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									Lightning Reef Primary School Council

Minutes for Wednesday, 10th August, 2011 @ 7pm.


   Parent members :
   Darren Mc Gregor , Jason Bennett, Dianne Bowley, Lisa Dunstone, Paula Dunstone
   DEECD Employees :
   Principal : Dzintra Martin, Mandy Costello, Fran Forge, Mel Cashen, Katrina Johnstone
   Community members :

2. Apologies : Bree Claridge

3. Confirmation of Minutes of Previous meeting
   Motion : “School Council moves that the minutes of the previous meeting, 8th June, 2011, are
   true and correct. (Fran Forge added as attending.”
   Moved : Mel Cashen          Seconded : Lisa Dunstone CD

4. Business Arising from minutes :
       Credit Card Information – hold over till next meeting?
5. Correspondence In :
        From                          Re                                        Action

         VICCSO                                School Council membership        Agreement to JOIN –
                                               Cost to LRPS would be : $160     Dz to follow up
         Philanthropic Foundations             Portfolio Statement              Tabled
         (Herbert Stanley Seymour                                               Still in CHPS name –
         Trust)                                                                 they have been
                                                                                notified – still under
                                                                                CHPS – follow up
                                                                                name change again.)
         Donald Gibbons                        LRPS registration – all policy   Registration now
         Senior Regulations Officer, Quality   requirements met, 2nd email –    complete
         Assurance Schools Unit
                                               approved by director
         Victorian Registration and
         Qualifications Authority

6. Correspondence Outwards :
    George Ellis – Cornish Assoc – thank you for the $6,300 & the on-going association with
       LRPS. Use interest to fund scholarships for Yr 6 – 1 x campus, then 20102 - combined
7. DEECD Circulars
   S286-2011 2011 Parent Opinion Survey – Full Documentation
   For all schools and principals and school council presidents

   The 2011 Parent Opinion Survey is to be conducted statewide during a two week period in
   Term 3 (22 August to 2 September 2011). This circular contains important information about
   the survey.
S288-2011 Victorian Ombudsman’s Report June 2011 – Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality
For all schools and principals, school council presidents and business managers

Schools are reminded to attest to having met the requirements of the Department’s Gifts, Benefits
and Hospitality Policy through the School Compliance Checklist by the end of Term 4.

S289-2011 School-based Consultation – Reporting Requirements
For all schools and principals, school council presidents and regional directors. Principals
are asked to distribute this circular to all school staff.

All schools are required to have consultative arrangements in place by the start of Term 4.
Principals are requested to report whether consultative arrangements have been agreed at the
school no later than 1 September 2011.

S256-2011 School Policy and Advisory Guide is Live (formerly Victorian Government
Schools Reference Guide)
For all schools and principals, school council presidents, parent club/association
presidents, regional directors and central and regional staff

The School Policy and Advisory Guide is now available. Previously known as the Victorian
Government Schools Reference Guide, this online resource has been specifically de signed for
schools so that it is easier to find and use the Department’s school education policy and advice.


    Finance : LRPS
    As tabled
        High Yield:                        $ 184,733.34
        Official:                             $ 8,065.48
        Interest June
        High Yield:                            $755.94
        Official :                              $11.45
        Cheques for June:                    0272 – 378

        High Yield:                        $ 265,447.12
        Official:                           $ 45,076.61
        Interest July
        High Yield:                             $847.04
        Official :                                $1.21
        Cheques for July 0379-0428

        Changes to Budgets : Final Cash budgets for 2011 tabled.

$40,893 has been received from National Partnerships (cash) – this needs to be allocated to a range
of budgets . Most of this money has been spent . Exact amount for 2011.2012 not known yet
       Motion : “School Council moves that finance reports LRPS for June & July, 2011 be accepted
       and that accounts as presented for payment be ratified.”
       Moved : Mandy Costello                   Seconded: Mel Cashen CD

9. Parents Association : Lisa Dunstone reporting
    Fundraising Calendar father’s day – raffle & stall. Asking for donations as mice destroyed
       previous stock. Contact businesses for support, idea of vouchers?
    Raffle from Scouts to offset camp costs
    Footy Day – dress up & special food

10. Management :
     August census : 210 students - high transience rate
     PREP Info evening Wed Aug 17th at both campuses @ 7pm...possibly follow up meeting with
       day session
     Enrolment Package – updated , looks great
     Website – updated : thanks to Mel, photos of school council next meeting, quick personal
       profile, look @ LRPS website & KFPS website

11. Environment :
     New building – tenders have closed, will hear when they make a decision

12. Student Learning :
         Learning for Life program – new program. Focus on deep learning and building
           relationships. Stage 1 of the project……leader : Jarrod Epps

13. Student Engagement, Wellbeing & Transition :
         Making Better Choices – whole school focus for each month, developing a shared vision
           Great work from the Student Engagement & Wellbeing Team
           Now named Healthy Habits : July – Putting Equipment Away, August : Speaking Kindly,
           Celebrations at end of month in classes

14. Family Friendly Schools
        Need to engage more parents – ideas?
        Consider ideas to use both campuses

   Motion : “School Council accepts all reports as tabled”
   Moved : Paula Dunstone                Seconded : Mel Cashen CD

15. General Business
        VRQA Policies for registration of LRPS as a new entity – completed. Policies tabled.
        Yr 6 Careers Education Project with Bendigo Manufacturer’s group, City of Greater
           Bendigo & GLLEN groups – planning taking place – Jeff Bothe, Anne Brosnan, Dzintra
           Bernadette Gigliotti to attend next Wednesday’s meeting 5.30 -7.00 to meet with
           Manufacturer’s group, GLLEN and City Council to advise about development of this pilot.
           Focus : Connections & pathways to career life expectations. Fran, Jarrod and Mel to also
        School Self Evaluation –reports from both campuses sent to reviewers. First meeting
           held- to discuss process. Review sometime in August.
          Jenny’s farewell – morning tea Friday 12th Aug, replace till end of 2012
          Photocopier Quotes : price comparison tabled for 3 suppliers : Boltons, Xerox, Sharp.
          School Council evening organised by Regional office : attended by Darren McGregor and
           Fran Forge – thank you
           Motion : School Council approves the rental of the Konica- Minolta photocopier from
           Bolton’s for a 48 month lease at a cost of $ 276.08/month (excl GST) and 0.007/B&W
           copy and 0.07/colour .”
           Moved :Darren Seconded : Dzintra CD
        Principal Selection process for LRPS – Anne Cunniff /Bendigo Regional Network Leader to
           support school council .
           Dzintra Martin left the meeting.
           1. Development of community criteria
           2. Discussion of composition of panel
               a) Regional representation
               b) School council president
               c) Parent representative
               d) Elected staff rep (from entire staff across both campuses)
                   -email - interested panel members to email by certain date, if more than one
                   nomination –secret ballot
               e) possible timing – short list for interview – weekend?
           3. Practising Principal
       Let Anne know parent rep & staff rep
       Katrina to get list of staff on central payroll & email staff re staff rep
        Binders for school council members to store council information + red wallet for
           monthly info

Next Meeting : Wed 8th Sept @ 7 pm @ Holmes Rd
Meeting closed @ …………….
Minutes are true and correct.

School Council President

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