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									Tender Notice & PQQ                                                          Strictly Confidential

                London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and
                                Paralympic Games Ltd

       “London’s vision is to host an inspirational, safe and inclusive Olympic and
       Paralympic Games and leave a sustainable legacy for London and the UK.”

                                      Tender Notice
                            with Prequalification Questionnaire

                              Regarding the Potential Supply of

                                     Public Affairs Services

                                          5th July 2007

      Issued by                        LOCOG Procurement


           1.     Disclaimers

           2.   About The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and
           Paralympic Games (LOCOG)

London Organising Committee of the            120
Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
 Tender Notice & PQQ                                                                   Strictly Confidential

            3.     Instructions for Responding

            4.     Procurement

            5.     Evaluation of Applicants

            6.     Project Information

            7.     Pre-Qualification Questionnaire – Information Requests

            8.     Supplementary Information

1. Disclaimers

Any disclaimers or limitations in this PQQ (whether appearing under the heading of Disclaimer or
otherwise) shall apply to and be for the benefit of LOCOG, its advisers and/or representatives acting
on behalf of LOCOG, and shall continue to apply to and be enforceable by LOCOG.
The information in this PQQ is intended for information only. This PQQ does not purport to be
comprehensive, all-inclusive or to contain all of the information that an Applicant may require. In this
PQQ, words such as "anticipate", "expects", "projects", "intends", "plans", "believes", "will", and
words and terms of similar substance, indicate the present expectation held by LOCOG of future
events, which are subject to a number of factors and uncertainties that could cause LOCOG‟s
requirements to differ from those described in this PQQ. If LOCOG‟s requirements change at any
time during this procurement process, Applicants will be notified as soon as is reasonably
Any Applicant considering responding to this PQQ shall conduct their own due diligence and shall
seek their own professional, financial, legal and other advice as appropriate. Neither this PQQ, nor
any of the Information (as defined below), shall be regarded as an investment recommendation
made by LOCOG or by any of its advisers or representatives acting on behalf of LOCOG.

Neither LOCOG, nor any of its advisers or representatives acting on LOCOG‟s behalf:
     accept any liability for the information, any statement, opinion and/or conclusion contained in
       this PQQ (including all supporting documentation) or for any written, oral or other
       communication transmitted or otherwise made available to any Applicant in connection with
       this procurement process (“Information”):
     give any representation or warranty, express or implied, in relation to any of the Information
       and/or concerning the fairness, accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any of the
       Information; or
     shall be liable for any loss or damage (other than in respect of fraudulent misrepresentation)
       arising as a result of reliance on the Information.

 LOCOG reserves the right to:
   waive any requirements of this procurement process (to the extent permitted by law);
   request additional information or clarification from Applicants in relation to any aspect of
     their response to the PQQ;
   disqualify any Applicant that does not submit a compliant response in accordance with
     LOCOG‟s instructions as set out in this PQQ and as such instructions may be
     supplemented by LOCOG from time to time;
   withdraw this PQQ or any part of or the whole of this procurement process at any time
     or to re-invite responses on the same or any alternative basis;
   not award the whole of or a part of the Contract as a result of this procurement process;
   make whatever changes it sees fit to the timetable, structure and/or content of the
     procurement process for any reason.
 London Organising Committee of the            220
 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
 Tender Notice & PQQ                                                                Strictly Confidential

 LOCOG reserves the right to reject or disqualify an Applicant where:
    the response to the PQQ is submitted late, is completed incorrectly, is incomplete or
      fails to meet LOCOG‟s requirements which have been notified to Applicants
    the Applicant is unable to satisfy the terms of the project brief at any stage during the
      procurement process;
    the Applicant is guilty of serious misrepresentation or fraud in relation to any
      response made by the Applicant, and/or any aspect of this procurement process;
    there is a change in identity, control, financial standing or other materially adverse
      change affecting the Applicant (or if the Applicant is an unincorporated joint venture
      or a consortia, any member of such arrangement („Member‟)) which in the reasonable
      opinion of LOCOG would have an adverse impact on the procurement process or the
      ability of the Applicant or a Relevant Company to perform the Contract; and/or
    there is an actual or potential commercial, professional, financial or other conflict of
      interest arising between the interests of the ODA and the Applicant, any Relevant
      Company, any sub-contractor of the Applicant or a Relevant Company or any of their
      respective professional advisers.

