Audi Technology Vocabulary Guide Part 1

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					Audi Technology Vocabulary Guide Part 1

Audi remains a leading manufacturer of luxury performance vehicles by dedicating
themselves to retaining an innovative approach to vehicle design and technology. With
so much creativity and improvement happening each year, it can be easy for our
California Audi fans to get a little lost in the shuffle. Orange County Audi car enthusiasts
can appreciate the myriad of technology updates and gadgets being included in new
models every year, and will not want to fall behind on any of this great information.

To help our California Audi drivers better understand the ins and outs of their own
vehicles, we have developed this quick vocabulary guide. So no matter whether you
drive an Audi A3, Audi A8, or Audi Q7, you can more effectively speak to its features
and innovative technology like a pro.

Acoustic Top: This is a fully-automatic soft top that is insulated and features heated
glass. It gets its name because the thick fabric and joining technique create a smooth
cover that offers excellent acoustics inside the cabin and helps dampen exterior noise.

Active Safety: This phrase refers to any system that helps prevent a collision or
dangerous situation. It includes power-assisted steering, well-tuned suspension systems,
traction control systems, or design features that keep the driver more alert and controlled.

Alcantara: This is an innovative new fabric used for car interiors for seating, steering
wheels, and headliners. It feels very similar to suede and is soft, durable, comfortable,
and luxurious.

Belt Force Limiter: This is a mechanism in current Audi models that helps to limit the
force of the seatbelt on a passenger in the event of an emergency to keep the occupant
safely restrained without incurring further injury from the belt itself.

Bluetooth: This technology allows electronic devices to communicate via short-range
radio waves. Small phone, audio, and navigation devices can be linked over this
connection and accessed from the Audi car’s interface. In Orange County, California,
this is an especially important feature since it allows drivers to utilize their phone in a
hands-free manner in accordance with the new cell phone laws.

Cd Value: This is technically known as the aerodynamic drag coefficient. Basically, the
lower the Cd value is, the more efficiently the Audi vehicle passes through the
surrounding air making it faster and more fuel efficient. For example, an Audi R8 would
have a significantly lower Cd value than say an Audi Q7.

Drivetrain: This includes all the moving parts of an Audi such as the engine, clutch,
transmission, driveshaft, differential, and wheels.

Ergonomics: This relates to the way the driver is able to easily interact with the car’s
interior design. From the shape and support of the seat, to the shape and movement of
the steering wheel, or the display functions the driver needs to read and interact with
while operating the vehicle. Audi continues to study ways to make these interactions
more fluid, comfortable, and efficient for the driver and passengers.

Galvanized Body: Audi builds its vehicles from compounds that resist rust and
corrosion. By doing so, they can support their 12-year warranty against rust damage.

Heat-insulated Glass: These are commonly known as tinted windows and help reduce
the amount and intensity of sunlight and damaging UV rays that enter the interior of an
Audi car. This is a popular feature on local cars thanks to the sunny Orange County

LATCH: Unless you have children you may not have heard of this. It stands for “Lower
Anchors and Tethers for Children.” This refers to the system of anchors that connect
with child safety seats to keep them secure within the vehicle. They are included on all
rear passenger seats.

Stay tuned for the second round of vocabulary guides to come soon! Stick with us and
you’ll be an Audi technology pro in no time. California Audi drivers that have more
questions regarding their vehicle can contact the local Commonwealth Audi dealership in
Santa Ana for more assistance.

Commonwealth Audi is dedicated to providing Orange County and Santa Ana residents
the best buying and service experience in southern California. Featuring a wide selection
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