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A. Technology Leadership Council

   The Chester County Technology Leadership Council met on January 21, 2010. The agenda included
   a demonstration of the PDE Standards Aligned Systems Portal (SAS), information about the new
   Harrisburg University Masters of Science in Learning Technologies program, new resources available
   through E-Fund grants and updates on numerous new online programs available to Chester County
   schools at no cost. The meeting was followed by a presentation by Joe Harford from Reclamere
   entitled Computer Forensics 101.

B. Distance Learning and Internet 2

   On January 20, a fourth grade classroom from Lionville Elementary School, Downingtown Area
   School District participated in a videoconference with three other schools from across Pennsylvania.
   The classrooms had previously participated in a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo and were able
   to share their knowledge with each other during this second videoconference.

   A series of videoconference meetings were held with Tuscarora IU 11, Bucks County IU 22,
   Northeastern Educational IU 19 and Intermediate Unit 1 to develop a statewide videoconferencing
   planning committee. Kim Breuninger shared the model that Internet2 developed specifically to create
   collaborative student centered programs. It was decided to follow the Internet2 “best practice”
   examples and begin development of international, national and state programs.

C. PAIUnet Project Management

   John Branson assisted in coordinating a statewide videoconference for the Pennsylvania Department
   of Education held on January 5, 2010. The topic of the conference was the Race to the Top grant

   ERDTS staff members coordinated the purchase and distribution of 1,074 PAIUnet branded flash
   drives and 490 Flip video cameras on behalf of PAIUnet. The flash drives and Flip cameras were
   purchased with the money from the PAIUnet E-Fund grant. The flash drives, to be given to
   superintendents around the state, contained a multimedia presentation about PAIUnet. The Flip
   video cameras were provided in conjunction with a special project to encourage educators and
   students to produce short videos with tips for teachers and students that can be uploaded to
   Keystone Commons.

   John Branson met with representatives from PDE and several IUs to begin planning the migration of
   the Standards Aligned Systems Portal (SAS) to PAIUnet. John subsequently assembled a technical
   planning team to review technical specifications and to begin planning the move.

   John represented PAIUnet at the E-Fund Summit held in State College on January 28, 2010. The
   purpose of the summit was to acquire updated information with regard to budget revisions for the
   upcoming grant year.

D. PAIUnet Program Development

   1. NewWorlds - A multi-user virtual environment:

       The first Orientation training took place on January 14, 2010 with participants from intermediate
       units around the state. Laura Mikowychok, Sarah Vone and Thomas Haines developed an
       extensive Orientation trail. The Orientation trails provided participants with the opportunity to
       learn important skills to navigate and interact in the virtual world. Two additional trainings were
       held on January 22 and 27 with a total of 36 participants.

       John Branson and Laura Mikowychok presented the NewWorlds virtual education grid to the
       PAIUnet Management Team at their meeting at Capital Area Intermediate Unit on January 22.
       The presentation introduced basic skills and involved a discussion of applications for the

   2. Keystone Commons:

       There are currently 736 active members involved with the social networking site. A wide variety
       of new groups have joined including administrative teams, content specific groups and a Regional
       Facilities Management team.

   3. Pennsylvania Instructional Media Services (PAIMS)

             Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Resources:

             The Educational Technology Outreach Committee of PAIMS has begun development of an
             online repository and course for educators, students and parents to address the challenges of
             educating students on the digital responsibilities of 21 century citizens.

E. Online Course Development

   Two new courses, Teaching an Online Course and Creating an Online Course, are now being offered
   through the Continuing Professional Education program. Teaching an Online Course is a six-week
   course designed to prepare teachers to facilitate an online course. Creating an Online Course is a
   fifteen-week course focusing on best online course design practices.

   Kim Breuninger and Stefani Hite (Teaching & Learning) met on January 5, 2010 to develop a plan for
   training T&L consultants and support staff to create blended and online workshops and courses. Kim
   and Stefani agreed to focus on Moodle and appropriate Online Course development strategies and

   In order to share online courses and content across the state, Tuscarora IU and CCIU are currently
   working together to develop a protocol for federating Moodle clusters. The purpose of connecting
   these remote servers and instituting a single sign-on system is to provide students and educators
   from across the state with the ability to take courses not currently offered.

F. Standards Aligned Systems Portal SAS

   Vernice Mulcahy presented the Standards Aligned System (SAS) to the Technology Leadership
   Council on Thursday, January 21. The SAS program was designed to align efforts and resources in
   six areas: Standards, Assessment, Curriculum, Instruction, Materials & Resources, and Interventions.