            All Applicants are solely responsible for all their costs and expenses incurred in
            connection with the preparation and submission of a response to the PQQ at all
            stages of this procurement process. Under no circumstances will LOCOG, or any of
            its advisers or representatives acting on its behalf, be liable for any costs or
            expenses borne by or on behalf of the Applicant.

 The submission of a response to the PQQ by an Applicant will be deemed to imply the
 Applicant‟s acceptance of the disclaimers and terms in this PQQ without qualification.

         2. About The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and
         Paralympic Games (LOCOG)

         2.1. Background of The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and
         Paralympic Games
The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) is
responsible for the preparation and staging of the 2012 Games. It is a private company limited by
guarantee and is not subject to the Public Procurement Regulations nor the Freedom of Information
Act. Led by Seb Coe (Chair) and Paul Deighton (Chief Executive), it has a clear and simple vision:
"To host an inspirational, safe and inclusive Olympic and Paralympic Games and leave a sustainable
legacy for London and the UK."

An Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in London will offer a world-class stage to the world's
greatest athletes. The city will provide the most spectacular setting for the 2012 Games, one that
captures the moment as gloriously as Athens and Sydney have done in the past.

In 2012 London's glorious cityscape will provide a backdrop for the greatest show on earth. The World
Heritage Site of Greenwich will host Equestrian events and the Modern Pentathlon. Existing world-
class venues, including Wimbledon and Lord's Cricket Ground, add to the mix. The lake at Eton
Dorney, overlooked by Windsor Castle, and the historic Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich will also
both be used. London's unique range of venues will be crowned and complemented by those in the
new Olympic Park, including the Olympic Stadium and the Aquatics Centre. The Olympic Park in east
London, lies at the heart of London's plans for the 2012 Games.

The 200 hectare site in Stratford will provide a compact, secure and easily accessible home for the
Games, seven minutes from central London. Nine new venues will be situated within easy walking

 London Organising Committee of the           320
 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
 Tender Notice & PQQ                                                                Strictly Confidential

distance of each other, allowing competitors and spectators alike to experience the unique
atmosphere of an Olympic Games. The main 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium will host the Opening and
Closing Ceremonies, as well as the Athletics events. Work has already started on the world-class
Aquatics Centre, which will include two 50m swimming pools and a diving pool.

The Hockey Centre will comprise two stadia with different capacities, plus a warm up pitch. The
Velopark will include the Velodome and a BMX track, while the four multi-sport arenas will be the
setting for Fencing, Volleyball, Basketball and Handball. The Park will also house the Olympic Village,
providing accommodation for every competitor and official, with 80 per cent within 20 minutes of their
event venues. The compact , green site will also include a state-of-the-art media centre providing
facilities for broadcast and print journalists from all over the world.

London 2012 will be based on a strong sense of the concept of sustainability - a concept which is the
essence of delivering a lasting legacy, benefiting sport, the environment and the local and global
community. The Olympic Park will not only be a showcase for the world's greatest athletes and for the
spectators from every nation who will cheer them on but also for the environment and local
communities. The 200 hectare site will be transformed from being one of the most under-developed in
the country to one with restored natural ecology and new infrastructure providing the setting for
sustainable communities.

London 2012 will be a Games which aims to deliver on environmental objectives and carbon use,
biodiversity and waste. Other sustainability benefits will be realised through the emphasis on
accessibility and inclusion, creating job and training opportunities for disadvantaged people and
engaging local people in the planning of the Games and legacy facilities. The community regeneration
inspired by London 2012 will provide a springboard for reducing health inequalities in east London
and for encouraging people across the country to take up sport and develop active, healthy lifestyles.

London's air, road and rail networks will deliver the best-ever Games transport system, with public
transport geared to meeting Olympic and Paralympic needs whilst keeping London and the country
moving. The expected 500,000 daily spectators will be encouraged to travel by public transport, or by
walking or cycling, with those travelling to London by car using Park-and-Ride schemes.

