TRIBUTE TO
                              PAUL OUDERKIRK
                          NYSDOT RTAP COORDINATOR
                                March 14, 2007

In December 2006, NYSDOT and the Transportation Industry unexpectedly lost a great
friend and colleague, Paul Ouderkirk. Paul did an outstanding job leading this
conference and the RTAP program for the last 10 years and he is sorely missed! The
majority of everyone in this room today knew Paul and benefited from his efforts to
provide technical assistance to you and your transportation operation. Paul truly loved
the RTAP program and helping you. He even served as a distinguished member of the
National RTAP Board and was instrumental in forming the Mid-Atlantic RTAP group
which shares resources, expertise and training opportunities among states located
between North Carolina and Ohio.

I (Bill Telovsky) was fortunate to have worked with Paul for over 12 years and he was
even my boss for a few years during the early days of NYSDOT’s Administration of the
RTAP program. Paul was a bright, talented and dedicated individual who was a pleasure
to work for and with. We like to kid around a lot in the office and Paul would
occasionally dish it out, but he was also an easy target…always setting himself up for a
good laugh. I will spare you the details of our practical jokes. Like me, I am sure you all
wish he was still here.

To honor Paul’s memory, we would like to share with you a tribute showing some of the
work sides of Paul, like serving as a judge at a bus rodeo in the rain to building some new
fangled transportation device out of straws and paper at a leadership conference. I would
like to thank Paul’s family for being here and also for providing some of the pictures of
Paul enjoying life outside the office…such as drinking a good Guinness or having a great
time with family and friends. Lastly, I would also like to thank Mike LaBello in our
office for putting this tribute presentation together.

(Tribute Presentation Plays)

At this time, I would like to ask Paul’s Mom to come forward as we have a special
memorial plaque to present. We also have one for Paul’s wife Donna, who could not be
with us today. The Plaques say “WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER PAUL
AND SPECIALIZED TRANSIT COMMUNITY.” Paul certainly made a big impact in
our worlds and I want to thank you for being with us today!

One final note…At future conferences, we plan to make a “Paul Ouderkirk Award” to a
deserving transportation provider that has shown exemplary work in training and

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