LITTLE WRANGLERS
            SANDWICHES                                                   BY THE   PIECE
                            SMALL         LARGE
    Sliced Beef Brisket     $ 4.99        $ 5.39           Whole Pit Grilled Chicken       $ 8.59
    Pulled BBQ              $ 4.99        $ 5.39           Half Pit Grilled Chicken        $ 5.49        MEAL
    Smoked Sausage          $ 4.99        $ 5.39           Slab of Pork Spare Ribs         $19.99
    BBQ Chicken             $ 5.19        $ 5.49           ½ Slab of Pork Spare Ribs       $11.49                  See special MENU for details.

                                                                         DESSERTS                            CATERING
                PLATES                                       BAKED FRESH DAILY - FLAVOR   OF THE DAY
                                                           FRIED PIES                        $ 1.99
Plates come with 2 sides, Aprox. 8 oz. Meat
                                                                                                                  We picked the name ChuckWagon because
                                                           Peanut Butter Pie                             it fits what we like to do the most…..Cater!!
   Texas Toast, Pickles, sauce and Onions.                                      Serving      $ 2.99      We would love to come to your event and serve
    1 Meat Plate                      $ 9.99               *24 hr notice please Whole        $ 18.50     your guests as if they were over to our house for
    2 Meat Plate                      $12.99                                                             Sunday dinner, or if you wish we can do all the
    3 Meat Plate                      $14.99               Cobblers          Serving        $ 1.99       cooking and then package it so that you only have
 Add Pork Spare Ribs      (3)         $ 5.59                                 Whole          $ 18.75      to lay it out for your guests to enjoy. Either way we
                                                           Occasional & Seasonal Desserts                believe that if you’ll give us just half a chance,
                                                                  (at the whim of the cook)              you’ll be glad you did. Call us and tell us your
                                                                                                         specific needs then watch us go to work for you and
  *<>*SIDES *<>* SIDES *<>*                                                                              your guests.
  POTATO SALAD              SERVING     $ 1. 89                                                                Call the ChuckWagon BBQ
  MA'S SLAW                 PINT        $ 4. 85
  BBQ BEANS                 QUART       $ 8.75                                                                         256-772-5179

                                                                                                                 Pappa Mike's
                                                                                                         We make and use our own special Rub'n
         BY THE   ##POUND ##
    Sliced Beef Brisket         $ 10.99            LOADED POTATO - Large (13-16 oz.) potato, with a      We use only one for all of our meats and we think
    Pulled BBQ                  $ 9.49             generous portion of our BBQ,, butter, Cheese and/or   that it adds just the right touch to any meat without
    Smoked Sausage              $ 6.49             SourCream, Texas Toast.                               covering up the natural flavors. If you would like
                                                                                             $6.49       some for home we sell it by the oz, pound, or Ton.
                                                    Substitute Chicken                       $6.99
                                                                                                         Oz. - .75
                                                                                                         Pound - 11.00
Ton - need at least 24 hour notice.                        $48.99
                                                                              The ChuckWagon BBQ was originally
                                                                            established in Pecos, Texas by Mike and
                                                                            Frances Holley in 1975. The original name was
             VALUE PAKS                                                     the Bar-B-Que Boutique and was known across
                                                                            the Permian Basin for the quality of meat and
                                                                            the size of servings. The original building was a
          No. # 1                                                           35' Custom Built, self-contained trailer designed
              FEEDS 2 -3                                                    to go to the oilfields of West Texas and feed the
                                                                            Roughnecks and Fire Fighters on the Drilling
      1   Whole BBQ Chicken                                                 Rigs. The trailer's maiden voyage was to an
      1   Pint Ma's Slaw                                                    HNG Oil Co. wellsight near Mentone, Texas.
      1   8 pk. Buns     $15.99
                                                                            The Drilling Rig had 'blown out' and was being
                                                                            handled by the Red Adair Co. (Boots & Coots)
                                                                            The BBQ Boutique was called to come to the
                                                                            location and feed the 250-300 men working to
          No. # 2                                                           control the "blow out". In 1986 The 35' BBQ

              FEEDS 3 - 4
          Lb. Meat
                                      Madison, Alabama                      Trailer was moved to Odessa, Texas where it
                                                                            was stationed permanently at the corner of 52nd
                                                                            & Dixie St. The Business was sold in 1987 and
      1   Pt. Ma's Slaw                BBQ soooo good,'s BAD !!     Mike and Frances moved to Broken Arrow,
      1   8 pk. Buns                                                        Okla. where Mike worked in two other BBQ
                                                                            Restaurants( Honchos & Hog Heaven ) and
      1   Pt. Potato Salad                                                  honed his BBQ 'n and marketing skills even
                                           8982 Madison Blvd                further.
                             $21.99                                           In May of 2004 Mike, Frances, son Stephen
                                             256-772-5179                   and partners Garry & Ruth Biller of Lacey's
                                                                            Springs, opened what is now called the
          No. # 3                       HOURS OF OPERATION                  ChuckWagon BBQ. We specialize in the finest
                                                                            BEEF BRISKET, PULLED PORK, PORK
             FEEDS 6 - 8                  Mon. – Thurs 11am - 2 pm          RIBS, CHICKEN & SMOKED SAUSAGE to
      2   Lb. Meat                      Fri – Sat 11am – 2pm: 5 – 7:30 pm   be found east of the Pecos River!!! Our sauces
      1   Qt. Ma's Slaw                                                     and Rub'n Spices will have you carrying some
                                         Sunday        CLOSED
                                                                            home to use on your own meat!
      1   Qt. Potato Salad                                                    Come by and give us a try and see if you don't
      1   Qt. Campfire BBQ Beans                                            agree that it is some of the best you've ever had.
                                      SAUCES SOLD BY THE ounce
      1   8 pk. Buns
                                      RUB'N   SPICES     BY   THE   OZ.

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