The new jewel in the crown of the transport system will be the Javelin, the high-speed shuttle which
will provide a seven-minute link between central London and the Olympic Park. The service will use
the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), due to open in 2007 with a landmark station at Stratford, just a
few hundred metres from the Park, which will also be served by nine other existing train and tube
lines. At Games time, a train will arrive on average every 15 seconds, allowing up to 240,000
passengers an hour to reach the Park quickly and efficiently.

Even at its peak, London's public transport system will be dealing with an additional demand that is a
drop in the ocean compared to the 12m journeys it handles every day. In fact, there will be a 20 per
cent drop in demand due to summer holidays, and the Games' demand will only add five per cent.
London's transport is already undergoing a period of huge investment and improvement. A new
extension to the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) to London City Airport is open, with another to
Woolwich under way. An additional seventh car has been fitted to every Jubilee Line train and more
than £4bn of improvements are under way across the Underground network. The East London Line
extension is also under construction. Following the lead of the DLR and London's black cabs, all of
London's 8,000 buses are now wheelchair accessible and by 2010 25 per cent of all tube stations will
provide step-free access to platform level.

Here at LOCOG we are very excited at the opportunities for key suppliers to share in the challenges,
excitement and rewards of potentially being part of this amazing and unique event.

 London Organising Committee of the           420
 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
 Tender Notice & PQQ                                                                   Strictly Confidential

2.2 The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA)
The ODA is responsible for ensuring provision of venues, infrastructure and services for the Games
and the subsequent transition to legacy uses.
The ODA was established by the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006, as a
statutory corporation, whose Board members are appointed by the DCMS in consultation with the
Mayor of London. To this end, the ODA is developing the Olympic Park to provide a focus for the
Games and a sustainable legacy that will contribute significantly to the regeneration of the Lower Lea
Valley. The ODA is also responsible for investment in a number of other venues across the UK.
The ODA is directly responsible for the procurement and management of contracts for corporate
services and transport.
For an overview of the Olympic vision, Applicants are referred to the London 2012 website, which can
be found at:

2.3 Commitment to procurement best practice
LOCOG understands the level of commitment required to pursue an opportunity such as this and
wishes to be candid and realistic about the type of Applicant that it wishes to pre-qualify for the tender
process. No specific companies have been identified or suggested as having particular advantages in
this procurement competition; the structure and process of the procurement have been designed to
ensure a fair, open and auditable evaluation.

2.4 Equalities and Diversity
LOCOG‟s Equality and Diversity Strategy has been published and LOCOG would like all contractors
to comply with guidance set out in this strategy document. The Contractor will be obligated to provide
Equalities and Diversity monitoring data during the period of the Contract, and to otherwise comply
with the Equality and Diversity Strategy. Applicants will have to demonstrate in their submissions that
they will be able to match LOCOG‟s data requirements.

2.5 Sustainable Development Strategy
Sustainability in relation to preserving the environment is core to the work of LOCOG. The Sustainable
Development Strategy sets out key targets in respect of carbon, energy, water, waste, materials,
biodiversity & ecology, land, noise, air, access and supporting communities. These may vary from
contract to contract and in some cases contractors may also be asked to put forward options. The
Contractor will be expected to comply with LOCOG‟s Sustainable Development Strategy and
Applicants must be able to demonstrate their capability to do this in their response to the PQQ as well
as to provide all monitoring data.

2.6 Supply Chain Management
LOCOG aims to ensure delivery robustness and diversity in both employment and supply chains used
by its Suppliers. Where appropriate, Suppliers will be obligated to provide monitoring data during the
period of the Contract, to demonstrate that it has robust supply chains and supply chain management
processes in place and to ensure its procurement practices are fair and open. Applicants will need to
be able to demonstrate in its response to the PQQ as well as the ability to provide monitoring data.
2.7 Applicant and Multi-party Application
LOCOG anticipates that interested parties may join with others to submit responses from teams that
offer the full range of required and relevant skills, experience, and financial and economic strength.
This section defines the terms „Applicant‟ and „Relevant Company‟.
           2.7.1 Definition: Applicant
           Within this PQQ, the party submitting a completed questionnaire is referred to as an
           „Applicant‟ whether it is a single company or organisation, or the lead company in some form
           of consortium or joint venture.
           An Applicant is required to answer all the questions and provide all the additional information
           requested within the PQQ, following all the specific instructions set out in each case.

