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Distance Learning Opportunities with WEDC


distance learning degree program

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									                                            2010 – 2012

Distance Learning
Opportunities with WEDC
Develop your career by studying from home

Information for applicants

September 2010 edition
                          Distance Learning Opportunities

                           – Study entirely from home

                          WEDC                                        What programmes are available?
                          WEDC is one of the world’s
                          leading education and research              There are four levels of award:
                          institutes for developing                   •   Master of Science (MSc) – study of nine modules
                          knowledge and capacity in water             •   Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) – study of eight modules
                          and sanitation for sustainable              •   Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) – study of four modules
                          development and emergency                   •   Professional Development (PD) – study of individual modules
                                                                      There are three programmes:
                          We are well known for our                   • Water and Waste Engineering
                          excellent postgraduate training             • Water and Environmental Management
                          programmes which have helped                • Infrastructure in Emergencies
                          the career development of
                          thousands of people all around
                          the world. For nearly 40 years              Accreditation and relevance
                          we have provided programmes                 The Water and Waste Engineering and the Water and Environmental
                          at Loughborough University                  Management MScs are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Water
                          in the UK, and since 1998 we                and Environmental Management (CIWEM). Students registered on these
                          have offered opportunities for              programmes are eligible for free student membership of CIWEM which,
                          postgraduate education by                   carries various benefits, including free subscriptions to the CIWEM
                          distance learning.                          magazine and journal.

                          Loughborough                                The Water and Waste Engineering and the Water and Environmental
                                                                      Management MScs and Diplomas are accredited by the Joint Board of
                          University                                  Moderators (JBM) as meeting the ‘further learning’ requirements needed by
                          Loughborough University has                 some graduates in order to achieve the status of Chartered Engineer.
                          been awarded six Queen’s
                          Anniversary Prizes for Higher
                          and Further Education. One was
                                                                      Objectives of the programmes
                          for our ‘outstanding support for            All MSc programmes are suitable for recent graduates or mature
                          developing countries’.                      professionals wishing to develop their careers. The programmes have the
                                                                      same general objectives which are:
                          Independent reviews consistently
                          rate Loughborough as one of                 • To equip participants with appropriate expertise and skills to work in
                          the top 10 to 15 universities in              low- and middle-income countries: and
                          the UK. WEDC is part of the                 • To provide an opportunity for specialisation in one topic through in-
                          University’s Department of Civil              depth study during the Individual Research Project module.
                          and Building Engineering, which
                          has been awarded excellent                  The additional specific objectives for each programme are shown on the
                          ratings for its teaching quality            following pages.
                          and research.
                                                                      Module choices
                          “   The Institute provides outstanding
                                support for developing countries
                                                                      Each programme has a restricted number of modules that can contribute
                                                                      to it. Some of these may be optional (O) and some are compulsory (C) as
                                                                      shown in the tables provided for each programme on the following pages.
                                and is internationally recognised
                                          as a leader in developing
                                      sustainable infrastructures.    All modules carry 15 credits except the Individual Research Project which
                                Its partnerships with universities,   is a 60-credit module.
                                aid agencies, non-governmental
2010 - 2012

                                 organisations and governments
                               transcend academic, institutional
                                        and cultural boundaries in
                                  pursuit of improving the quality
                                    of life for those most in need.

                          The Queen’s Anniversary Prize Citation
          Water and Waste Engineering

& Water and Environmental Management
                      Water and Waste Engineering – WWE (DL)
                      This programme is aimed at graduate engineers who wish to specialize
                      in water and wastewater engineering from an international perspective. It
                      has the specific objective of developing participant’s understanding of
                      important aspects of sustainable public health infrastructure and services.

     Programme Level                                               MSc          PG           PG
                                                                              Diploma     Certificate
     Number of compulsory modules (C)                                4           3             2
     Number of optional modules to choose (O)                        5           5             4
     Modules                                           Start
     Water and Environmental Sanitation               January        C           C            C
     Management of Water and Sanitation                 July         C           C            C
     (formerly Community and Management)
     Case Study                                         July         C           C
     Individual Research Project                      January        C
     Low Cost Sanitation                                July        O            O            O
     Water for Low-Income Communities                 January       O            O            O
     Solid Waste Management                           January       O            O            O
     Wastewater Treatment                               July        O            O            O
     Urban Infrastructure                             January       O            O            O
     Water Utilities Management                       January       O            O
     Short Project- Research Appreciation               July        O            O
     Environmental Assessment                         January       O            O
     Integrated Water Resources Management              July       Not available for WWE Programme

                       Water and Environmental Management – WEM (DL)
                       This programme, which is suitable for graduates from a variety of
                       backgrounds, has the specific objective of developing participants
                       understanding of the principles and practices of water and environmental
                       management for the public good. It focuses on water supply and sanitation
                       but also includes study of water resources and environmental issues from an
                       international perspective.

