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                  ay-in-the-life” videos are typically presented        Although the scenes depicted in the video may be
                  in court to demonstrate to jurors the sever-       unpleasant, its prejudicial impact cannot substantially
                  ity of a plaintiff’s injuries and the impact       outweigh the video’s probative value. The plaintiff’s
                  those injuries have on his or her daily living     counsel must show that the daily activities in the video
     activities. Footage of these activities—such as rising,         were typical for the plaintiff, so that the admission of
     eating, bathing, and receiving physical therapy—can             the video would not be unduly prejudicial.
     vividly demonstrate the plaintiff’s dependency, limita-            In order to be representational, day-in-the-life vid-
     tions, and frustrations. This footage is intended to bring      eos must have a foundation of accuracy and fairness.
     jurors inside the plaintiff’s life in a way that is virtually   The issue of “unringing the bell” may be addressed by
     impossible to communicate with mere words1, and cir-            requiring the trial court judge to examine the particular
     cumvents the impracticality of having jurors visit the          video in camera to determine, whether the probative
     plaintiff themselves to witness the plaintiff’s injuries        value of the particular videotape outweighs the possi-
     and challenges firsthand. Day-in-the-life video presen-         bility of prejudice.
     tations are powerful tools for personal injury cases—              To be admissible, day-in-the-life videos should not
     but can you get them admitted as evidence?                      contain inter alia, artistic highlighting that emphasizes
         Although day-in-the-life videos are considered similar      some scenes more than others, obvious exaggerations,
     to in-court demonstrations of injuries, their admissibility     self-serving behavior by the subject/plaintiff(s), scenes
     is subject to broad, although not absolute, judicial dis-       that serve mainly to create sympathy, or those that con-
     cretion2. The party submitting the video must provide           tain other unduly inflammatory material.
     the appropriate legal foundation for its admission. Most           It’s best to hire an experienced legal video produc-
     courts will admit such day-in-the-life videos provided          tion company that understands these common admis-
     that (1) their probative value outweighs any prejudice to       sibility requirements. The key to success is an open
     the defendant, and (2) there are no demonstrated impro-         dialogue between the commissioning attorney and the
     prieties in the video’s content or production techniques.       video production team. n
         The party proffering the video as evidence must
     show that the videotape is an accurate portrayal of the         1. M. Dombroff, Dombroff on Demonstrative Evidence § § 124-51 (1983 & Supp. 1990)
     events depicted. Someone who has personal knowledge             2. McCormick on Evidence §214 19 (4th Ed.)

     of the videotape’s contents and is available for in-court       Courtesy of Mark Alexander, Verdict Videos
     cross-examination must lay the foundation: typically
                                                                     Alexander is president of Verdict Videos [], which
     the plaintiff, a caregiver, or the most knowledgeable           produces day-in-the-life settlement documentaries and wrongful-death
     person for the video production company.                        video portraits for plaintiffs attorneys throughout California.


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   ARBITRATION/MEDIATION SERVICES                                       COURTROOM GRAPHICS/                                   EVIDENCE PRESENTATION
                                                                       DEMONSTRATIVE EVIDENCE