 London Organising Committee of the            520
 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
Tender Notice & PQQ                                                                     Strictly Confidential

           LOCOG wishes to establish the best possible understanding of the technical, legal and
           financial standing of the Applicant. Thus, LOCOG is seeking information from both the
           Applicant and all its Relevant Companies.

           2.7.2 Definition: Relevant Company
           In the case of a consortia or joint venture submission, the term „Relevant Company‟ is used
           to refer to each party of the consortia or joint venture i.e. the Applicant or other member.
           Relevant Company, in this context, means a sole proprietor, partnership, Limited Liability
           Partnership, incorporated company or co-operative. For the avoidance of doubt, an Applicant
           may also be a Relevant Company.
           Within the Technical Parameters web form, space is provided for the Applicant to list all the
           organisations it proposes to include in its structure in addition to the Relevant Company(s).
           Each organisation should be listed and its role identified. Each Relevant Company will be
           required (by signing the Mandatory Undertaking), to confirm that the Applicant‟s response is
           accurate and complete in respect of that company.

           2.7.3 Legal Structure of multi-party Applicants
           LOCOG requires an Applicant to provide a structure of their organisation (and their
           relationships with Relevant Companies and Parent or Ultimate Holding Companies providing
           guarantees) which demonstrates that the following legal and organisational requirements will
           be met:
           a. There is a single point of contact or lead organisation to take primary organisational
           responsibility for interfacing with LOCOG and delivering performance of The Contract;
           b. The legal obligations and liabilities of The Contract are borne by an entity or entities which
           satisfy the financial and economic requirements (having regard, where Applicants so
           propose, to any Parent or Ultimate Holding Company which will provide a guarantee or
           guarantees for that purpose);
           c. Where the Applicant is proposed to be an unincorporated joint venture (i.e. more than one
           legal entity will enter into The Contract) that the obligations and liabilities of each party to
           The Contract will be joint and several, and any guarantees of parties' obligations will apply to
           all such joint and several obligations and liabilities regardless of how (as between parties)
           such obligations or liabilities arose;
           d. That the structure will be robust in the event of an insolvency or disputed exit from the
           project of a Relevant Company, such that the Applicant and The Contract can continue to
           function; and
           e. That in the event of any insolvency or disputed exit from the project of the Applicant,
           accompanied by termination of The Contract, LOCOG will have the ability to secure the
           continuing involvement (by step-in or similar arrangements) of the Relevant Companies and
           other members of the consortium.

           LOCOG will not prohibit Applicants from adopting joint venture-based structures, and
           will treat all joint-venture based bids on fair and equal terms. However, LOCOG
           advises Applicants that they should consider carefully if a joint venture-based
           structure is capable of satisfying the requirements set out above. 3. Instructions for
        3.1     General Instructions
         In Full - Please complete this PQQ in full and provide your response in the same format
          and order in which it has been submitted to you. The orderly presentation and compliance
          of your response will be appreciated by the LOCOG panel reviewing submissions.
        Copies - Applicants should provide a soft copy of your proposal of no more than 15MB.
          LOCOG does not accept responsibility for non-delivery of emails should the attachment
          prevent the email from being delivered. It is the Applicant‟s responsibility to ensure the
          submission has been received by LOCOG by the submission deadline.

London Organising Committee of the               620
Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
 Tender Notice & PQQ                                                                Strictly Confidential

          Cancellation - LOCOG reserves the right to annul this process and reject all submissions
           to the PQQ or during any subsequent stage of the process without incurring any liability to
           the affected PQQ Applicants.
         Care - Applicants are advised to answer these questions carefully as they form a
           significant part of evaluation.
         Headings - The requirement stated in the PQQ should be repeated in the response if
           answered on a separate page to the original question, all points must be answered.
Definitions – Applicants should ensure that responses explain the use of any terminology,
abbreviations or initials. This is best shown at one point early on in the response and also
detailed in a table of definitions to be included in the response as an appendix if relevant. 4.

