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Gift Christmas by dadangsuryana00


My story begins in New York City and begins again in a rural mountain town in Virginia. My brilliant second career came courtesy of a long-dead grocer. George Bowers was a New Yorker who died at the turn of last century. I knew nothing about George back in 2007. At

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Gather around and I will tell you a tale

Of how Christmas was saved

By a cat and her tail

Santa was making his rounds in the sky

The reindeer were flying

All masked to the eye

The presents were given to good girls and boys

There were ipads and ipods

And even some toys

The stockings were stuffed right on up to the top

With fruitcake and oranges

And sometimes some pop
Cookies and milk were indulged by the guy

Carrots for reindeer

Really helps them to fly

The house up the hill was next on the list

Just one little girl

She shouldn't be missed

The sleigh landed safely by a chimney pot

The reindeer were blowing

It really was hot

A fire was roaring in the fire place

Her parents were drinking

And stuffing their face

Santa's dilemma was quite clear to see

How to get presents

To the Christmas tree

Puff here was listening for hooves on the roof

She knew it was Christmas

And here was her proof
She must put out the fire so Santa could enter

Puff was so tiny

But she knew her center

She settled her haunches and raised up her head

Her mouth opened wide

And here's what she said

Pee down the chimney and put out the flames

The parents are drunkards

And they'll take the blame

The child that lives here is safely asleep

I tucked her in soundly

And purred nice and deep

So put out the fire and drop off your gifts

You're welcome in this house

Her spirits you'll lift

The reindeer they heard the cat's bloody yowl

They heard and they nodded
And lined up by the cowl

The reindeer they knew that they were now needed

To pee down the chimney

Santa stayed seated

Each of the reindeer took such careful aim

And peed on the embers

They put out the flames

Santa now safely went down the chimney

Delivered his gifts

And dropped off some whiskey

My good friend Puff you yowled very loudly

Such a good job

It was all done so proudly

How did you do it and not raise suspicion

They just didn't guess

You were giving permission

That was the fun part when all's set to wail
I just let them think

They stepped on my tail.

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