The City of San Gabriel declared a local state of emergency yesterday morning and fully activated the Emergency
Operation Center (EOC.) The City remains in emergency status as of today.

The high winds experienced over the past two days have caused damage throughout the City. City of San Gabriel
crews have been working continuously since the beginning of the incident to assess and address the damage in the

Community members may be experiencing a number of situations related to this incident. In order to further
inform the community, this article seeks to answer frequently asked questions that we are receiving from our

Q. Where do I report downed power lines, cable or telephone lines?
A. Outages and downed power lines can be reported to Southern California Edison at 800-611-1911. For further
information regarding the power outage you can access the website at

Charter Communications is currently in Disaster Recovery Mode and can be contacted at 888-438-2427.

Telephone service questions can be directed to Verizon 800-837-4966.

Q. What do I do if I smell Gas or my service is interrupted?
A. Please contact the Gas company at 800-427-2200.

Q. What do I do if I have lost Cable or phone service?
A. Contact your local service provider.

Q. What do I do if there is damage to my property or apartment?
A. Call your Insurance agency or landlord.

Q. Where do I find my lost pets?
A. Call the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society at 626-286-1159. The shelter is located at 851 East Grand Avenue, San
Gabriel. It is located 2 blocks east of San Gabriel Boulevard.

Q. Where do I find my trash cans?
A. Call Athens Services at 888-336-6100. Their website is located at

Q. Where do I report downed street lights, street signs, trees and tree limbs in City Parks, streets and
A. Call the San Gabriel City Hall at 626-308-2803 to make any reports.
Q. What is the trash pick-up schedule going to be?
A. Trash pick-up will occur at its normal schedule.

Q. What is the street sweeping schedule going to be?
A. Street sweeping will occur at its normal schedule.

Q. How do I submit a claim against the City?
A. You may file a claim against the City for damages sustained due to the fault or negligence of the City of San Gabriel.
Submitting a claim is not a guarantee your reimbursement request will be accepted by the City. All claims will be
reviewed by the City's Claims Administrator for liability and responsibility.

Please note: The City of San Gabriel is not liable for damages caused by "acts of nature", such as the recent high winds;
you are advised to report these damages to your insurance company.

Completed claim forms, along with supporting documentation, may be sent to:

        City of San Gabriel
        Attn: Risk Management
        P.O. Box 130
        San Gabriel, CA 91778

Download the City of San Gabriel Claim for Damage Form (.PDF format) at

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