G. Professional Development and Videoconferences

      Date                      Topic                         School District               Location
    1/5/10      TRIC: Math Resources                     Various                       CCIU-ESC-TRIC
    1/7/10      TRIC: SMARTBoard                         Various                       CCIU-ESC-TRIC
    1/12/10     Beginner Moodle (8:30-10:30 AM)          CAT-Brandywine                CAT-Brandywine
    1/12/10     Beginner Moodle (12:15-2:45 PM)          CAT-Brandywine                CAT-Brandywine
    1/12/10     Open Forum                               CAT-Brandywine                CAT-Brandywine
    1/13/10     Creating SMARTBoard Lessons              Various                       CCIU-ESC
    1/14/10     TRIC: Social Studies Resources           Various                       CCIU-ESC-TRIC
    1/15/10     Using a Promethean Board-Beginner        Coatesville School District   Scott Middle School
    1/15/10     Creating Promethean Board Lessons        Coatesville School District   Scott Middle School
    1/15/10     Intermediate Moodle                      CAT-Brandywine                CAT-Brandywine
                How to Add Audio & Video to
    1/19/10                                              CAT-Brandywine                CAT-Brandywine

       Date                       Topic                       School District                Location
      1/19/10   Advanced Moodle                          CAT-Brandywine               CAT-Brandywine
      1/19/10   Open Forum                               CAT-Brandywine               CAT-Brandywine
      1/19/10   TRIC: K-2 Resources                      Various                      CCIU-ESC-TRIC
      1/20/10   CCDC Professional Development            CCDC                         CCIU-CCDC
      1/25/10   Teaching Online Elluminate (CPE)         Various                      On-line in Elluminate
      1/26/10   Google Doc's * Moodle- POS               CAT-Brandywine               CAT-Brandywine
      1/26/10   Learning to use iMovie                   CAT-Brandywine               CAT-Brandywine
      1/26/10   Open Forum                               CAT-Brandywine               CAT-Brandywine
                Creating an Online Face-to-Face
      1/26/10                                            Various                      On-line in Elluminate
      1/26/10   TRIC: Science Resources                  Various                      CCIU-ESC-TRIC
                Creating Student-Centered
      1/28/10                                            Various                      CCIU-ESC
                SMARTBoard Lessons
      January   Enhanced Elluminate Moderator
                                                         Various                      On-line in Elluminate
      2010      Training
      1/5/10    Race to the Top                          Various                      CCIU-ESC
      1/12/10   2010 PASA Train the Training             Various                      CCIU-ESC
                PAIU Public Relations
      1/12/10                                            Various                      CCIU-ESC

H. Web/Database Development

     This month ERDTS rolled out a new website for the PDE Webinars program. The new site included
     many improvements over the old one: a more efficient design to accommodate heavy loads,
     efficiency and improved normalization in the database design, real time webinar availability
     information, and a cleaner interface for management of the data.

     The NewWorlds Open Sim program was migrated to a temporary new system in an attempt to
     increase reliability. The NewWorlds development team determined that the new platform offered
     greater stability so the migration was made permanent.

     A new customized Oxford Area School District video portal, developed and hosted by CCIU, provides
     the Oxford Area School District community with the ability to watch videos over the web at no charge.
     Viewers are able to watch videos related to school board meetings; special student video
     productions; and district-interest videos, concerts and assemblies. The portal can be found at

I.   Student Update

     Episode 18 of the Student Update is available for viewing at CCiTV. This episode features new cast
     members, Marlee-Padmore Schultz from Phoenixville Area High School and Cassidy Lannen from
     Downingtown Middle School. The episode features segments on Children’s Health Insurance from
     CAT-Pickering students; Heating Tips for Your Home from Chester County Technical College High
     School (CCTCHS) students; How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions; and Rene Harris, a student
     from Oxford Area High School, who was one of three winners of the nationwide U.S. Department of
     Education’s “I Am What I Learn” video contest.

J.   Video Production

     Production of the CHAAMP video continued through January. Footage was taken of a CHAAMP
     student washing dishes and performing kitchen duties at the West Chester Senior Center.

K. CCiTV Viewership Statistics:

     Total Page Views: 275
     Total Unique Visitors: 129
    Total Video Streams: 109
    AVOD Act-48 views: 1,405

L. Online Events

    In January there were 74 public Elluminate sessions with 5,048 attendees. Elluminate was used for
    various statewide roll-outs and training sessions such as Keystone Commons, Early Childhood
    Standards, PIMS Professional Staff Training and Race to the Top information sessions.

M. Innovation Institute

    Temple University and the S.A.V.E. Science project team hosted a dinner presentation for 14 Chester
    County middle school science teachers on January 12. The teachers had the opportunity to hear in-
    depth information about the pilot program and engage in some hands-on exploration of the virtual

    South Brandywine Middle School, Coatesville Area School District; Lionville Middle School,
    Downingtown Area School District; and Hopewell Elementary School and Penn’s Grove Middle
    School, Oxford Area School District, plan to begin implementation of the S.A.V.E. Science project in
    late February and early spring.

