Volkswagen Service Questions Regarding Winter Tires

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					Volkswagen Service Questions Regarding Winter Tires

Commonwealth Volkswagen in Santa Ana, California wants to help drivers be in the
know about important service and safety tips regarding their Volkswagen vehicle. One of
the most popular issues to come up this time of year is that of winter tires. Every year in
California when temperatures begin to fall, conscientious drivers turn their attention to
updating their car for the winter weather, and many wonder what is appropriate or
necessary for cold weather driving in Orange County.

Here are some helpful tips and answers for some of the most common questions
regarding winter tires and safe winter driving in southern California:

What Are Winter Tires?
Winter tires are also known as “snow tires” or “all-season tires” and are often exchanged
for standard tires during the winter months. These tires are built to handle the colder
temperatures and to provide better traction and control on slick wet, snowy, or icy
roadways. They features specialized tread designs and tread compounds to perform well
even in the worst of conditions.

Does My Volkswagen Need Winter Tires?
For Volkswagen drivers who are planning to stay in and around Orange County,
California, all-season tires will probably be just fine to get you around town between
October and March. However, if you are planning to take many trips into the mountains
or up north to the snow-belt regions, you may want to consider switching out your tires
for winter specific models. Snow tires are built to direct your Volkswagen’s power in
such a way to keep you in control even when navigating icy or wet roadways. Whether
you drive a VW Jetta, VW Passat, or VW Touareg, you will need to select specific tires
to match your vehicle. The best way to determine which tires are appropriate for your
driving needs and vehicle type is to consult your local Orange County service dealer or
Santa Ana tire store.

How Many Winter Tires Do I Need to Install?
When it comes to installing snow tires, Volkswagen drivers should always consult a
professional service technician for specific guidance. However, it is recommended that
when installing seasonal tires, you opt for four of the same, rather than just two. By
using four snow tires versus two, you provide your Volkswagen with the optimal power
and control during wintery conditions to keep you safe and secure.

If you have further questions about installing snow tires for the winter in California, or
have general Volkswagen service questions, you can contact your local Volkswagen
Santa Ana, California dealership. Commonwealth VW services Volkswagen cars from
throughout southern California and encourages drivers to consult their professional team
of technicians on any car maintenance or service needs.

Santa Ana and Orange County residents can schedule an appointment any time online at For specific questions regarding proactive winter
maintenance, contact the friendly service team. Commonwealth Volkswagen is dedicated
to providing the best service assistance in Orange County and is happy to educate drivers
about Volkswagen maintenance to keep them safer on the roads no matter what the
conditions are.

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