Of these colors, blue represents health
hazards, red denotes flammability, yellow stands for reactivity and white denotes special hazard.

The NFPA stickers ensure the safety and health of people working with or near chemicals. It is through these
stickers that people find an easy way out during emergency and understand the level of hazard associated
with the chemicals. The important messages which the stickers on the chemical hazard labels bear help in
saving lives, providing precautions and guidance that should be taken during emergency.

When you see the NFPA stickers, you would come across information provided in four-coded divisions, as
mentioned earlier. Blue is placed at the 9 o’clock position, red at 12 o’ clock, yellow one at the 3 o’clock
position and the white diamond at 6 o’clock position. The white diamond normally indicates the reaction of
the chemical with water and also indicates other special hazards, if any.

Degrees of hazards in NFPA stickers

In order to understand the degree of hazards, the NFPA stickers make use of the numbering system. 0 to 4 is
the numerical range that indicates the degree of ascending from mild to severe in an ascending order. O
means nil health hazards and 4 means severe hazard which even might be fatal, irrespective of the
administration of prompt medication.

As a part of the features found in chemical hazard labels, various symbols can be found in the white portion in
the NFPA stickers. These stickers contain white diamond denoting special hazard represented by the chemical.
In fact three symbols that NFPA use in this area are ‘OX’, ‘SA’ and ‘W’. There are few more miscellaneous
symbols found in NFPA stickers which too have their own meaning and significance. These symbols include
COR, meaning a corrosive acid, SA which means asphyxiant gas, BIO that denotes a biological hazard, POI
which is denoted with a skull or crossbones to indicate toxic substances.

NFPA stickers bear the industry standard quality and are being widely used in laboratories and chemical
manufacturing units. These stickers help one identify hazardous materials and warn them about potent

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