N. Harrisburg University Partnership

    Members of the Innovation Institute project team met with Harrisburg University staff to organize the
    upcoming Masters of Science in Learning Technology cohort. The project team began planning for
    several Harrisburg University technology clinics to be offered this summer. Marketing efforts have
    begun for the Learning Technology Master’s degree program planned for the fall semester.

    On January 11, 2010, Kim Breuninger met with Charles Palmer from Harrisburg University to explore
    internship opportunities at CCIU for junior, senior and graduate level students. Potential areas of
    interest included virtual worlds, Moodle module development and open source programming specific
    to K-12 education.

O. Hosted Services

    During the month of January, Linda Morgandale and Tim Currie migrated the current server
    monitoring system from IPcheck to open source Nagios, a Linux-based software program. The
    Nagios monitoring system was chosen because it allows more flexibility both in customized alert
    notifications and in events that can be monitored.

    Linda and Tim applied security updates to the Elluminate servers. They also performed software
    application upgrades. All updates and upgrades were completed within the scheduled time frames
    and without issue.

    Tim worked with technical staff from Education Management Solutions to help them host three
    servers on the Hosted Services network and Linda troubleshot mailing list issues for
    MegaConference Jr.

P. Chesconet

    In January, Tim Currie and Larry Konig worked with technical staff from Downingtown Area School
    District (DASD) and Owen J. Roberts School District (OJRSD) to evaluate their Internet usage. In
    both instances the districts were doing more with the Internet than they had in the past. Larry and
    Tim recommended bandwidth increases. DASD put its increase in effect immediately; OJRSD
    indicated that they would wait until July 1.

    Larry provided revised pricing to Capital Area IU 15 and Colonial IU 20 for Internet2 access via the
    Chesonet MAGPI connection. Using PAIUnet for transport, the proposal eliminated the cost of
   dedicated transport circuits. The proposal also offered bandwidth at less expensive per-megabit
   rates than if they were purchasing directly from MAGPI.

   Larry is assisting Sting Communications to establish IP multicasting on PAIUnet. Multicasting allows
   high-definition real time and prerecorded video to be distributed across PAIUnet with minimal
   bandwidth utilization.

   Larry and Tim looked into problems reported by a Riverview IU 6 school district unable to register for
   access to Keystone Commons over PAIUnet. They determined that Clarion Area School District's
   junior-senior high school was on PAIUnet, while its elementary school was not. The matter was
   referred to Sting Communications, which provides Internet service for both schools and is the WAN
   service provider for IU 6 and PAIUnet.

   Larry began work with Jason Lynn of Bucks County IU 22 to get BCIU's thirteen school districts and
   three vocational/technical schools onto PAIUnet. This action was prompted by two school districts
   (Council Rock and Pennsbury) that wanted to connect to Keystone Commons but needed access to
   PAIUnet in order to register.

Q. Phone Support Activities

        Verizon continues to make corrections for the past incorrect billings and 183 invoices have been
         verified for accuracy with 12 correction requests sent to Verizon in December. Approximately 15-
         20% of the invoices remain to be verified.

        Bob Rice installed a new phone for Sharon Freemont, IU Purchasing Manager at the Educational
         Service Center (ESC); and new cordless telephones for the CAT-Brandywine (CAT-B) and
         Chester County Technical College High School (CCTCHS) receptionists, allowing them to travel
         around the buildings while answering calls.

        Bob verified the programming and operation of the Child Care door intercom system at CCTCHS
         and provided moves and rearrangements for STEPS teachers at the Downingtown Educational
         Center (DEC).

        Bob completed the relocation of the PBX and voice mail systems to the new telecommunications
         room and moved all phones to new cabling in the Stanley K. Landis Building (SKL Building).

R. Teacher Resource & Innovation Center (TRIC)

   Fourteen science teachers from throughout the county attended a "Meet and Greet" at the TRIC prior
   to a S.A.V.E. Science demonstration conducted by Temple University on January 12. During the
   "Meet and Greet" the educators were given the opportunity to tour the TRIC and explore the various
   resources that are available to them. The science teachers were from the following school districts:
   Coatesville Area, Downingtown Area, Oxford Area, Great Valley, Tredyffrin/Easttown, and West
   Chester Area.

   On January 29, eight teachers from the ESL Teacher Network attended a workshop at the Teacher
   Resource & Innovation Center. Attendees were able to work on projects and collaborate with regard
   to current ESL education topics.

   At the TRIC Lunch 'N Learn session on January 22, Vernice Mulcahy demonstrated Keystone
   Commons, a social networking site developed for educators in Pennsylvania. Lunch 'N Learn
   sessions were designed to serve as an informal discussion group focusing on new technologies.

S. Fingerprinting & Teacher Center Visitors

                                  Jan 09         Jan 10        July 08 – Jan 09      July 09 – Jan 10
       Fingerprinting             1,145           1,222              8,406                8,777
       Teacher Center Visits       232             445               3,101                3,262
Teacher Center
                     35   175
Workshop Attendees


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