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                                               SIGNAPAY UNDERWRITING GUIDELINES

Level 1              When the same business is adding a new location with no change of processing information.
Retail Storefront/Guaranteed Approval (Exception made for merchants listed on MATCH or having an open
bankruptcy). Definition of this merchant category - A commercial store engaged in sales of tangible goods to the general
public with an average ticket of $500 or less, with 80% retail carded swiped, with an annual volume not exceeding $1mm.
There should be signage identifying the business. A listing of Level 1 merchants (over 240 SIC codes)
appear on pages 3 and 4 of this guide, and are considered automatically approved, regardless of credit.

Level 2
High Risk Merchants – Represents those merchants who process transactions with an average ticket not necessarily
over $500, accepts the majority of their transactions via the telephone, mail or internet, or any merchant not represented
in Level 1 category. Majority of their transactions are keyed / swiped. Any Merchants not listed as Level 1 will be
considered a Level 2 Merchant.

Highly Restricted Merchants – Represents those merchants that are considered higher risk based on both industry
and actual merchant experiences. As a result, they require additional underwriting analysis and may not always be
considered for approval. The list shown on page 6 is a compilation of merchant industries that are included in this

Home-Based Business (non-MO/TO/Internet) – Represents any business operated out of the owner or manager’s
residence. Transactions are conducted face-to-face at the merchant’s residence, customer’s location, or trade shows.
The business may be engaged either in the sale of tangible goods or services. Normal transactions are keyed, unless
wireless point-of-sale device terminals are used.

Mail/Telephone Order – Represents a business, which sells tangible goods to customers not present at the point of
sale via catalog, mail or telephone. The goods ordered are then shipped to the customer. Use of Address Verification
Service required. Order fulfillment time and refund policy must be stated within the merchant credit policy or return

Internet Merchants – Represents a business whose main focus is providing acceptable products or services over the
worldwide web. The website must be functional and viewable, with acceptable products or services, and order fulfill-
ment time and refund policy must be listed within the website.

                                         Signapay Credit Policy Requirements Matrix
       Credit                Unacceptable         High R isk R etail / MO TO & Int er net            Low and m od era te risk (L evel O ne M erc hant
       Requirements          business             (Level Two M erc hant L ist / Hi ghl y             List)
                                                  Rest ri cte d)
       Def initions          Bo ttom of page 2    Pa ge 5 & 6                                        Pa ge 3 & 4 & top of 5 (> 2 40 m erchants &
                                                                                                     con sidered auto app roved )
       Legal A ge of         Not app licable      Required                                           Re quired
       pr im ary bu siness
       own er 21
       Completed & sign ed   Not app licable      Required                                           Re quired
       merchant app &
       Agr ee ment
       Voi ded ch eck        Not app licable      Re quired.                                         Re quired.
                                                  No sta rter che cks                                Sta rter checks perm itted
       Fe deral tax #        Not app licable      Re quired (except sole props)                      Re quired (except sole props)
       Pri ncipals SS #      Not app licable      On pr incipal signer, except for G ov serv ices,   On pr incipal signer, except for G ov serv ices, m ed
                                                  med institutions, colleges/ univer sities, and     ins titutions, college s/univers ities, and financial
                                                  financial ins titutions or tho se m erchants for   ins titutions or tho se me rchants for w hich a corp.
                                                  wh ich a corp. gty is d eem ed significant         gty is de em ed signific ant
       On MATCH              Not app licable      Not acceptable                                     Not acceptable
       Cr edit sco re        Not app licable      550 w ith no op en bank rup tc ies                 550 w ith no op en bank rup tc ies
       De layed delivery     Not app licable      Up to 30 days and capped at $1.8 m illion .        Not app licable
                                                  >30 days and capped at $ 90 0k
       Lo ngevity            Not app licable      Not app licable                                    Not app licable

