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					  Tutankhamun Discovered

The tomb of Egypt's boy-king Tutankhamen
was discovered on November 4, 1922 by
English archaeologist Howard Carter.
"At first I could see
nothing, the hot air
escaping from the chamber
causing my candle flame to
flicker, but presently, as
my eyes grew accustomed
to the light, details of the
room within emerged slowly
from the mist, strange
animals, statues and gold -
everywhere the glint of
gold." Howard Carter.
Howard Carter was
archaeologist who was
very interested in
Ancient Egypt. He
knew Tutankhamun’s
tomb was in Valley of
the Kings and believed
it had not yet been
discovered. He wanted
to find it. His quest
was funded by a rich
man called Lord
After a few
months of fruitless
Carnarvon became
frustrated as no
tomb had been
found. In 1922, he
gave Carter one
more season of
funding to find the
On 4 November 1922, after 15 years of
searching, Carter finally found the steps
leading to Tutankhamun's tomb. Once
Carnarvon arrived, Carter was ready to see
what was inside this fascinating discovery.
                               Carter made
                               the famous
                               "tiny breach in
                               the top left
                               hand corner" of
                               the doorway.

He was able to peer in by the light of a candle
and see that many of the gold and ebony
treasures were still in place. When Carnarvon
asked him if he saw anything, Carter replied:
"Yes, wonderful things".
                               The next
                               several weeks
                               were spent
                               cataloging the
                               contents of the

On February 16, 1923, Carter opened the
sealed doorway, and found that it led to a
burial chamber, and he got his first glimpse of
                 When Carter discovered the
                 tomb, it was said he also
                 found 150 gold amulets and
                 even a death mask weighing
                 11 kilograms, with which the
                 pharaoh was buried.

Today many of the
artefacts discovered
are on display in the
Museum of Cairo.

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