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					                                Request for Quotation

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

                           Project Specification
                             Creative Director
                          (Performing Arts Unit,
                 Victorian State Schools Spectacular and
                           DEECD Major Events)

  1.       Scope

  The appointment of the Creative Director supplier role is made by the Department of Education and
  Early Childhood Development and, in all matters, is accountable to the General Manager,
  Communications Division and Manager, Major Events and Content Development.

  The Creative Director will have creative responsibility for the performance outcomes of the Performing
  Arts Unit, including production of the Victorian State Schools Spectacular and entertainment at
  designated departmental major events. The supplier will provide creative direction for the staging of
  such major events as the Victorian Education Excellence Awards and the Premier’s VCE Awards.

  The Creative Director will provide leadership and oversee the work of other creative suppliers including
  the Music Director, Dance Director, Production Manager, Costume Designer and Lighting Designer, as
  well as trainees and students. The Creative Director will be supported administratively by two Victorian
  Public Service staff who report to the Manager, Major Events and Content Development. The contracts
  and performance of all suppliers, including the Creative Director, are managed by the Manager, Major
  Events and Content Development.

  The program operates out of studios at 102 Rupert Street, Collingwood. The facility has a dance studio,
  band studio, choir studio, costume workshop and storage, music and equipment storage and offices.

  The successful supplier will be engaged under the contract for service arrangement and undertake the
  requirements of the contract. As a guide to the time requirements, the Creative Director will normally
  work from the studios for 4 days per week including Saturdays during the Victorian Government school
  terms. Other weekend work is likely to be required for performances, rehearsals and auditions.

  The successful supplier will be required to comply with the policies and procedures of the Department of
  Education and Early Childhood Development.

  2.       Background

  The DEECD Performing Arts Unit (previously known as Joining the Chorus):
            Promotes excellence in the performing arts
            Provides participation and engagement opportunities for students.

  The Performing Arts Unit has delivered these aims through the following elements:
            Performance ensemble programs
            Victorian State Schools Spectacular
          Advice and coordination of student performances for departmental functions and other
           designated events
          Costume and sheet music hire for schools
          Professional development workshops for teachers.

3.       Deliverables

Within the constraints as applied by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
(DEECD) in relation to budget, timelines, materials and people, the Creative Director is directly
responsible for the creative direction of:

          The DEECD Performing Arts Unit
           Specifically, this includes:
     o     Ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.
     o     Formulating, developing and implementing this initiative’s artistic policy and objectives.
     o     Creating and implementing the unit’s artistic activity program and undertaking related planning.
     o     Sharing in office duties, attending weekly meetings.
     o     Providing the Department with accurate and timely information to enable appropriate decisions
           to be made on matters of policy, planning and budgeting.
     o     Ensuring the morale and discipline of the participating students are maintained to professional
           standards, including referring to the Department management any disciplinary action or issues
           deemed necessary of students, staff or contractors.
          The Victorian State Schools Spectacular arena-style production
           Specifically, this includes:
     o     The creation of a working script and thematic structure of the production in consultation with
           the Music Director, Dance Director, Costume Designer and Production Manager for
           presentation to the Department. Due respect must be given to the specialised skills of all the
           other members of the creative team when areas requiring those skills are being discussed. Any
           dispute that cannot be resolved within the creative team must be referred to the Manager,
           Major Events and Content Development for resolution.
     o     Attending all auditions and follow-up meetings to finalise the appointment of the cast to perform
           in the production. During the audition process, the Creative Director has the right to the casting
           vote with the other appointed members of the panel.
     o     Approving all designs for the production, including scenery, costumes, properties, furniture, set
           dressing and lighting plot to assist the Lighting Designer achieve the best possible result.
     o     Being available to participate in the lighting plot to assist the Lighting Designer achieve the best
           possible result.
     o     Together with the Production Manager, Music Director and Dance Director, providing a detailed
           rehearsal schedule (incorporating requirements for pianist/s and cast) that is maintained at
           regular intervals, and ensuring adherance to the schedule.
     o     Setting of all Solo Vocal ensemble movement and the overall flow and continuity of the
     o     Liaising with the Skills Coordinator on the setting, development and rehearsal of the
           specialised skills of cast members.
     o     Liaising with the Music Director in setting musical numbers.
     o     Liaising with the Dance Director in setting of dance sequences.
     o      Liaising with the Production Manager and rehearsal coordinator on all production matters.
     o      Attending all vocal, dance and massed rehearsals, as scheduled.
     o      Attending all production meetings, as required.
     o      Attending media presentations and publicity events.
     o      Having responsibility for all artistic facets of the Victorian State Schools Spectacular production
            up to and including the final dress rehearsal. After this time, the Production Manager/Stage
            Manager assumes full responsibility for the running and calling of the Victorian State Schools
           The staging of designated DEECD major events
            Specifically, this includes:
           Advising the Department on entertainment and staging ideas for events such as the Victorian
            Education Excellence Awards, the Premier’s VCE Awards, and other events as agreed.
           Developing the staging directions and running orders for these agreed events.
           Performing a coordinator/director role on the night of the event by liaising with a range of
            suppliers including audiovisual, entertainment, venue event managers and DEECD staff, while
            reporting to the Contract Manager and Event Project Manager, to ensure the designated
            events flow seamlessly.