Procurement of the Contract will be undertaken in two distinct phases.
1. Prequalification and Applicant short-listing;
2. Competitive tender and award of the Contract.

           4.1 Pre-qualification and Applicant Short-listing (PQQ)
The purpose of the pre-qualification exercise is to identify a shortlist of Applicants to be invited to
tender. The PQQ evaluation criteria will include (1) Applicant‟s economical and financial standing; and
(2) Applicant‟s technical and professional ability.

           4.2 Competitive Tender and Award
The Award Procedure will be a single stage tender and it is envisaged that following evaluation of the
PQQ responsesApplicants will be selected and invited to tender. It is not currently envisaged that any
further Applicant briefing will be given other than prior to the formal issue of tender documents and
amendments thereto. However, LOCOG may, in its discretion, request Applicants to attend pre, mid
and / or post tender interviews to clarify bids.
Evaluation of tenders will be based on the evaluation criteria in Section 5.

          4.3 Procurement Timetable
The Indicative Timetable for the procurement is anticipated as follows :
                 Date                                   Key Milestone
            5th July 07               Tender Notice & PQQ issued by LOCOG on
            Midday 19th July          Supplier return PQQ doc
            w/c 23rd July 07          LOCOG evaluation of PQQ responses.
            w/c 23rd July 07          Shortlisted Suppliers sign Confidentiality
            w/c 30th July 07          LOCOG issue Invitation to Tender
     Note; The above timings serve as guidelines and LOCOG reserves the right to change
     any timings without giving reasons.

         4.4 Sustainability & ethical trade practices
 One of LOCOG‟s key objectives is to operate a sustainable and environmentally responsible
 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Responses will be evaluated on LOCOG‟s principles of
 sustainable development where relevant. The following is a non-exhaustive list of criteria which
 might be relevant to consider examples of matters which may be evaluated:
       Biodegradability;
       Design for disassembly;
       Minimum use of virgin and non-renewable materials;

 London Organising Committee of the           720
 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
Tender Notice & PQQ                                                                  Strictly Confidential

           Resource, energy, and water efficiency;
           Controls to prevent unnecessary waste;
           Commitment to managing environmental, and health and safety issues;
           Local sourcing of goods and services;
           Maximum durability, reparability, reusability, recyclability, and upgradability;
           Minimum packaging;
           Responsible sourcing, healthy materials;
           Maximum use of post-consumer materials;
           Non (or reduced) polluting with minimum use of toxic chemicals, CFCs, HCFCs,
            HFCs, ozone and other pollutants, etc;
           Ethically sourced;
           Social inclusion.

        4.5 Copyright
This PQQ is the copyright of LOCOG. Applicants shall not reproduce in any material form (including
photocopying or storage in any medium by electronic means) any part of this ITT without the prior
written permission of the copyright owner, other than for use strictly for the purpose of preparing a
bid to this ITT.

        4.6 London 2012 Partners
As part of LOCOG and the IOC‟s agreements with official London 2012 partners LOCOG has
obligations to use certain products and services of these partners. In the future LOCOG and the
IOC may enter into additional sponsorship agreements with similar supply obligations which may
affect previously agreed interim terms and supply arrangements with LOCOG suppliers.

We reserve the right to require you to work with current and future partners and/or their products
and, where able, require you to use and source from any of our partners at costs agreed with you.
LOCOG also reserves the right to revisit or ultimately terminate supply arrangements which may
duplicate or adversely impact on its ability to fulfil partner agreements or to negotiate future partner

           5. Evaluation of Applicants

            5.1 Criteria for the Pre-Qualification of Applicants

           5.1.1 Financial and Economic Standing
Applicants interested in being selected to participate in competition for The Project must
demonstrate the Financial and Economic Standing as defined in the Project Information.
LOCOG reserves the right to reject applications from Applicants who are unable to meet the criteria
for Financial and Economic Standing.

           5.1.2 Insurance Requirements
Applicants will be required to possess Insurance Cover as defined in the Project Information.
Applicants should be aware that LOCOG reserves the right to require The Contractor to obtain
insurance indemnity of a sum greater than noted under Insurance Cover in Project Information.
LOCOG reserves the right to reject applications from Applicants who are unable to meet the criteria
for Insurance Cover.