  DAVID I. KARP, MEDIATION SERVICES                                                                                   INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION
                                                                 INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION                             SOLUTIONS (IPS)
  13818 Cumpston Street
                                                                                                                      18401 Burbank Blvd. #107
  Van Nuys, CA 91401-5818                                        SOLUTIONS (IPS)                                      Tarzana, CA 91356
  P: 818/781-1458                                                18401 Burbank Blvd. #107
                                                                                                                      P: 818/776-3470
  F: 818/781-7733                                                Tarzana, CA 91356
                                                                                                                      F: 818/776-3477
  Contact: David I. Karp                                         P: 818/776-3470                                      Contacts: Christine Froehlich or Vineet Dua
  E:                                     F: 818/776-3477
  W:                                    Contacts: Christine Froehlich or Vineet Dua
  Service: Mediation of real estate and business                                                                      Service: Graphics and Digital Trial Specialists:
  disputes throughout Southern California.                       Service: Graphics and Digital Trial Specialists:     Interactive Graphics, Timelines and Flowcharts,
                                                                 Interactive Graphics, Timelines and Flowcharts,      Power Point Presentations, Experienced Trial
                                                                 Power Point Presentations, Experienced Trial         Technicians, Trial Equipment Rentals,
                                                                 Technicians, Trial Equipment Rentals,                Medical Illustrations, Animations, Settlement
                                                                 Medical Illustrations, Animations, Settlement        Presentations, Deposition Editing and
     CHARLES PEREYRA -SUAREZ                                                                                          Synchronization, Trial Theme Development &
                  ARBITRATOR AND MEDIATOR                        Presentations, Deposition Editing and
                                                                 Synchronization, Trial Theme Development &           Strategy, Sanction and Trial Director training and
                                                                 Strategy, Sanction and Trial Director training and   support, very reasonable rates.
 • Trial/Appellate Attorney, U.S.
   Justice Department Civil                                      support, very reasonable rates.
   Rights Division
 • Federal Prosecutor in Los                                                                                             MARKETPLACE ADVERTISING
   Angeles                                                                                                                         Lisa Johnson
 • Litigation Partner in Two                                                                                              415-296-2428 or 888-225-2527
   National Law Firms                                                            E-DISCOVERY                    
 • Judge Pro Tem, Los Angeles
   County Superior Court
 • Diverse ADR and Expert Witness                                                                                     EXPERT/ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION
   Practice                                                      DAEGIS
         445 S. Figueroa St., Suite 3200, Los Angeles CA 90071   235 Montgomery Street,
Tel 213.623.5923 Fax 213.623.1890         Suite 350
                                                                 San Francisco, CA 94104                              ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION
                                                                 P: 415/364-7300                                      SPECIALISTS
                                                                 Contact: Ronda Raymond                               (Field & Test Engineering, Inc.)
                                                                 E:                               340 Golden Shore, Suite 400
                                                                 W:                                    Long Beach, CA 90802
     Roper s Majeski Kohn & Bentley                              Service: At Daegis, our sole focus is                P: 800/675-7667
Jennifer E. Acheson                    Frank J. Pagliaro         eDiscovery. Our software and services                F: 562/432-2322            
     Gerald G. Knapton            Todd A. Roberts                streamline eDiscovery for litigation,                Contact: Robert F. Douglas, P.E.                compliance and investigations. We help               E:
                     John A. Koeppel                             clients reduce costs and increase efficiency         W:
   201 Spear St., Ste. 1000
                                                                 across the litigation lifecycle.                     Service: Accident Reconstruction, Human
   San Francisco, CA 94105              Ph. 415.543.4800                                                              Factors, Traffic/Transportation Engineering
   1001 Marshall St., Ste. 500                                                                                        involving automobiles, trucks, locomotives,
   Redwood City, CA 94063               Ph. 650.364.8200
   50 W. San Fernando St., Ste. 1400                                                                                  motorcycles, and pedestrians. Also: 3D laser
   San Jose, CA 95113                   Ph. 408.287.6262         GLOBAL DIGITAL                                       surveys of accident scenes/crash vehicles &
   515 S. Flower St., Ste. 1100
   Los Angeles, CA 90071                Ph. 213.312.2000
                                                                 FORENSICS, INC.                                      movie quality accident simulations.
                                           2838 Long Beach Rd.
     Service: Experienced and successful in alternative          Oceanside, NY 11572
              dispute resolution including mediations.           P: 727/287-6000
                                                                 F: 727/287-6011                                      INSTITUTE OF RISK & SAFETY ANALYSES
                                                                 Contact: David Taylor                                5324 Canoga Ave.
                                                                 E:                               Woodland Hills, CA 91364
                COURT REPORTERS                                  W:                    P: 818/348-1133
                                                                 Service: E-Discovery, Computer Forensics,            F: 818/348-4484
                                                                 Cyber Security, Data loss and Expert                 E:
                                                                 Testimony.                                           W:
  DOKICH COURT REPORTERS, INC                                                                                         Contact: Kenneth A. Solomon, Ph.D.
  19712 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 100                                                                                    Service: Biomechanics, Reconstruction,
  Irvine, CA 92612                                                                                                    Human Factors, Safety, Slip/Trip/Fall,
  P: 800/720-9679                                                                                                     Premises, OSHA Compliance, Building
  F: 949/222-1139                                                                                                     Codes, Structural, Recreational, Industrial,
  Contact: 800/720-9679                                                                                               Criminal, Auto, Airbags, Bicycle, Chair,
  E:                                                                                                 Elevator, Escalator, Forklift, Gate, Golf
  Service: Nationwide Court Reporting and
                                                                   RESOURCE GUIDE                                     Cart/Course, Ladder, Motorcycle, Press,
                                                                                                                      Rollercoaster, Scaffolding, Seatbelts, Stairs,
                                                                             Contact: Lisa Johnson
  Video Conferencing. Conference room                                                                                 Swimming Pool, Truck, Simulations,
                                                                        415-296-2428 or 888-225-2527
  locations throughout California at no charge.                                Mediation & Arbitration Services.