4.       Intellectual Property and Ownership of Work
All intellectual property rights created, discovered or coming into existence as a result of or arising out
this contract shall be the property of and vested in the State of Victoria. Intellectual property rights
include any documentation produced by the contractor in providing the services.

5.       Important Dates
         (These dates should be regarded as indicative only.)

It is expected that the supplier role of Creative Director would commence before the end of December
2010 or the start of January 2011 for a period of approximately 9 months until Friday 23 September

The next Victorian State Schools Spectacular may be performed in August 2011.

The Victorian Education Excellence Awards will be held in May 2011.

The Premier’s VCE Awards ceremony is expected to be held in July 2011.

6.   Relationship Management

Management Administration:

The Department Contract Manager and address for reports and invoices is:

Susan Ure
Manager, Major Events and Content Development Branch
Communications Division
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
2 Treasury Place, Level 2
Mailing Address: GPO Box 4367, MELBOURNE VIC 3001
7.        Service Hours

The hours during which the Contractor shall normally provide the services to the Department are:

Normally 4 days per week including Saturdays (approximately 9am—5pm) during the Victorian
Government school terms, although plans for the Victorian State Schools Spectacular will have to be
developed in December 2010 and January 2011 during school holidays. Additional days and other
weekend work will be required for performances, rehearsals and auditions.

Public Holidays are excluded.

7.        Reporting requirements:

The Contractor shall provide Contract Manager, Susan Ure, with brief reports on progress at agreed

Any matters which arise that may be deemed to materially affect the development of the project should
be communicated to the Department Project Manager within 24 hours of the matter being known to the

8.    Pricing

The prices offered for this service need to be in the form of Table 1 – Project Fees attached, detailing
the quoted fee for the approximate 9-month contract period. Please specify when the supplier can
commence the work as part of the pricing quote.

10. Other Expenses
The Department will meet travel expenses, including accommodation, incurred by the Contractor in the
performance of the services as approved by the Contract Manager or General Manager,
Communications Division. Flights and accommodation are to be managed through the Whole of
Government contract for Travel Services.

11      Submission

Suitable suppliers are invited to submit a quote proposal which must include:

          a.    Supplier’s name and any relevant company details including legal name, trading name,
                 address, ABN and contact details (including an email address).
          b.    Supplier’s qualifications and other professional experience relevant to the project
          c.    Declaration of any conflict of interest and how any conflict of interest may be managed.
          d.    Details of referees.
          e.    Any other relevant information.
Please note that your proposal can not be considered as accepted unless and until you receive written
notice of acceptance, delivered to your nominated email address.

12.       Selection Criteria
     Demonstrated experience and ability to provide strong artistic and managerial leadership for a
      cohesive creative team, as well as in the development of a strategic creative program to a strict
     Excellent communication skills and ability to appropriately represent the Department in dealing with
      students, schools, teachers, parents, suppliers, and media, as well as building partnerships with
      relevant organisations
     Demonstrated reputation for excellent and innovative work in professional theatre, major production
      companies and the event management industry producing large-scale events
   Demonstrated experience in working with children and youth in the performing arts industry to
    obtain optimal education, training and engagement outcomes
   Demonstrated competence in the technical facets for lighting, sound and staging of all types of
    professional events and, in particular, arena-style productions
   Ability to satisfy the Working with Children Act 2005 or current VIT registration.

Pricing Schedule

Submissions must be received by 10am, Monday 13 December 2010 and be emailed to:

Table 1 – Project Fees

Deliverables                                                                         Total
Quote for a 9-month contract to deliver this role (including GST)
Please specify when the supplier can commence the work as part of
this pricing quote.


Please note - the above Schedule assumes

   Rates to be inclusive of the GST.
   The above work will be undertaken with, and under, the Contract Manager’s ongoing direction and

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