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					 Sub-Group Membership - Citizenship/Informal Education

NAME                      ORGANISATION

Rimmer, Andy              Info. Shop                   Internal
Barlow Vicky              LEA                          Internal
Barnes, Suzanne           Save the Children            s.barnes@savethechildren.
Dickinson Donna           LEA Youth Service            Internal
Gardner, Carol - Chair    Voluntary Sector
Heyward-Jones, Rebecca    WCBC – Framework             Internal
                          Support Team
John, Juliet              WCBC – Youth Service         Internal
Lewis Tom                 LEA                          Internal
M'Caw Joyce               Careers Wales
M'cNicholl Dave           Vol. Sec.Venture
Miller, Sue               WCBC LEA                     Internal
Minnis, Graham            Youth Inclusion
Ozanne, Julia             WCBC LEA                     Internal
Selby, Caroline           Voluntary Sector Rep
Stanway Dale              Comm.First                   Internal
Tredinick Jennifer        LEA Youth Service            Internal
Vaughan, Anne             Voluntary Sector
Waring, Gill              WCBC - Education             Internal
Whitney Andy              Careers Wales
Willis Christine          Children's University        Internal

Membership of Sub-Group - Education, Training & Careers

      NAME             ORGANISATION                           E-mail
Joyce                Careers Wales            internet:joyce.mccaw@cwne.org
Basset, Phil         NEWI                     internet:p.bassett@newi.ac.uk
Dickenson, Donna     WCBC LEA                 Internal
Harrison, Jeff       Yale                     internet:jch@yalewrexham.ac.uk
Hughes, Sandra       Vol. Sector              internet:cda@avow.org.uk
Jones, Jan           WCBC – LEA               Internal
Jones, Owain                                  internet:ojnacro@aol.com
Maguire, David                                internet:david.maguire@caiaparkorg
Rigby, Dee           NACRO                    internet:deeyouthchoices@yahoo.co.uk
Preston, Pauline     WCBC LEA
McDonald, Susan      WCBC LEA
Roberts, John        WCBC LEA                 Internal
Shenton, Jeanette    WCBC – FST               Internal
Tincello, Joanne     ELWa                     internet:joanne.tincello@elwa.org.uk
Wright, Ella         Jobcentre
              Membership of Sub-Group - Family Support

         NAME                  POSITION                   ORGANISATION
Belles, Alma          Libraries/Leisure and Culture    Wrexham Library
                      Children’s Information Bureau
Craggs, Kathryn                                        Compass Project
Edwards, Helen        Development Worker               ICC
Edwards, Monica       Health Team Co-ordinator         Surestart
Gibson, Tracey        Personal Services Directorate,   Wrexham Borough Council
                      Housing Department
Grant, John                                            Education
Hall, Gary            Trading Standards Officer        Housing and Public
Heyward-Jones,        Children’s Co-ordinator          Framework Support Team
Jones, Carole                                          Youth Offending Service,
                                                       Redwither Tower
Jones, Shirley        Tenancy Support Co-ordinator     Housing Department
Jones, Tricia         Cymorth Co-Ordinator             Framework Support Team
Kearsley, Pat         Early Years Development          Caia Park Early Years Forum,
                      Worker                           Caia Park Partnership
Keogh, Damion                                          Welfare Rights
McCann, Dee           Sure Start Midwife               NEWT
McNicholl, Dave                                        The Venture
Millen, Lyn           Family Centres Manager           Dean Road Family Centre
Palmer, Jill          Portage/Education Psychology
Robertson, Jane                                        Family Friends
                      NEWT Senior Nurse Child          Wrexham Child Health
                      Protection                       Centre, Maelor Hospital
Topping, Jean                                          Wrexham Young Women’s
                                                       Project, Tai Hafan
Vacant                                                 Divisional Headquarters,
Vacant                Family Support Co-ordinator
Warne, Tina           Tenancy Support Co-ordinator     Housing and Public

