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					                   Shoreline School District
     Special Education AAC and Assistive Technology Lending Library

                     Currently Housed at Parkwood Elementary

Joe Malek, TIS
Christine Dunbar, SLP, PW 368-4156 M,T, W

        Equipment                                Uses                        Vendor/           Qty.
                                                                            Product #        Availab
                                                                                              le for

Low-Tech Voice Output AAC devices:
Big Mack Communicator            Record any message directly into         Able Net #1-        5
Single switch with recordable    this powerful single message tool        00201, 3,5,6 & 7
voice output.                    and press its large activation surface
                                 for crystal-clear, single message        http://www.a
                                 playback. Students with visual
                                 disabilities and those who require a
                                 larger activation surface will have no   m/item_detai
                                 problem connecting with BIGmack          l.aspx?ItemC
                                 communicator’s large, 5-inch             ode=10000201
                                 activation surface as they connect
                                 with teachers, classmates and the
                                 world around them.

Step-by-Step communicator        5-inch target area on this powerful      Able Net            5
with levels                      sequential messaging tool. Record        #1-00501, 3, 6
Used to relay several messages   any series of messages directly into     http://www.a
                                 the BIG Step-by-Step communicator
sequence to participate in                                      
classroom routines (e.g.         and press its large activation surface
                                 for the first in a series of messages.   m/item_detai
calendar time) and                                                        l.aspx?ItemC
                                 Press it again and BIG Step-by-Step
conversation.                    is ready to play the next message.       ode=10000101
                                 With 75 seconds of recording time,
                                 you can record as many messages
                                 as you need. BIG Step-by-Step is
                                 perfect for recording verses of song
                                 or poem, steps in a recipe or short
                                 social scripts to encourage
                                 conversational turn-taking.
iTalk Communicator              The iTalk2 dual-message       Able Net           5
Side-by side double switch      communicator gives students   #1-01200
with recordable voice output.   the freedom to choose
Basic communication tool for    between two activities,       http://www.a
                                such as listening to music
yes/no, choices, two-part       or a story. iTalk2 is also
statements.                     perfect for asking and        m/item_detai
                                answering questions,          l.aspx?ItemC
                                telling jokes and making      ode=10001200
                                comments in social
                                situations. With 8.5
                                seconds of recording time
                                per activation surface, the
                                possibilities are endless.
                                Add a toy or appliance for
                                immediate positive
                                reinforcement and to
                                enhance messages.

Cheap Talk 4 In-line Direct,    Allows the use of one or      Enabling Devices   5
Scan and                        two switches to "scan" the    #3050
Jacks                           four or eight different
                                messages. These versatile
                                units allow direct
                                activation by pressing the    ingdevices.c
                                squares, activation by        om/catalog/c
                                separate external switches,   ommunicators
                                and scan operation with one   /cheap-
                                or two external switches. A   talks-
                                light illuminates
                                sequentially. When a window
                                is selected, a pre-recorded   cheap-talk-
                                message will play back.       4-8-direct-
                                The scanning speed is         scan-jacks
                                adjustable to accommodate a
                                range of different
7-Level Communication           The 7-Level Communication     Enabling Devices   10
Builder On-The Go               Builder is a self-contained   #7075G
                                communication device. It      http://enabl
                                allows the user to record
Used for next steps beyond
                                and play back from 1, 2, 4,
single-switch                   8, or 16 different messages   om/catalog/c
communication. Allows for       per level. There are seven    ommunicators
phrase and sentence             levels for recordings,        /communicati
building.                       giving you a total of up to   on-
                                112 messages (in the 16       builders/7-
                                window setting). Total
                                record time is 300 seconds.   level-
                                The unit comes equipped       communicatio
                                 with 5 sturdy                 n-builder
                                 frame/overlays in 1, 2, 4,
                                 8 and 16 windows, which
                                 will retain your icon sheet
                                 (not included). Re-
                                 recording is required when
                                 you change window frames.
                                 Frame size is 81⁄2" x 7".
Go-Talk 4+                       GoTalk 4+ is lightweight      Attainment     5
Portable, light-weight device    and rugged, and has a 20      Company GO-
for beginning choice-making.     message capacity (4 large     043
Large picture size appropriate   keys, each 3” square, and
for visually impaired users.     five recording levels).
                                 PLUS two “core messages”      http://www.a
                                 that remain constant when     ttainmentcom
                                 you change levels. Great
                                 for essentials, like          rt/product.p
                                 “Hello” or “All done.” PLUS   hp?productid
                                 all new technology
                                 providing superior sound
                                 with volume control. PLUS     &page=1
                                 easier sequential
                                 recording, an option for
                                 whole level erasing and
                                 built-in overlay storage
                                 Size: 9″ x 12″ x 1 1/8″
                                 Weight 23 oz.
Go-Talk 9 +                      GoTalk 9+ is lightweight      Attainment     5
                                 and rugged, and now has a     Company GT-09E
                                 45 message capacity (9
                                 keys, each 1 3/4″ x 2         http://www.a
                                 1/4″, and five recording      ttainmentcom
                                 levels). PLUS three “core
                                 messages” which stay the
                                 same on each level so you     rt/product.p
                                 don’t need to re-record       hp?productid
                                 essential messages for each   =16147&cat=0
                                 level. PLUS all new           &page=1
                                 technology providing great
                                 sound and volume control.
                                 PLUS easier sequential
                                 recording, an option for
                                 whole level erasing and
                                 built-in overlay storage.
                                 Size: 9″ x 12″ x 1 1/8″
                                 Weight 23 oz
Go-Talk 20+                      GoTalk 20+ is lightweight     Attainment     5
                                 and rugged, and now has a     Company GT-20E
                                 100 message capacity (20      http://www.a
                                 keys, each 1-inch square,
                                 and five recording levels).
                                  PLUS five “core messages”  
                                  which stay the same on each          rt/product.p
                                  level so you don’t need to
                                  re-record essential
                                  messages for each level.             =16146&cat=0
                                  PLUS all new technology              &page=1
                                  providing great sound and
                                  volume control. PLUS easier
                                  sequential recording, an
                                  option for whole level
                                  erasing and built-in
                                  overlay storage.

