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									               Scarves – A Fashionable Piece of Clothe for Various Utility
Scarves are in use since ancient period in many cultures. During earlier era they served some defined
purposes for instance to cover head at the time of prayer at temple, church and mosque by Hindus,
Christians and Muslims respectively or suppose to be worn during nail biting winter days to keep chilly
winds at bay. If there were one such scarf that was used all year around then it was handkerchief only.
But now the whole scenario has changed, these days scarves are in use for multipurpose therefore they
are available all year around in different shapes, sizes, designs and fabrics.

During earlier centuries scarves were more common to women only but in modern world men’s scarves
too made the presence felt. Fashion scarves are accessible by both men and women in wide varieties.
These scarves available in hand woven, knitted, hand printed, machine printed, handmade,
embroidered and other numerous enchanting forms. Colors are other attracting feature of scarves.
Awfully used imprints of colors fascinate buyers and play one of the important deciding factors when it
comes to team up with outfit. One can get these fascinating pieces of clothes in rectangular, square,
triangle or even in long rounded shapes.

Since the days when it has originated to till now scarf has gain popularity unfailingly. It has become a
part of people’s daily wear as need and as well as fashion accessory. While women’s scarves are more
inclined towards fashion, often men’s choice of scarves is based on need. When we say scarf, the term
style automatically struck our mind. Richer people and fashion icons regularly flaunt their scarves made
from expensive fabrics. It means the prices of these graceful pieces of clothes varied according
alongwith quality of fabric, design and finishing given. Increase in popularity of scarves too played a vital
role in hiking their price.

Fabrics used in making of scarves are silk, cotton, wool, chiffon, rayon, georgette and other artificial
fibers. Each scarf comes with certain nuance. Silk scarf is known for its luxurious and royal approach,
there is some regality attached to it. While cotton scarf is accessible piece of cloth which has unique
quality of giving skin space to breadth because of this reason wearer feel fresh for a longer period of
time. On the other hand woolen scarves are worn for warmth and coziness. Despite their distinctive
features they are equally appreciated for comfort and ease they provide. Synthetic scarves too contain
the same features and versatility depending upon their make.

When we associate the term ‘versatile’ with scarf, we not only meant versatility in its design and fabric
used but also in the various ways it can be exploited. We can use them either as head scarves to keep
harsh rays of sun and wind at bay, as winter scarves for remain protected from chilly winds, as hair
scarves for well groomed gorgeous look or as neck scarves for style and to protect throat from
unwanted elements. Scarves are for every occasion.

In this designer era scarves occupy same space as any jewelry, boots or other accessories. Easily
matched up with any outfit, they have ability to bring brightness even on dull and boring wardrobe.
With scarves on, you will feel lively, presentable and sophisticatedly dressed.
So far as we have discussed, we know that wearing a scarf is a wise idea to make a fashion statement
and as shield for various climatic issues. Now mens scarves, cotton scarfs and silk scarfs are assessed
from online too. WWW.Scarf-Rack.Com is website dedicated in providing its customers authentic
scarves of ancient and contemporary designs to latest trend in fashion.

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