                  Membership of Sub-Group – Finance

            NAME                              ORGANISATION
  Tricia Jones                 FST, Cymorth
  Edwards, Dawn                Education Finance
  Humphreys, Jim               WCBC
  John Gallanders - Chair      Vol Sec
  Jones Elfyn                   WCBC
  Kilcoyne, Karen               FST
  Green Andy                    Finance
  Roberts, Angela               Wrexham LHB
  Yvonne Harding                NHS trust
         Membership of Sub-Group - Healthy Lifestyles
         NAME               ORGANISATION
Fryer Kevin                Social Services
Howells Maureen            NCH
Linfield Kim               WCBC – Econ.Dev
Lloyd Jane                 NEWT
O’Keefe Jerry (Chair)      WCBC – Health
Position vacant            MYM
Position vacant            Offa Comm.Council
Roden Sue                  NEW Trust
Sankey Jon                 Comm. First
Taylor Lesley              NEWT
Waring Gill                WCBC – Education
Wassall Carl               WCBC - Education
Williams Les               WCBC – Education

  Sub-Group Membership – Children First Strategy Group

     NAME                        POSITION                  ORGANISATION
MacLaren, Bob           Assistant Chief Social Services   Social Services
(Chair)                 Officer
Asthana, Jagdish Dr     Cons. Community Paediatrician     Maelor Hospital
Aston, Sue              Assistant Community Manager       NEWT
Craggs. Kathryn         Children’s Services Manager       Compass
Evans, Susan            Team Manager                      Family Support Team 1
Fryer, Kevin            Team Manager, Child Health &      Maelor Children’s Centre
Hills, Rachel                                             Planning & Commissioning
                                                          – Children
Johnson, Darren         YOS Manager                       Redwither Tower
Jones, Elfyn            Children’s Services Planning      Planning & Commissioning
Moore, Judith           Specialist School Nurse           LAC
Roberts, Angela                                           Wrexham LHB
Roberts, John           Team Manager                      Family Placement
Shield, Ann             Co-ordinator                      NYAS
Spruce, Lynn            Team Manager                      Looked After Children
Timms, Rhian            Education Coordination            LAC
Vickery, Linda          Senior Clinician                  LAC, CAMHS
Williams, Steve         Audit Officer
Willis, Sue                                               Wrexham LHB

For information only:
Figiel, Andrew         Chief Social Services Officer       Social Services
Kilcoyne, Karen        Manager,                            Framework Support Team
Heyward-Jones          0-10 Co-Ordinator                   Framework Support Team
Shenton, Jeanette      11-25 Co-Ordinator                  Framework Support Team
    Membership of Sub-group - Housing/Accommodation
        NAME                          POSITION                ORGANISATION
Tonks, David (Chair)        Principal Housing Strategy      WCBC – Housing
Bailey, Wendy               Clwyd Alyn Association          Pennaf Housing Group
Beard, David                Assistant Director              Barnardos
Burrows, David              Barnardos
Craggs, Kathryn             Children’s Service Manager      Compass Partnership
Duke, Christine             Area Manager                    CAIS
Evans, Corrine              Homeless Officer                Homeless Section
Evans, Falmai               Young Persons Project           Shelter Cymru
Gibson, Tracey              District Housing Manager        WCBC – Chirk Estate Office
Gilhooley, Jan              Housing Officer, Supporting     WCBC – Supporting People
Hall, Gary                  Housing District Manager        WCBC – Housing Services
Harvey, Steve               Principal Housing Services      WCBC – Housing
Higgins, Lilian             Senior Drug & Alcohol Worker    Wrexham Response
Hughes, Kevin               Director (Care & Support)       Clwyd Alyn Housing
Humphries, Ann              Youth & Communit6y Services     Information for Young
Johnston, Kate              Planning and Commissioning      Child & Family Services
Jones, Elfyn                Children’s Services Planning    WCBC – Planning &
                            Manager                         Commissioning
Vacancy                     Family Support Co-ordinator     WCBC – Social Services
Lyall, Graham               Planning & Development          WCBC – Planning &
                            Officer                         Development
Maguire, David              Senior Manager                  Caia Park Partnership
Markham-Jones, Barbara      Homeless Prevention Officer     WCBC – Homeless Section
Molony, Deborah             Assistant Emergency Control     WCBC – Housing
                            Centre Manager
Parry, Sue                  Housing Advice Worker           Compass
Prince, Jayne               Senior Practitioner OP          Social Services
Rathbone, Emma              Bail Support Manager            WCBC – Youth Offending
Roberts, Andy               Foyer Manager                   Wrexham Foyer/Clwyd Alyn
Shenton, Jeanette           Audit & Development Officer     WCBC – FST
Sutton, Donna               Housing Officer                 Wales & West Housing
Thomas, Bethan              Co-ordinator for Tenancy        Caia Park Partnership
Topping, Jean               Tai Hafan                       Tai Hafan
Williams, Carol          Team Manager, Tenancy            Compass
               The following receive the minutes for information only
Loudon, Robert           Supporting People Co-ordinator WCBC – Supporting People