Basic Switch Assessment           Contains 8 different types of        Enabling Devices   1
Kit                               switches for access for those with   #7750
                                  motor impairments.                   http://enabl
                                  Kit #1 includes Grip &               om/catalog/c
                                  Puff, Grip Kit, 3" x 5"
                                  plate, Tilt Switch,
                                  Ultimate Switch, Adjustable          switches/spe
                                  Pinch Switch, Button Click           cial-
                                  Switch and Petite Pillow             switches-
                                  Switch                               kits/switch-

Special Switch mounting Kit       This comprehensive Switch            Enabling Devices   1
                                  Mounting Kit contains:               #2100
12-piece kit for mounting         Universal Wheel Chair Clamp
                                  with 3/8" x 18" Rod • Two
switches to wheelchairs, table,                                        http://enabl
etc.                              5/8" x 6" Microphone Tubes
                                  • Circle Switch Mounting             ingdevices.c
                                  Plate • Rectangle Switch             om/catalog/m
                                  Mounting Plate • Triangle            ounting-
                                  Switch Mounting Plate • 6"           devices/moun
                                  Gooseneck • 12" Gooseneck •          ting-
                                  19" Gooseneck • 5/8"-27 to
                                  1/4"-20 adapter • 5/8"-27
                                  threaded sleeve • 3/8" rod           -switch-
                                  tp 1/4"-20 female threat             mounting-kit
                                  adapter • 3/8" rod to 1/4"-
                                  20 female threat adapter •
                                  5/8"-27 Male Flange
Jelly Bean switch                 Used to access communication         Able Net #1-JBR,   10
Features a 2 1/2-inch             tools and devices. Saves wear        BL, G.
activation surface and            and tear on more expensive
is recommended for                communication devices by
students who can access
a smaller target area.   bypassing switch activation. Also
                         used for cause-effect work on
                         toys and equipment.

Big Red switch           Used to access communication         Able Net #1 – BR, 5
                         tools and devices (see Jelly Bean    BY, BBK
                         switch). Larger switch makes
                         easier target for those with motor
                         and visual impairments.

Switch Adapted Toys
Donkey Toy               Used to understand cause-effect      Enabling Devices   1
                         for beginning switch use. Pre-       #909
                         requisite for communication skills
                         and switch use for
                         communication. Used for social
                         interaction with peers.