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                           EXPERT/ARCHITECTURE                      EXPERT/LEGAL MALPRACTICE (CONT.)                      EXPERT/MEDICAL CONSULTANT

                  ABRAXAS ARCHITECTURE, INC.                        FRANK REVERE, ESQ.
                  Four Embarcadero Center, Flr 23                   1150 S. Olive St., Ste. 2000
                  San Francisco, CA 94111                           Los Angeles, CA 90015-2211
                  P: 415/956-5056                                   P: 213/839-1333
                  Contact: Jeffrey K. Luney, AIA, LEED AP           F: 213/839-1334
                  E:                       E:                                                    LIFE CARE PLANNING
                                                                                                                        BSN, PHN, CRRN,
                  W:                    W:                            CNLCP, CCM
                  Service: Architectural Expert Witness and         Service: Specialist in legal malpractice issues.
                  litigation consulting services for design and     Available as an expert witness in matters
                  construction defects, including moisture          pending in all California Courts regarding
                  intrusion and standard of care issues.            underlying litigation.

                                                                    DR. AZAR-MEHR’S DENTAL PRACTICE
                  ENGINEERING EXPERT WITNESSES                      10921 Wilshire Blvd. #501
                                                                    Los Angeles CA, 90024
                  1106 N Outrigger Way
                                                                    310/443-3030 fax: 310/443-5660
                  Anaheim, CA 92801
                                                                    Contact: Dr. Parviz Azar-Mehr
                  P: 714/345-1552
                  F: 714/242-1511                                   Service: Professor of clinical dentistry U.S.C.,
                  Contact: Pierre Handl, PE
                                                                    Export, Dental, TMJ, Dental implants and
                                                                    restorative dentistry.
                                                                                                                                 EXPERT/REAL ESTATE
                  Service: Provide comprehensive engineering
                  analyses and expert witness services throughout   PHILLIP R. DEVORE, D.D.S.
                  the western United States and nationwide.
                  Please visit our website.                         3849 Cranbrook Hill St.                            FEW OTHER EXPERTS COME CLOSE
                                                                    Las Vegas, NV 89129
                                                                    P: 702/497-7076                                    to matching his expertise …” SF Business.
                                                                    F: 702/804-8700                                    Specializes in complex, high stakes liability
                                                                    Contact: Dr. Phil Devore                           and damages: finance, real estate, econom-
                                                                    E:                               ics. Unmatched credentials, award winning
                              PERSONAL INJURY                                                                          research, experience: expert in 100+ matters.
                                                                    Service: Dental Expert, Faculty UNLV   ,
                                                                                                                       Professional Services Review says “Most
                                                                    Private Practice, Affidavits, Depositions and
                                                                                                                       respected … for high stakes decisions Roulac
                  GUY KORNBLUM & ASSOCIATES                         Trials.
                                                                                                                       is the firm to call.”
                  1388 Sutter Street, Suite 820                                                              , 415-451-4300,
                  San Francisco, CA 94109                                                                              LinkedIn: Stephen Roulac
                  P: 415/440-7800 ext. 226                          MRK MEDICAL CONSULTANTS
                  Contact: Guy O. Kornblum, Esq.                    6555 Coyle Ave., Suite 235
                  E:                      Carmichael, CA 95608
                  W:                            P: 800/403-1647
                  Service: Testimony regarding standard of          F: 916/863-7206
                  care re civil litigation, and insurance claims    Contact: Edward Younger, MD                        D & A CONSULTANTS
                  handling.                                         E:                  4020 North 20th Street, Suite 300
                  See website, under            W:                       Phoenix, AZ 85016
                  Expert Witnessing.                                Service: MRK provides medical experts              P: 602/277-1979
                                                                    that offer objective review and analysis of        E:
                                                                    personal injuries, defense and plaintiff cases.
                                                                    Serving Northern California, Reno, Lake            Service: D & A Consultants, Inc. is a truck
                       EXPERT/LEGAL MALPRACTICE                     Tahoe, and the San Diego area with over 30         experts consulting firm with more than 150
                                                                    physician specialties.                             years combined experience.
                  BASIL PLASTIRAS
                  24 Professional Center Pkwy #150                  WILLIAM B. STETSON, M.D.                                    INTERNET MARKETING
                  San Rafael, CA 94903                              191 S. Buena Vista St. #470
                  P: 415/472-8100                                   Burbank, CA 91505
                  F: 415/472-8110                                   P: 818/848-3030                                    MEGAHUNTER, LLC
                  Contact: Basil Plastiras                          F: 818/848-2228                                    17301 W Colfax Ave, Ste 275
                  E:                              E:                              Golden, CO 80401
                  W:                                                                                   P: 877/287-6529
                                                                    Service: Associate Clinical Professor of
                  Service: Over 35 years experience in Legal        Orthopaedic Surgery, USC Keck School of            Contact: Mike Mathews
                  Malpractice claims, Professional and              Medicine. Board certified and fellowship           E:
                  Corporate Ethics, and Real Estate Matters.        trained specializing in the arthroscopic and       W:
                  Extensive Testimony as Expert in Attorney/        reconstructive treatment of complex shoulder,      Service: Internet marketing and website
                  Broker Standard of Care and Ethics.               elbow and knee injuries.                           development for law firms nation wide.

