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Area of Science: Investigation Unit Cycle A – Key Stage 1

 Learning Intentions          Key Questions                          Tasks                         Resources                    Outcomes                 Notes

   To be able to find      Which material will      Humpty Dumpty                               Eggs                    Can communicate
    out and describe         make the best crash      Investigative fair test                     Wood                     observations of
    the movement of          mat for Humpty                                                       Cardboard                movements that result
    objects.                 Dumpty?                  The King has instructed you to find         Rubber                   from actions (level 1)
                                                      out which will be the best material to      Bubble wrap
                            What are the factors     place under the wall to act as a            Wool                    Can compare the
                             which we need to keep    safety net.                                                           movement of different
                             the same?                                                                                      objects (level 2)
                                                      Use the fair-test support posters to
                            How many times           help to plan the investigation.                                      Can make simple
                             should we drop the                                                                             generalisations about
                             eggs?                                                                                          forces (e.g. the higher
                                                                                                                            the drop, the more
                                                                                                                            likely the egg will
                                                                                                                            smash) (level3)

   To be able to find      Which material will be   Hole In My Bucket                           Plastic containers      Can talk about
    out about the            best at blocking the     Problem-solving/ Fair-test                  Fabrics                  materials in terms of
    uses of different        hole in the bucket?                                                  Plasticine               their properties (level 1)
    materials and                                     Find the best material for blocking a       Wool
    relate these to         What are the factors     hole in a bucket.                           Newspaper
    their properties.                                                                                                      Can describe
                             that you will need to                                                Beakers                  similarities and
                             keep the same?           The children could look carefully at
                                                      different fabrics using hand lenses or                                difference between
                                                      the digital microscope.                                               materials (level 2)

                                                      The children must identify how they                                  Can explain why some
                                                      are going to keep the test fair.                                      materials are suitable
                                                                                                                            for specific purposes
                                                                                                                            (level 3)
                                                                                                                                     Advisory Service Kent

Learning Intentions         Key Questions                             Tasks                        Resources                   Outcomes             Notes

   To be able to         What is the problem?       London Bridge is Falling Down              Newspaper               Can talk about
    make                                              TASC wheel Problem-solving                 Sellotape                observations (level 1)
    observations and      How do we know                                                        Toy cars
    measurements.          whether we have built      With the children, define what the                                  Can use non-standards
                           a good bridge?             problem is. Look at the resources                                    measurements (level 2)
                                                      available (these could be limited to
                                                      just 1 sheet of newspaper and some                                  Can measure mass
                                                      sellotape).                                                          using weighing scales
                                                                                                                           (level 3)
                                                      Involve the children in defining what
                                                      they would like the success criteria
                                                      for their bridges to be.

                                                      Children discuss and sketch how
                                                      their bridge is to be constructed.
                                                      Children construct and test their own

                                                      Children evaluate their bridges
                                                      according to their own success

   To be able to         Which washing up           Wash the Dishes                            Different types of      Can record what
    record                 liquid will be the best    Illustrative fair-test                      washing up liquid        happened using
    observations and       for cleaning the plates?                                              Plastic plates           drawings (level 1)
    measurements.                                     Plan with the children how we could        Cloths
                          How could we find out?     find out which washing up liquid is        Washing bowls           Can, with help,
                                                      the ‘best’.                                                          construct a simple bar
                                                                                                                           chart (level 2)
                                                      Results can be shown as pictures or
                                                      as a bar graph (e.g. number of wipes                                Can construct own bar
                                                      needed)                                                              chart (level 3)
                                                                                                                                   Advisory Service Kent

Learning Intentions            Key Questions                            Tasks                          Resources             Outcomes               Notes

   To be able to            What are the features     English Country Garden                        Pictures of      Can communicate
    group living things       of the animals/plants?    Classifying                                    animals and       observations of a range
    according to                                                                                       plants            of animals and plants in
    observable               How could we place        Sing the nursery rhyme with the                                  terms of features
    similarities and          our plants/animals into   children.                                                        (level 1)
    differences.              groups?
                                                        Children sort the pictures into                                 Can sort living things
                                                        insects, birds and flowers. Then                                 into groups according
                                                        challenge the children to sort the                               to their features
                                                        groups into sub-groups. Discuss with                             (level 2)
                                                        children the different ways they could
                                                        record their classifications before
                                                        they choose the method that they
                                                        think is most suitable.

                                                        Children could place other
                                                        animals/plants into their classification
                                                        system. Photos could be taken of
                                                        plants and animals in the school’s

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