Lady Bug                 http://enablingdevices.              Enabling Devices   1
                         com/catalog/specially-               #905

Pony                                                          Enabling Devices   1

Frog                                                          Enabling Devices   1
Elephant                                         Enabling Devices   1

Skipping Dog                                     Enabling Devices   1

Curious George         http://enablingdevices.   Enabling Devices   2
                       com/catalog/specially-    #3913

Hook and Ladder Fire   http://enablingdevices.   Enabling Devices   2
Engine                 com/catalog/specially-    #131

Dora the Explorer      http://enablingdevices.   Enabling Devices   2
                       com/catalog/specially-    #3903
Tickle Me Elmo                    http://enablingdevices.       Enabling Devices   1
                                  com/catalog/specially-        #467

Interface Tools
Dual Switch Latch and             This unit allows two          Ablenet 1-         5
Timers                            students to activate their    DSLAT
Allows for timed operation, on-   own devices simultaneously.
off, sustained or non-sustained   The Dual Switch Latch and
use of equipment when             Timer features the same
operated by a switch.             modes of control as our
                                  single SLAT, allowing you
                                  to choose the amount of
                                  time an activity requires
                                  to ensure student success.
                                  Two Toy/Appliance Cables

                                  Used whenever you need to
                                  add Modes of Control to any
                                  switch accessible toy or
                                  appliance. Use with any
                                  pre-adapted device, or use
                                  our Battery Device Adapter
                                  to create you own adapted
                                  toy or appliance. All
                                  Switch Latch and Timers
                                  include three modes of
                                  control that determine the
                                  amount of time the
                                  appliance operates once the
                                  switch is activated:
                                  Timed Seconds: Runs
                                  appliance from 1 to 60
                                  seconds with each switch
                                  Timed Minutes: Runs
                                  appliance from 1 to 60
                                  minutes with each
                                  Latch: First switch
                                  activation turns appliance
                                  ON; second activation turns
                                  it OFF.
Battery Device Adaptor            Allow for any battery-operated      Ablenet 1-       4
                                  device to be activated by switch.   BDAAA, 1-        (2 ea)
                                  For equipment using AA batteries    BDACD
                                  and C an D batteries.               http://www.a

Switch interface Pro 5.0          This plug-and-play switch           AbleNet 1-SIP5   5
Allows switch users to activate   interface makes PC and              http://www.a
computer software.                Macintosh computers       
                                  accessible to everyone.
                                  Connect one switch to help          m/item_detai
                                  early learners practice             l.aspx?ItemC
                                  switch skills or add up to          ode=100SIP5
                                  five switches for fostering
                                  cause-and-effect and
                                  choice-making skills.
                                  Choose the Switch Interface
                                  Pro 5.0 when you want to
                                  connect to the USB port on
                                  either a Windows or
                                  Macintosh computer.

Dynamic display high-tech AAC voice output devices

Spring Board Plus                 Programmable communication          Prentke-Romich   2
                                  device for students ready to        company
                                  transition from manual              http://store
                                  communication boards or static
                                  display devices with limited        m/cgi-
                                  message capacity. Dynamic           bin/store/SB
                                  display, touch-screen. Starter      2-AEN.html
                                  device for PRC line (Vantage,
                                  Vanguard, Pathfinder, ECO).
Mini-Mo                           Programmable communication          Dynavox 800057   1
                                  device for students ready to
                                  transition from manual              http://www.d
                                  communication boards or static      ynavoxtech.c
                                  display devices with limited        om/products/
                                  message capacity. Dynamic           mightymo_min
                                  display, touch-screen. Starter      imo.aspx
                                  device for Dynavox line (MT4,
                                  Dynavox, Dynavox V).
Palmtop               Dedicated communication device,      Dynavox 800161   1
                      lightweight, hand-held and
                      portable. For users who need a       http://www.d
                      powerful AAC tool with extreme       ynavoxtech.c
                      portability.                         om/products/
ECO 14                Large-screened, versatile device     Prentke-Romich   1
                      is an AAC aid and Windows® XP        company
                      based computer. Allows for           http://www.p
                      integration of communication and
                      computer skills for reading,         eco
                      writing, and academics.

Laptop with windows   Dedicated computer needed to                          1
capability            run windows-based software for
                      programming on AAC devices,
                      back-ups of devices, and
                      windows-only demos of AAC
The Tango             High tech communication device                        1
                      with multiple access modes,          http://www.b
                      including scanning. Pre-recorded     link-
                      and customizable phrases,  
                      language streams and core            ngo/
                      vocabulary provide full expressive   ml
                      capabilities for those with higher
                      cognitive capabilities.

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