                 60 NOVEMBER 2011 CALLAWYER.COM

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             JURY RESEARCH                                           MCLE                                TESTIMONY & APPEARANCES

                                               LEGAL SECRETARIES, INCORPORATED
JURY BEHAVIOR RESEARCH, INC.                                                                        GLOBAL DIGITAL
                                               P.O. Box 660
400 Continental Blvd, Suite 600                Fortuna, CA 95540-0660                               FORENSICS, INC.
Happy Valley, OR 97086                         P: 707/682-6888 or 1-800/281-2188                    2838 Long Beach Rd.
P: 310/372-8140                                Contact: Catherine Culver, CCLS, LSI Administrator   Oceanside, NY 11572
Contact: Aaron Abbott, Ph.D.                   E:                         P: 727/287-6000
E:               W:                                       F: 727/287-6011
W:                                                                             Contact: David Taylor
                                               Service: LSI - Educating California’s Legal
Service: 30 years of jury research, witness    Professionals Since 1934. Approved MCLE              E:
preparation, graphics & trial technology.      Provider.                                            W:
                                               PROMO CODE: CL1110                                   Service: With Offices in 16 US cities and 30
                                                                                                    offices spanning the continent, Global Digital
                                                                                                    Forensics, Inc. specializes in the field of
   LITIGATION SUPPORT/DAMAGES                                                                       computer forensics, e-discovery and expert
                                                      PRESENTATION SOFTWARE                         testimony.

                                               EXHIBITVIEW SOLUTIONS, LLC
                                               1 West Fourth Avenue, Suite 200                      VIDEO SERVICES/TRIAL CONSULTING
                                               Rome, Georgia 30161
                                               P: 706/622-3305
                                               Contact: William Roach, Customer Support
                                                                                                    445 West 7th Street
                                               Recent Release: ExhibitView 4.0
                                                                                                    San Pedro, CA 90731
                                               Service: Created by attorneys and trial
                                                                                                    P: 626-CVisual (626-284-7825)
                                               technology experts, ExhibitView 4.0.
                                                                                                    Contact: James C. Curio
                                               software simplifies courtroom presentation
                                               with elements of PowerPoint, Acrobat,
                                               Media-player, Internet Explorer, TrialDirector,
                                               ETRAN, and others. It’s easy-to-use, mobile,         Service: Affordable trial, arbitration and
                                               powerful, and PDF-friendly: You can learn it         mediation presentations. Trusted, experienced
                                               in 30 minutes! Try it on our website.                and professional.

DEPOSUMS DEPOSITION SUMMARIES                                                                       DOKICH COURT REPORTERS, INC
2183 Santa Anita Avenue, Suite A
                                                                                                    19712 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 100
Altadena, CA 91001
P: 800/789-DEPO
                                               THOMAS SEAMAN COMPANY                                Irvine, CA 92612
                                               3 Park Plaza, Suite 550                              P: 800/720-9679
Contact: John Harnagel
                                               Irvine, CA 92614                                     F: 949/222-1139
                                               P: 949/222-0551                                      Contact: 800/720-9679
Service: California’s leader for deposition    F: 949/222-0661                                      E:
                                               Contact: Tom Seaman                                  W:
summaries! We focus on precision; succinctly
and carefully capturing all substantive        Email:                          Service: Nationwide Court Reporting and
testimony. Summaries e-mailed direct to your   Website:                        Video Conferencing. Conference room
computer! Contact us at 800 789-DEPO or        Service: We provide fiduciary services in            locations throughout California at no charge. for rates and samples.        legal matters requiring a Judicial Receiver,
                                               Provisional Director, Partition Referee, or
                                               other court-appointed fiduciary and have the
                                               capability to administer financial assets, real
SMART SOURCE COMPUTER                          property and operating companies.                    VERDICT VIDEOS, INC.
& AUDIO VISUAL RENTALS                                                                              556 S. Fair Oaks Avenue
                                                                                                    Pasadena, CA 91105
10391 Jefferson Blvd.                                                                               P: 626/335-9794
Culver City, CA 90232                                                                               F: 626/316-7533
P: 310/237-5324 or 888/666-3113                                                                     Contact: Mark Alexander
F: 310/237-5327                                                                                     E:
Contact: Stewart Kleinman                                                                           W:
Email:                                                             Service: Day in the Life Video | Settlement
Website:                                                                 Documentary | Wrongful Death Video Portrait
Service: Technology rentals for document         RESOURCE GUIDE                                     Verdict Videos, an award-winning legal video
review, evidence display, war-rooms.                       Contact: Lisa Johnson                    production company, transforms your client’s
Computers, printers, scanners, audio visual,          415-296-2428 or 888-225-2527                  complaint into an effective video presentation
and more.                                                    that can maximize the value of the case.

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