     Programme Level                                               MSc          PG           PG
                                                                              Diploma     Certificate
     Number of compulsory modules (C)                                6           5             4
     Number of optional modules to choose (O)                        3           3             0
     Modules                                           Start
     Water and Environmental Sanitation               January        C           C            C
     Management of Water and Sanitation                 July         C           C            C
     (formerly Community and Management)
     Environmental Assessment                         January        C           C            C
     Integrated Water Resources Management              July         C           C            C
     Case Study                                         July         C           C
     Individual Research Project                      January        C
                                                                                                        2010 - 2012

     Low Cost Sanitation                                July         O           O
     Water for Low-Income Communities                 January        O           O
     Solid Waste Management                           January        O           O
     Wastewater Treatment                               July         O           O
     Water Utilities Management                       January        O           O
     Short Project- Research Appreciation               July         O           O
     Urban Infrastructure                             January      Not available for WEM Programme

                          Infrastructure in Emergencies

                          & Professional Development
                                                    Infrastructure in Emergencies – IIE (DL)
                                                    This programme is aimed at graduates. Its specific objectives are to
                                                    develop participants’ understanding of the principles and practice of
                                                    infrastructure design, management and provision in emergency situations;
                                                    and to equip them with appropriate expertise and skills for relief and
                                                    reconstruction work in low- and middle-income countries.

                                   Programme Level                                                            MSc              PG           PG
                                                                                                                             Diploma     Certificate
                                   Number of compulsory modules (C)                                             5              4               4
                                   Number of optional modules to choose (O)                                     4              4               0
                                   Modules                                                     Start
                                   Introduction to Infrastructure in Emergencies                July            C              C               C
                                   Emergencies Management and People                            Jan             C              C               C
                                   Emergency Water Supply                                       July            C              C               C
                                   Emergency Sanitation                                         Jan             C              C               C
                                   Individual Research Project                                  Jan             C
                                   Wastewater Treatment                                         July            O              O
                                   Water Utilities Management                                   Jan             O              O
                                   Environmental Assessment                                     Jan             O              O
                                   Urban Infrastructure                                         Jan             O              O
                                   Integrated Water Resources Management                        July            O              O
                                   Other modules on WEM and WWE programmes are not available for IIE

                                                    Professional development
                                                    All but three of our modules can be studied individually as part of
                                                    your professional development. This will be useful to develop your
                                                    knowledge and skills in a particular area and may help towards you
                                                    joining a professional body. A lower standard of entry is required when
                                                    studying individual modules for professional development than for
                                                    our main programmes. If you achieve a mark of 50% or more in each
                                                    of four relevant modules studied by this route it may be possible to
                                                    ‘upgrade’ to the award of Postgraduate Certificate in one of the three
                                                    programmes mentioned above. It may also be possible to then go on
                                                    to complete a Diploma or an MSc. The only modules that can NOT be
                                                    studied individually under the professional development route are:

                                                    • Short Project – Research Appreciation
                                                    • Case Study
                                                    • Individual Research Project

                                                    When do the modules run?
                                                     Studied 15 January – 15 July                      Studied 15 July – 15 December
                                                     (All are 15-credit modules)                       (All are 15-credit modules)
                                                     Water and Environmental Sanitation                Management of Water and Sanitation
                                                     (formerly Water and Environmental Health)         (formerly Community and Management)
                                                     Water for Low-Income Communities                  Low-Cost Sanitation
2010 - 2012

                                                     Solid Waste Management                            Integrated Water Resources
                                                     Urban Infrastructure                              Wastewater Treatment
                                                     Water Utilities Management                        Short Project – Research Appreciation
                                                     Environmental Assessment                          Case Study (Diploma and MSc only)
                                                     Emergencies Management and People                 Emergency Water Supply
                                                     Emergency Sanitation                              Introduction to Infrastructure in Emergencies
                                                     Studied 15 Jan – 3 Dec (46 weeks or 98 weeks) This is a 60-credit module
                                                                                   Individual Research Project (MSc only)
                                                                        Further Information

                                             How can I find out more about the modules?
                                             More details about each module are available by either:

                                             •	 downloading the titles of study units in all modules from
                                       ; or
                                             •	 downloading the particular module specification from the relevant
                                                module page on our Distance Learning website. You can access
                                                these specifications via the list of modules shown for each of our
                                                programmes. The specifications give the aims, intended learning
                                                outcomes, syllabus and means of assessment for each module.
                                             •	 looking	at	sample	study	units	which	are	available	from	

                                             How flexible is the learning?
                                             Study with WEDC is very flexible. The modules you study for professional
                                             development can later contribute to a Postgraduate Certificate; those for a
                                             Certificate can later contribute to a Postgraduate Diploma; and those for a
                                             Diploma can later contribute to an MSc.