         Trade suppliers            Not app licable     Disc re tion of Un derw riter                              Not app licable
         Perso na l guarantee       Not app licable     Re quired for all. Exception m ade for those               Re quired for all. Exception m ade for those
                                                        en tities that have subs tantiated a sa tisfactory         en tities that have subs tantia ted a sa tisfactory
                                                        busi ness hi story (10 + yrs in busi ness ), or non -      busi ness hi story (10 + yrs in busi ness ), or non -
                                                        pro fits or p ublicly tr aded co o r bus iness             pro fits or p ublicly tr aded co o r bus iness fin ancials
                                                        financials that sup port po tential m ercha nt los ses.    that su ppo rt potentia l m erch ant losse s.
         * 2 y ear financ ials      Not app licable     $1 m illion + annually                                     $12 million + annu ally
         (Most recent)
         Va lid w ebs ite or        Not app licable     Re quired for all M O TO and Intern et m erchants.         Disc re tion of Un derw riter
         marketing m at erials
         Pro cess ing               Not app licable     3 re cent cons ecutive mo nths process ing                 Disc re tion of Un derw riter
         statem ents                                    statem ents if prior process ing history rep orted.
         ACH d elay/reserve         Not app licable     Disc re tion of Un derw riter                              Disc re tion of Un derw riter
         Si te inspection /         Not app licable     Re quired                                                  Re quired
         va lidation
         Completed                  Not app licable     Re quired if m ore t han 20% in ca rd not pre sent         Not app licable
         MOT O /Internet                                trans actions.
         ad dendum
         Non -pro fit orgs          Not app licable     501 C f orm required                                       501 C f orm required

* Financial statements – when requesting financial statements, a complete set should be obtained and is defined as a 12 month income
statement, corresponding balance sheet for the same period end, statement of cash flow and accountant notes as available).When working
with corporate tax returns, this would include the complete tax returns and supporting schedules.

                                         UNACCEPTABLE METHOD OF SALES & TYPE OF BUSINESS
         900 N umbers                                                               Gro w th Horm ones
         Adult Se rvice s                                                           Impo rt / Ex por t S ervices
         Airlines                                                                   Inboun d Tele -serv ices
         Aggreg ator (MOT O / I nt ernet )                                          Inter national Callin g Ce nter s
         Alcohol (MO TO /Inter net )                                                Inve sto r Se rvices
         Annual Mem bershi p Club s                                                 Lotte ry Age nts / G ambling / Casi nos
         Ass et Pr otectio n                                                        Male Enhanc eme nt Dr ugs
         Auctio ns – aggre gato rs (see Leve l II -non ag gregat ors                Mailing S ervice s Online
         Audio te xt (Voi cemail)                                                   Mas sag e Par lors
         Bail & Bon d pa yme nts                                                    Mort gage Brok ers (se e Leve l II requireme nts)
         Benef it Packa ges                                                         Multi -Level Mark eting
         Brea st Enhanc eme nt D rug s                                              Offsh ore merc hants
         Bus tou rs (inter state)                                                   Online Au ctions
         Busine ss Oppo rtuni ty                                                    Onli ne Pha rmacie s
         Buye r Club s/Fina ncial Aid                                               Ou tbound Tel emark eting
         Casino Chi ps/L ottery /Qu asi -Cas h                                      Prize Gi ve-away
         Collection s Age ncies (Deb t)                                             Railroads
         Coupon Book s                                                              Sex serv ice s (MOT O / Intern et)
         Credit Pr ote ction/Co nsolidatio n                                        Spor ts For eca sting
         Cruise s                                                                   Spor ts Me m orabilia (M O/T O / Int er net)
         Currenc y E xcha nge (see Level I I requireme nts)                         Telem arketin g-Inb ound /Outboun d
         Dating Esc ort Se rvice s                                                  Tim e Sh are s (se e Highl y Re stric te d requir emen ts)
         Diet D rugs                                                                Toba cco (MO TO / Inte rnet)
         Door -to-Doo r Sa le s                                                     Video Te xt
         Drug Paraphernali a                                                        Ventu re Cap ital
         Financial Aid Servi ces                                                    Vitami ns (Hom e base d)
         Firea rm s (MOT O / In terne t)                                            War ranties
         Fo rtune Telle r / P sychi cs                                              Wir e Mon ey Tra nsfer
         Ge ntleman’ s Club Se rvice s

Credit Policy                                                                                    Level 1 Merchant List