          5.1.3 Requirements of Relevant Companies
In the case of Applicants representing consortia, LOCOG reserves the right to reject Applicants
where one or more of their Relevant Companies fail the criteria specified in 5.1.1 or 5.1.2 above.

London Organising Committee of the             820
Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
Tender Notice & PQQ                                                                 Strictly Confidential

            5.1.4 Conflicts of Interest
It is a requirement that each Relevant Company confirms any conflict or potential conflict of interest,
which may actually, or apparently, compromise the conduct of this procurement competition and/or
the performance of The Contract. LOCOG reserves the right to reject applications from Applicants
where a conflict of interest is viewed as affecting either or both the conduct of this procurement
competition or the performance of The Contract.

           5.1.5 Ranking based on Experience and Capability
Applicants meeting all the above criteria will be ranked according to the outcome of their scores
across all the questions, which may include technical and project management capability, capacity,
experience and governance. In the event that scores are not sufficiently differentiated to make a
clear choice of up to the Required Number of Applicants, LOCOG reserves the right to extend the
Pre-qualification phase by whichever means it determines is appropriate to meet its requirements.

          5.2 PQQ Evaluation
Applications will be evaluated after the Closing Deadline from submissions emailed to . LOCOG will not consider Applications submitted by
any other means.

             5.2.1 Selection of Evaluators
Evaluation will be carried out by specially selected staff from LOCOG. Evaluators will be
guided by objective evaluation criteria.

             5.2.2 Responses Required For Information Only
Certain pre-qualification questions of the PQQ request contact and general information about
the Applicant and its Relevant Companies. This is intended to be background information
only. Although some of this information may provide context for evaluators, the information
itself will not be evaluated.

             5.2.3 Scoring method
Responses to the large proportion of the pre-qualification questions will be evaluated and
scored using a confidence scale of the following headings; „Excellent Confidence; Good
Confidence; Minor Concerns and Major Concerns‟.

             5.2.4 Weighting of Scores
Each PQQ question that is scored will be given a specific weighting as part of the evaluation

             5.2.5 Confidentiality
Throughout the above process, confidentiality over the content of all Applicants‟ submissions
will be maintained. LOCOG will require Applicants to sign and return a Confidentiality
Undertaking as part of their response to the PQQ. The Confidentiality Undertaking is set out
as a schedule to the Mandatory Undertaking. LOCOG will not consider or evaluate a PQQ
response unless it is accompanied by a properly executed Confidentiality Undertaking.

             5.2.6 Debriefing
LOCOG reserves the right to place limits on the amount and nature of the debriefing given to
Applicants whose submissions do not comply with the basic requirements relating to the

London Organising Committee of the           920
Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
 Tender Notice & PQQ                                                                   Strictly Confidential

              5.2.7 Evaluation Process

                         Step 1: Completeness and Compliance check
          1. Establish whether all required information has been submitted or, if items are
          missing, whether it is appropriate to request this missing information be provided with
          24 hours of a request to do so;
          2. Establish whether the minimum standard levels in respect of economic and
          financial standing and technical and professional ability have been satisfied.
          Only submissions which had not failed on one or more of the grounds above would
          then proceed to steps 2 and 3.

          Step 2: Assessment of Technical Capability & Operating Methods
          1. Evaluation of the Capacity, Capability and Relevant Experience of an Applicant
          and its Relevant Companies;

          Step 3: Financial Due Diligence
          1. Analysis of the financial information provided by Applicants in their response.
          Where there are Parent Companies and/or Ultimate Holding Companies of the
          Applicant, LOCOG will also verify that the financial, economic and insurance
          requirements set out in this document are still satisfied.

         6. Project Information

           6.1 Public Affairs Consultancy – Tender Notice
The London 2012 Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
(LOCOG) and the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), invite expressions of interest regarding
the provision of Public Affairs consultancy services to both organisations.
Both organisations are looking to appoint a company to provide a wide range of public affairs
support in order to inform and underpin our political and public sector, Government and wider
stakeholder engagement programmes. We are particularly keen to receive expressions of
interest from a wide range of companies who could either individually or though partnership
offer the full range we require, and would welcome interest from across the United Kingdom.