Heyward-Jones, Rebecca   Children’s Co-ordinator       WCBC – Framework
                                                       Support Team
Kilcoyne, Karen          Framework Support Team        WCBC – Framework
                         Manager                       Support Team
    Membership of Sub-Group – Advice and Information

         NAME                                 ORGANISATION
Cragg, Catherine             Barnardos
Davies, Linda                Youth Service – Minute Taker
Hills, Rachel                Social Services Planning Dept
Hughes, Patricia (Chair)     Home Start
Humphreys, Anne/Marline      Youth Information Shop
Humphreys, Jim               Youth Service
Marsh, Lee                   Plas Madoc Community First
Mathews, Phyllis             Children’s Information Bureau
Moore, Geoff                 Youth Service
Roberts, Angela              Local Health Board
Shenton, Jeanette            WCBC - FST
Valentine, Jan               Career Wales
Willliams, Rosemary          Mind, Youth Services, Individual

    Sub-Group Membership - Play, Leisure & Recreation

         NAME                ORGANISATION
Bowers, Les                Community Services

Gardner, Carol             Dynamic
Griffiths, Iona            School Nurse (Rhos)
Gurvin Chris               Caia Park
Heale, Alison              WCBC Education
Hughes, Carla              Community Services
Lee Marsh                  Venture
Lewis, Tom                 Caia Park Communities
Moore, Geoff               WCBC – Youth Service
Prince, Helen              Groundwork
Prydden, Diane             W.A.S.P
Roden, Sue                 Grove Road Health
Thompson, Sandra           Vol. Sector
Tunnah, Kathryn            Offa Playschemes
Williams Sandra            Brynteg V ol.
Williams, Hywel (Chair)    WCBC – Leisure
Williams, Rolande          WPA
    Sub-Group Membership – Early Years Development &
             Childcare Partnership (EYDCP)

Name                    Representing
Hilary Harriman         LEA (Chair)
Phyllis Matthews        CIB Officer (Vice Chair)
Jane Howells            LEA – Infant School
Sheila Meadows          LEA – Nursery School
Margaret Roberts        Dean Road Family Centre
Carys Gwyn              Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin
Wendy Carter            Wales PPA
                        Out of School Childcare Development Officer
Sandra Thompson
Debbie Read             Development Officer - NCMA
Jackie Ryan             Private Day Nurseries
Ann Joynson-Evans       Yale College
Maureen Williams        Representing Church Schools
Panna Champaneria       Education Psychology Service WCBC
Mari Tudor              Advisory Teacher – Welsh – WCBC
                        Childcare Partnership Manager, Job Centre Plus
Jackie Farrall
                        NE Wales
                        Practice Development Health Visitor, Rossett
Jane Lloyd
                        Children’s Co-ordinator – Framework Support
Rebecca Heyward Jones
Margaret Burton         CSIW – observer
           Children with Complex Needs Sub-group
Allen, Karen                  N E Wales NHS Trust
Gardner, Carole               Dynamic
Grant, Maxine                 St Christopher’s School
Harding, Yvonne - Chair       N.E.W.T
Howell, Maureen               NCH Project Manager
Howells, Patrick              North East Wales Trust
Johnston, Kate                Planning and Commissioning
Jones, Amanda                 Service Manager Disability
Jones, Wendy                  Heulfan School
Kilcoyne, Karen               FST
Knight, Paula                 N E Wales NHS Trust
MacLaren, Bob                 WCBC
Mitra, Madhabi                Child Health Centre
Pumford, Ann                  WCBC Education
Rees, Sally                   Wrexham LHB
Roberts, Angela               Wrexham LHB
Williams, Carys               Manager NEWCIS
Williams, Kate                WCBC Finance and Performance
Wyke, Kate                    Parenting Partnership

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