Air Conditioning Repair Shop                     Boy’s clothing                             Discount Stores
Alteration/Mending                               Bridal Accessories                         Doctor *
Amusement Parks                                  Camera/Photo Supply (retail stores only)   Draper / Window Treatment (cash &
Amusement & Restoration Services (only POS-no    Camper Dealers                             carry only)
future delivery)                                 Candy Stores                               Drugstore
Antiques (no special orders)                     Card Shops                                 Dry Cleaners
Apparel Shop                                     Car Washes (w/ attendance)
                                                                                            Durable Goods
Appliance Stores                                 Check Cashing Services (Pin debit /
                                                                                            Duty Free Store
Aquariums Sea aquariums, Dolphin aquariums       EBT only)
                                                                                            Eating Places
Artist Supply                                    Child Care Centers (Licensed /
                                                                                            Electronic Repairs
Athletic Fields                                  Accredited)
                                                                                            Electrical Stores – Parts & equipment
Attorneys (No Bankruptcy)                        Child Care Centers (Licensed /
Auditing Services                                Accredited)                                Eyeglasses Stores
Auto Alarms                                      Chiropodist *                              Fabric Stores
Auto Dealers (New) (no stand alone used car      Chiropractors *                            Family Clothing Stores
dealers)                                         Cigar Stores & Stands                      Farm implements Dealers
Auto Exhaust System Repair Shop                  Cleaning, Laundry & Garment Services       Fast Food Restaurants
Auto Glass Replacement Shop                      Clock Repair                               Fireplace Accessories
Auto Parking                                     Clock Stores                               Fireworks Stores
Auto Repairs                                     Clothing – Family                          Florist (RETAIL)
Auto Supply                                      Clothing – Men’s & Women’s                 Funeral Parlor
Automated Fuel Dispensers                        Clothing – Miscellaneous
                                                                                            Game Stores
Automobile Dealers (New) – Sales, Service,       Clothing – Women’s Ready-To-Wear
                                                                                            Gas Stations
Repairs, Part, Leasing                           Cocktail Lounges (NO ADULT)
                                                                                            General Merchandise
Automotive Service Shops (non-dealers)           Colleges & Univ. (Accredited)
                                                                                            Gift / Card / Novelty
Automotive Tire Stores                           Comedy Club
                                                                                            Girl’s Clothing
Automotive Tune-Up Shop                          Commercial Equipment
Automobile Trans Repair Shop                     Commercial Sports (only POS-no future      Glass / Paint / Wallpaper (cash & carry)
Bakeries                                         delivery)                                  Glassware Store
Barber/Beauty Shop                               Confectionery Stores                       Golf Course (Public)
Beauty Products                                  Convenience Stores                         Golf Course (Private) (no future delivery /
Bedding (no future delivery)                     Cosmetic Stores (retail only)              MoTo)
Beer Stores                                      Court Costs                                Government Services
Bicycle Shop                                     Craft Shop                                 Grocery Store
Billiard & Pool Establishment                    Crystal Store                              Hardware Store
Bldg, / Home Supply Store (no future delivery)   Dairy Products Store                       Health Food Stores
Boat Dealers                                     Delicatessens                              Hobby Shop (no collectibles)
Book Stores                                      Demolition Services
                                                                                            Home Furnishing Special Stores – (cash &
Books Periodicals & Newspapers (Non-             Dental Laboratory *
                                                                                            carry only)
Subscription)                                    Dentist *
                                                                                            Home Supply Stores
Bookkeeping Services                             Department Store
                                                                                            Home supply Warehouse Stores
Botanical Gardens                                Diaper Services
Bowling Alleys                                   Disinfecting Services
                                                                                            Household Appliances

 Credit Policy                                                                                           Level 1 Merchant List