                                             Similar Certificate, Diploma and MSc programmes to those described in
     It is, and has been, of significant     this brochure can be studied by mixing Loughborough-based and distance
            value to my current position     learning modules. Please request details if you are interested in this study
       to say the least and has turned       option.
   out to be an extremely interesting
         course so far. I feel that I have
greatly increased my understanding           What does distance learning with WEDC involve?
of some fundamental issues relating
   to management in a development            Format of learning materials
 country context as well as boosting
      my personal confidence. This is
                                             Distance learning with WEDC involves the learner and tutor in a cycle of
          paying dividends in my work        study, directed assignments and feedback. We use paper-based learning
           and in people’s opinion and       materials but it is helpful if you can send and receive emails. Occasional
                      confidence in me!      access to a computer that can read CDs will be necessary for Integrated

                                             Water Resources Managment, Management of Water and Sanitation and
                                             Individual Research Project. Access to the Internet will be essential for
 Comments by one distance learner            the Individual Research Project module and will be very useful for other
 studying the Postgraduate Diploma           modules.
                by distance learning
                                             When you enrol for one of our postgraduate programmes by distance
                                             learning, we will send you a comprehensive study guide along with a study
                                             pack for the first module. Each module contains a set of study units notes,
                                             associated reading material and self-assessment questions and answers.
                                             The study notes present you with defined learning objectives, detailed
                                             yet focused information about the subject and references to supporting
                                             text from the associated publications. We provide you with everything you
                                             require to get started.

                                             As you work through the study notes, you will be required to submit
                                                                                                                               2010 - 2012

                                             assignments. Assignments are your response to sets of questions which
                                             are sent to you at the start of the module.

                                                                                                          ... continued over

                          Further Information

                                                                    There are two or three assignments to submit for each module and for each
                                                                    there is a specified date by which it, or an electronic copy, has to arrive at
                          Mixing distance                           WEDC. The weighting of marks for each assignment increases through the
                          learning with campus-                     module, normally being 40% and 60% for the first and second assignments
                                                                    (20%, 30% and 50% where there are three assignments).
                          based study
                          It is possible to learn at a              Assessment
                          distance and on campus in the             Your module assignments will be assessed at WEDC. The method of
                          UK by mixing modules. See                 examination by continuous assessment reflects the procedures for
                          our website for more details              residential programmes at WEDC. On application, however, you are asked
                          of the modules taught in                  to nominate a local guarantor who will be required to counter-sign each
                          Loughborough.                             assignment assuring it to be your own work. Your guarantor will require
                                                                    approval from WEDC.

                                                                    Feedback is essential to the learning process and is therefore an integral
                          We give you good                          feature of our distance learning programmes. You are encouraged to
                                                                    correspond with your Module Tutor (Internal Examiner) by letter, telephone
                          support                                   or email. Feedback takes the form of a grade and constructive advice from
                          Our distance learning                     your tutor, sent to you by email, usually within three weeks of the submission
                          administration team were                  date.
                          shortlisted for the award of
                          Outstanding Student Admission             What is the study schedule?
                          Team in the Times Higher
                          Education Leadership and                  Each module (except the Individual Research Project) is based on an
                          Management Awards 2010.                   estimated total of 150 hours of study for reading module notes, additional
                                                                    reading and completing the assignments. The Individual Research Project
                                                                    may need up to 600 hours of work. All other modules must be undertaken
                                                                    within a fixed period of five months. The five-month period allows sufficient
                                                                    time for study, submission of assignments and feedback. It also provides the

                                                                    opportunity for more than one module to be taken simultaneously for those
                              Well structured, clearly presented    who have time available. You must complete your studies for a Certificate,
                                                                    Diploma or MSc within three, five and eight years respectively from when you
                                The distance learning modules       first register for a module. Postgraduate credits already gained from studying
                             undertaken so far have been very       modules (individually or as part of a Certificate or Diploma) can contribute
                           useful and I have applied a lot of the
                                                                    towards an MSc degree, provided all modules are completed within eight
                                         knowledge to my work
                                                                    years of when you first register for a module.
                                            Studies with WEDC
                                           have helped me a lot
                                                                    What are the entry requirements?
                                    It was a great experience ...   WEDC distance learning programmes are designed to be studied at
                          and I have fully enjoyed and benefited    postgraduate level, so you should hold a good honours degree or
                             from the course materials provided
                                                                    an equivalent qualification from a university accredited by the Senate
                                             for various modules
                                                                    of Loughborough University. All applicants must have an acceptable