           6.2 Project Brief
The 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be the biggest peace-time event staged
in the United Kingdom. As such, the organisations charged with delivering them are subject to
a high level of public interest and media and political scrutiny across an extensive range of
issues on a daily basis. We work with a wide range of stakeholders.
LOCOG and the ODA are separate business entities but share core interests, and run some
shared and some separate programmes.
Together LOCOG and the ODA require:

 London Organising Committee of the            1020
 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
    Tender Notice & PQQ                                                              Strictly Confidential

     Detailed coverage of UK political arena from very highest level to local level, including
      Westminster, London, devolved, regional and local political landscapes and policy makers /
     Contact programme support including profiling and contact identification;
     Monitoring and analysis of relevant policy arenas, allied to strong strategic and tactical
      policy advice;
     Support for Party Conference and political event programmes;
     Support for strategy development on an ongoing basis and placement of the Games in
      wider policy debates.

            7. Pre-Qualification Questionnaire – Information Request

Please complete all the following requested information regarding your company.

         7.1.    Company Information
    Company Name
    Company Number
    Parent Company Name
    Public or Private Company
    Indicate the major
    shareholders with %
    Affiliated Companies

    Main HQ Address

    Web Site
    Financial Year Start Date
    Chairman’s Name
    CEO’s Name
    CFO’s Name
    Number of Employees
    Countries Operating In
    Annual Turnover £
    Annual PBIT £

          7.2             Primary Contact Details
       Job Title

    London Organising Committee of the              1120
    Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
 Tender Notice & PQQ                                                               Strictly Confidential

    Telephone (Direct Dial)
    Telephone (Mobile)
    Name of PA

        7.3 References
Provide details of a selection of existing customers whom LOCOG may at its discretion request
   Company                    Contact     Contact             Contact       Scope of goods
    Name                       Name         Tel                Email           /services

Provide details of two Companies who were previously customers of your but are no longer trading
with your Company, whom LOCOG may at its discretion request references.
   Company                    Contact     Contact             Contact       Scope of goods
    Name                       Name         Tel                Email           /services

          7.4 Accreditations & Certifications

Are you a member of the Association of Professional Political Consultants? Y / N

Are you an Investor in People? Y / N

Please state any other industry standards do you adhere to?

        7.5 England
Do you have your own Company offices in England? Y / N
Please state location:

Do you have existing relationships with other companies in England? Y / N
Please state company name and location:

 London Organising Committee of the         1220
 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
 Tender Notice & PQQ                                                                 Strictly Confidential

If no to either of the above please state how you would provide advice and services in England

        7.6 Scotland
Do you have your own Company offices in Scotland? Y / N
Please state location:

Do you have existing relationships with other companies in Scotland? Y / N
Please state company name and location:

If no to either of the above please state how you would provide advice and services in Scotland

        7.7 Wales
Do you have your own Company offices in Wales? Y / N
Please state location:

Do you have existing relationships with other companies in Wales? Y / N
Please state company name and location:

If no to either of the above please state how you would provide advice and services in Wales

        7.8 Northern Ireland
Do you have your own Company offices in Northern Ireland? Y / N
Please state location:

Do you have existing relationships with other companies in Northern Ireland? Y / N
Please state company name and location:

 London Organising Committee of the          1320
 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games
    Tender Notice & PQQ                                                              Strictly Confidential

If no to either of the above please state how you would provide advice and services in Northern

            7.9. Financial Information
                                            2005                2006                  2007
    Total Turnover
    % Market share in UK
    Number of employees

    What is your Dun & Bradstreet Rating?
    Has your Company announced any
    sales/profit warnings in the last 3 years?

            8. Supplementary Information

Please provide a brief explanation (not more than 1,000 words) covering the following areas:

     Your company's expertise and experience in the field of public affairs;
     Company information (including policies and certifications and registrations held, code of
      practice etc);
     Relevant project experience including case studies of previous/current clients;
     Demonstrable ability to cover the scope of political and stakeholder arenas with which we
     Track record in and understanding of the policy areas in which LOCOG and the ODA
     Your approach to supporting both organisations in the years to come and the proposed
      project team.

    London Organising Committee of the           1420
    Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

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