House Ware / Cutlery                               Paints Varnishes & Supplies                   Sports Apparel
Intermediate Care Facilities                       Parcel Post Store                             Stationery Store
Industrial Supplies (retail only – cash & carry)   Pet Grooming                                  Stationery, Office Supplies, Printing &
Lamp / Lighting                                    Pet Store                                     Writing Papers
Laundromats                                        Photographic Supply Stores                    Supermarkets
Lawn / Garden Supply                               Photo Processing Supplies                     Swimming Pools Public
Leather Retail                                     Pharmacies
                                                                                                 Swimming Pools (SERVICES/SUPPLIES/
Legal Services / Attorneys                         Physicians *
Liquor                                             Piano Store
                                                                                                 Tailors & Seamstresses, mending & Alteration
Locksmith                                          Plumbing & Heating Equipment & Supplies
                                                                                                 Tavern / Alcoholic Beverages – (NO ADULT)
Lodging / Hotel (Non-Resort)                       Podiatrist *
                                                                                                 Tattoo Parlor
Luggage / Leather                                  Print Shop – Typeset
Lumber Store                                       Quick Change Oil Change Only                  Telegraph Services
Marinas (no recurring billing)                     Radio / TV / Stereo Repair                    Television Repair Shop
Marriage Counseling *(Licensed)                    Railway (Passenger) (only POS-no future       Television Sales-outlet for consumer electronics
Meat & Fish Market                                 delivery)                                     Tent / Awning Shop
Medical, Dental, Ophthalmic & Hospital Equip       Record Shop                                   Tire Dealer
& Supplies                                         Recreational Facilities (only POS-no future   Tire Retreating & Repair Shop
Medial Lab *                                       delivery)                                     Tobacco Stores & Stands
Medical Services & Health Practitioners            Recreational Vehicle Dealer (New Only)        Toll and Bridge Fees
Men’s Women & Children Uniforms                    Refrigerator Repair Shop                      Toy & Game Stores
Men’s Store                                        Religious Goods Store
                                                                                                 Trophy Sales (cash & carry only)
Mini Gold / Driving Range                          Restaurant
                                                                                                 Truck Dealers – New (Service, Repair,
Motor vehicle Supplies & New Parts                 Restaurant, Fast Food
                                                                                                 and Parts)
Motorcycle Dealers                                 Retail Stores
                                                                                                 Used Merchandise Stores (NO FURNITURE)
Movie Theater (No MoTo)                            Riding Apparel Stores
                                                                                                 Utilities (Gas, Water, Electric) PUBLIC ONLY
Museum                                             Rubber Stamp Store
Music Store                                        Salvage Yards                                 Used Merchandise Stores (NO FURNITURE)
Musical Instruments – Related                      School Supply Store                           Utilities (Gas, Water, Electric) PUBLIC ONLY
Needlework Store                                   Seafood Markets                               Variety Store
Newsstand & New Dealers                            Secondhand Store / Consignment Shop           Vegetable Market
Novelty Shops                                      Service Stations                              Veterinarians *
Nurseries (excludes Landscape)                     Sewing Stores                                 Video Amusement Game Supplies
Nursing & Personal Care Facilities                 Shoe Repair                                   Video Rental (NO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP)
Nut Stores                                         Shoe Store                                    Wallpaper Stores (cash & carry only)
Office Supply-retail                               Sign Company                                  Watch Repair
Ophthalmologist *                                  Silverware Store                              Welding
Optical Good Store                                 Ski Stores
                                                                                                 Wig & Toupee Stores
Opticians *                                        Ski Slopes
                                                                                                 Women’ Accessories & Specialty Shops
Optometrist *                                      Small Appliance Repair (retail)
                                                                                                 Women’s Ready-To-Wear Stores
Orthodontists *                                    Snowmobile Dealer
                                                                                                 Women’s Clothing
Orthopedic Goods, Prosthetic Devices               Souvenir Shop
Osteopaths *                                       Specialty Food Market
Package Store – Beer, Wine & Liquor                Sporting Goods (Non-Health Club)

Credit Policy                                                                                          Level 2 Merchant List