                                   MSc student after completion
                                                                    qualification in English language before they can be admitted (see
                                                                    for details). If you do not possess the above qualifications, you may still be

                          “              My WEDC studies are
                                not complete but boy have they
                                                                    eligible if you can demonstrate you have the necessary academic skills and
                                                                    practical experience to satisfactorily complete a programme.

                                  prepared me already for this!

2010 - 2012

                                   MSc student on the occasion
                                              of her promotion

                                                  Quotes from
                                    Distance Learning Students

                                                                         Further Information

“                                              Will I be able to contact other participants?
           I’d like to thank you for all the
              support you’ve been giving
        throughout this course, turning        Sharing experience and establishing contacts are important aspects of
        it into a very useful experience.      learning. You can opt to join an email-based discussion list to make contact

                                               and discuss topics with other distance learners.

   Comment by distance learner, 2010
                                               How much does it cost?
                                               Each 15-credit module currently costs £1,025 and the 60-credit Individual
                                               Research Project module £2150. This price includes the study guide,
Cost savings                                   module notes, associated publications (e.g. text books), tutor support,
                                               assessment, feedback, accreditation by Loughborough University and the
Our distance learning (DL)
                                               cost of sending you the pack. You will also need to pay the cost of posting
programme will be of particular
                                               or sending by courier each of your assignments to us. If distance learners
interest if you are unable to take
                                               pay in advance for all modules the total cost for the Certificate, Diploma and
time away from your work or
                                               MSc programmes are respectively £4100, £8200 and £10,210.
home to undertake a full-time
residential course, or if you or
your employer (or sponsor) wish                Scholarships and bursaries
to save on the cost of travelling              From time to time scholarships are available which cover the full fees
to the UK to live and study in                 or part of the fees for study. Some students’ entire MSc courses have
Loughborough.                                  been sponsored by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the
                                               United Kingdom. Other students have been partially sponsored by the
                                               Loughborough University Development Trust which is funded by various
Around the world!
                                               bodies and alumni. Visit for
Current WEDC distance learners are             details of any current opportunities for scholarships or bursaries.
studying in many countries.
In August 2010 we had 185 students
studying in 53 different countries:-
                                               How to find out more
                                               Details about the content and intended learning outcomes of distance
Afghanistan      Jordan       Thailand         learning programmes and modules are shown in the programme and
Australia        Kenya        Timor-Leste
                                               module specifications which can be found via the distance learning section
Austria          Libya        Uganda
Bangladesh       Malawi       UAE              of the WEDC website at
British Virgin   Malaysia     UK               A wider choice of modules is available for study based at Loughborough.
      Islands    Maldives     Uruguay          Under the regulations for the Loughborough-based programmes some
Burkina Faso     Mali         USA              of these modules can be mixed with ones studied by distance learning to
Canada           Mauritius Zambia              contribute to MSc programmes.
China            Myanmar
Crete            Nepal
Dem. Rep. of     Nicaragua                     How to apply
     Congo       Nigeria                       We suggest that you visit for full guidance
Eritrea          Pakistan
                                               about how to make an application. This web page has links to all the
Ethiopia         Sierra Leone
France           Solomon                       necessary forms you need. (Please note, however, that some web links may
Germany               Islands                  change without notice. If you have difficulty, visit our home page from where
Ghana            South Africa                  you will find all the necessary information needed to make an application.)
Haiti            Spain
Honduras         Sri Lanka                     We look forward to welcoming you as a distance learner!
Iceland          St. Lucia
India            Sudan
Italy            Switzerland
Jamaica          Tajikistan
Japan            Tanzania
                                                                                                                                2010 - 2012

Details given in this brochure are
correct at the time of going to press.

Please note, however, that
programme dates, fees and University
regulations may be subject to change
without prior notice. Check the WEDC
website for the latest details.

                          The distance learning Masters Degree Programme refreshed my practical
                          experience, enhanced and refined my research skills and improved my
                          project management experience.

                                                            Mujeeb Akhtar, on completion of the
                                                       MSc Water and Environmental Management
                                                               entirely by distance learning, 2006

Water, Engineering and Development Centre
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Leicestershire LE11 3TU UK

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