Advance sales (in excess of 30 days)            Commuter Passenger Transportation               Office Supply – Retail
Advertising Services                            Currency Exchange (DCC only)                    Office Furniture (100% B To B)
Air Conditioning Contractors – Sales &          Dance Studios (No membership)                   Other Schools
Installation                                    Delivery Services (local)                       Pawn Shop
Aircraft Services (repairs only)                Detective Service                               Petroleum and Petroleum Products
Ambulance services                              Domestic Services                               Photo Studio
Antique Furniture                               Drapery & Upholstery
                                                                                                Private Elementary & Secondary Schools
Antique Reproductions                           Educational Services
                                                                                                Professional Sports & Clubs
Architectural & Engineering Services            Electrical Contractors
                                                                                                Property mgmt (central reservation systems)
Armored Cars                                    Electronic Stores
                                                                                                Recreational & Utility Trailers
Art Gallery / Dealer                            Exterminating Service
                                                                                                Religious Organizations
Auctions (non-aggregators)                      Fitness Center (NO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP)
Automobile Associations                         Floor Covering                                  Rental – Tools, Equipment & Furniture
Auto body Repair Shops                          Freezer & Locker Meat                           Rental – Trucks & Trailers
Auto Rental                                     Furniture Stores                                Schools – Elementary & Secondary
Band / Orchestras                               Furriers / Fur Shops                            Security Systems
Blueprinting Services                           Framing Stores                                  Secretarial Schools
Boat Dealers                                    Fuel Oil Dealers                                Shipping – Domestic Only
Boat Rental / Jet Ski                           General Contractors                             Skilled Nursing Care Facility
Bridal Shop                                     Graphics – Commercial                           Sports cards – Retail shop only
Business Services                               Gravestone / Monuments – sales / installation   Stamp & Coins Stores
Business & Secretary Schools                    Gun Shop
                                                                                                Storage (month to month)
Bus Lines, excluding Charters & Tours           Hearing Aid / Sales / Services
                                                                                                Surveying Services
Cable & Other Pay TV Services                   Health spas
                                                                                                Swimming Pool / Sales
Carnivals                                       Home Health Care Services
                                                                                                Tax Payments
Carpet Cleaners                                 Homeopathic Remedies/Drugs
                                                                                                Tax Preparation Services
Carpet Stores                                   Horticultural Services
Catering                                        Janitorial Supplies                             Telemarketing (Inbound Only)
Cellular Phone Service / Beepers                Jewelry Sales / Repair                          Telecommunications Equipment including
Check cashing Services – EBT / Debit only       Kiosk – (Retail)                                Telephone Sales
Commercial Photography, Art & Graphics          Landscaping Services                            Temporary Help Services
Computer / Software sales                       Limo / Car Services Transportation              Testing Laboratories (Non – Medical Testing)
Counseling Service – Debt – Marriage – Personal Liquefied Pet. Gas Dealer Local / Suburban      Tourist Attractions
Churches [must have 501(3)(c)]                  Management Consulting Services (B to B)         Towing Services
Circuses                                        Massage Therapist (Licensed)                    Trailer Park / Campgrounds
Cleaning / Janitorial Services                  Miscellaneous Publishing & Printing             Truck Rentals
Clothing Rental                                 Miscellaneous Specialty Retail                  Tuxedo Rentals
Coal Dealers                                    Mobile Home Dealers
                                                                                                Typesetting, Plate Making & Related Services
Comics – Retail shop only                       Mortgage Brokers (down payment and fee’s
                                                                                                Upholstery Cleaning / Repair
Computer (Maintenance, Repair, & Services)      addendum required)
                                                                                                Used Car / Truck Dealer
Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies              Motor Home / RVs Dealers
                                                                                                Used Auto Parts
Correspondence Schools                          Night Club / Disco
                                                                                                Utility Trailer Dealers & Rentals
Costume Rental                                  Non-For-Profit [501 (3) (c) - verified]
Crematories                                                                                     Video Production
                                                                                                Vocational Schools

Credit Policy                                                      Level 2 Merchant List/Highly Restricted Merchants

Diet Programs (weight loss centers)
Employment agencies
File downloads
Magazines (downloads only – no streaming downloads)
Membership Clubs (sports, recreations, athletic – month to month billing)
Membership Orgs (month to month billing)
Perishable foods & Plant items (MOTO/Internet)
Prepaid Phone cards
Ring tones (downloads)
Seminars (MOTO/Internet)
Software Downloads (no adult content)
Subscriptions (month to month billing - no streaming downloads)
Ticket agencies (Non travel)
Timeshares (maintenance and dues only)
Tour Operators/related services
Travel Agencies
Vacation Packages

                                          SignaPay is a registered ISO/MSP of Harris N.A., Chicago, IL.


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